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Fated to Love you

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This is probably one of the best dramas I’ve watched to date. Just finished it this morning.

Heres a Link to the site I watched it with [English Subs] : Fated to Love you Episode 1

  • 24 Episodes
  • Made in 2008 in Taiwan

The story is like an alternate Cinderella story. It starts off with Chen Xin Yi “sticky note” girl. Every since she was little everyone has used her. Her mother wanted to abort her as a baby but kept her. Chen Xin Yi was over looked by everyone except her father who dies. Later, at the age of 28, everyone at work gives her sticky notes with errands and chores for her to do. As to not make anyone unhappy in hopes that someone anyone would befriend her and remember her birthday she does everything they ask (hence the “sticky note girl” nick name)..

Someone eventually shows interest in her she doesn’t want to lose this chance, she takes him on a lovers cruise and decides to sleep with him to seal their fate as boyfriend and girlfriend. He is actually using her and ends up ditching her on the cruise. She is fairly dumb and oblivious and wants to sleep with him she goes back into the hotel room to waits for him but ends up going to the wrong room. As shes in the dark a man comes in, she believes its her boyfriend when in fact its actually Ji Cun Xi the director of a huge soap company in China. Ji Cun Xi actually believes that Chen Xin Yi is his girlfriend Anna, he had planned to propose to her that night, and have his way with her, but Anna suddenly gets taken to New York with a ballet contract and she forgets to tell Ji Cun Xi. Ji Cun Xi and Chen Xin Yi end up making passionate love only to realise afterwards neither of them are the people they thought they were. He is extremely mad that this has happened but he soon sees that Chen Xin Yi is hurting a lot not only did she loose her virginity to a stranger but her boyfriend has dumped her to be with a woman he has just met on the cruise. Ji Cun Xi helps her out that night and makes her the bell of the ball and embarrass her ex. A few weeks later Chen Xin Yi finds out that she is pregnant and as “fate” would have it Chen Xin Yi works for a Lawyer and who elses Lawyer could it be but Ji Cun Xi they are reunited and he finds out about the pregnancy. Ji Cun Xi tells her he is going to take care of her and marry her at least untill the baby is born. By that time he hopes Anna will be able to accept this baby, forgive him (Anna still doesn’t know) and replace Chen Xin Yi with Anna as the mother. His grandma is in want of a grandchild (since Anna was unwilling to have a child with him because of her career) to have the 10th heir descendant to the Soap company, and thinks Chen Xin Yi should stay always…..as time progresses Ji Cun Xi and Chen Xin Yi have grown closer but Anna has come back to be with him…

This had everything in it, it was perfect, really. Especially for this type of drama. I first started watching out of sheer boredom I thought I’d really want to stop watching it after the first 2 episodes but the story line really started to pick up. Some scenes are pretty funny. I hardly find things funny when other people think they are hilarious but I was LOLing all by myself watching this show. (really I just finished watching year one and I sat through that hardly making a sound but this show I was laughing pretty hard) I think even if this is a fairly unrealistic drama (not like any of them are) It touches on a lot of issues like abortion, one night stands, divorce, miscarriage, marriage, responsibility and true love. All exaggerated obviously. Of course this is like any other Asian drama and it has it’s really cheesy corny scenes (secretly I love it) but it was very smooth. When I watch dramas I wonder why they are making such stupid decisions and leaving and not clearing up the situations that they are in but this one it makes(mostly) sence why he or she is doing what they are doing. Its kinda hard to explain. Every episode had a purpose. They didn’t overly drag out situations, like other dramas. I guess anyone from the age of 20-40 could relate to something in this movie divorce, love, marriage, miscarriages, babies, sex it’s all in there. I suppose its for a maturer audience since he tries to have sex with her a few times and they do actually have sex. So I wouldn’t really recommend something like this to a 13-year-old but older teens and adults would defiantly like something like this.

I give this 9.5/10. It’s so good. It really is I really like it except for Ethan Ruan (Ji Cun Xi) eyebrows…lol. i know he can’t help it, some eyes brows are just un-fixable but really seriously


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