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Hana Yori Dango

So this is the Japanese Version of the Show. The first season was made in 2005. The second in 2006. There is also a movie which I will watched later, I’m a little HYD’d out right now.

The Characters in this are:hyd

Imasaka Akira-loves company of women 10 years older than him. Parents bosses in the Underground.

Nishikado Soujirouh-son and heir of the head of a tea ceremony school playboy and womanizer

Hanazawa Rui– son and heir of a big company cool and few words a mysterious member

Domyouji Tsukasa: some of the famous domyouji worldwide financial group f4 leader and an autocrat

This verson is pretty good I think mostly because of the acting. It wasn’t the best acting but I tought it was the best out of all the versions I’ve watched so far. The story basically flows like the rest of them do. Maybe changing a few scenes here and there like the “snow disater scene” is right at the end and theres no “almost rape scene” with Tsukasa in this one. I’d say this is a more PG version minus the Amercian gang guys swearing in it. I wasn’t to sure about that. Also to me maybe this was just me but I didn’t really feel the love connection with Hanazawa Rui and Makino as much as I did with the other versions. Season two he seemed totally more into her saying that he wouldn’t give up and stuff, but I mean he wasn’t trying very hard. Tsukasa tried to show exactly how he felt towards Makino while he just was kinda like ladeeda. Like I’ve said before the manga I’ve never read so I’m not sure how far he pursuses her in the Manga, in this version it seems like he likes her but would rather see her happy and protect her from afar. How come Rui never gets any girl at the end of all these series. I deffinatly wasn’t dissapointed with this version. I actally can’t wait to watch it again. I think the actor Matsumoto Jun (Domyoji Tsukasa) is just sticken cute and the girl Inou Mao (Makino Tsukushi) looked kinda dull most of the time but she is actually very pretty. The rest of the cast well I have no comment. They were ok I guess I’ve seen Oguri Shun (Hanazawa Rui) before in Hana Kimi, and I didn’t think he was that great either. There was however the girl who play Todo Shizuka, Sada Mayumi what a beautiful woman.

Makinos family was very funny not as Funny as Shancai Parents in Meteor Gardens (but not as annoying either). Theres this one part where they are talking about Domyoji to Makino and her brother and father are chanting in the back ground “She’s hit the jackpot. She’s hit the jackpopt.” Also Makinos Boss at work is so funny she starts talking about all these men shes been with including peopls such as John Lennon, a Yukaza Member-Katsushika Shibamata (i don’t know who this is but Makino and Yuki looked shocked when she said the name) a wresteler, and even santas clauses raindeer. Makinos brother in this version is going through puberty the whole time and his voice is squeeky and its kinda funny. And something I really didnt get was why they used the Harry Poter theme song the whole way through. Like it wasn’t exactly the hairy potter song note for note but it was pretty damn close i could tell. I think another reason why I really liked this one because when Tsukasa got frustrated he beat up people. It wasn’t just him beating up someone else. You actually felt sorry for him, in my opinion it showe how exeremtly unfair his life was and how frustrated he was with. I didn’t like how they didn’t have a story for any of the other characters really. They do but its so minimal, its just kinda annoying because they cram it all in at the last second really, I dunno I would of liked to see it evolve much sooner. All in all I was happy with the ending it was good and I was glad it ended like that. I’d give this a 4/5 Awwwwness factor. :)


So I wrote a summary of each Episode below. It wasn’t really something that I was planning on doing but I knew I wouldn’t remember everything and I thought this way it would be a good reference. Even though I did this for my benefit I figure I would share it and put it up anyways. No need in reading it though. :)

Season 1
Episode 1: They tell you that the school goes from Kindergarden to University. It starts off with a boy running around the school yelling “the red notice, the red notice” the teacher dissmiss the class. Don’t forget the F4 have power over the school. You see Makino Tsukushi sighing and stays at her desk. A girl transfer student asks her if its ok for her not to go with the rest of the students. Eventually Makino Tsukishi goes and sees whats going on. She sees Domyoji Tsukasa beat up the guy who was red tagged. After she runs to the stair case where she screams out her frustration against the F4. She hates the F4 and she hates her cruel classmates. Makino Tsukushi has always protected her friends. Sanjo Sakurako (the transfer student) was being harassed by two boys Makino Tsukushi saves her gives her some food and they become friends. As Sanjo Sakurako gets up from their lunch she bumps into Domyoji Tsukasa . He starts to bully her but Makino Tsukushi yells “STOP” and asks that he forgives Sanjo Sakurako. He says nothing and walks away very moody. The next day Makino Tsukushi gets the “red notice”.

Domyoji Tsukasa wants her out of the school. He has the whole school against her. Anyone who affiliates with victim of the “red notice” will also be bullied. So her new friend Sanjo Sakurako stops talking to Makino Tsukushi. Makino Tsukushi returns to the stairs where she vents her frustration only to find Hanazawa Rui there. He leaves to let her have some peace. Domyoji Tsukasa sees Makino Tsukushi skipping calmly home so he threatens his “henchmen” to pick up their game and “erase her” or else…

The next morning they put snakes in her locker and take her to an empty science room it almost looks as if they are going to physically hurt her. Hanazawa Rui is there and casually saves her. She thanks him but he isn’t intrested in other peoples affairs and he simply tells her “he hates this”.

Domyoji Tsukasa is upset that Hanazawa Rui stepped in. He starts taking it out on some strangers in the street and beats the crap out of them.

During Makino Tsukushi s lunch the next day Domyoji Tsukasa takes her food and splatters it all over the floor. Domyoji Tsukasa starts walking away she says to wait a minute calls him a loser and punches him knocking him to the ground. Declaring war against the F4. The next day on the way to school Makino Tsukushi is abducted she then faints.

Episode 2: Slowly she’s coming too and she’s laying naked while men and women are all around her. She dozes off again to awaken in Domyoji Tsukasa living room. Wearing a dress, shoes, make up and he has spent 100 million yen on her. He tries to pursued her to withdraw. He tells her he will give her anything she wants. She refuses telling him she cannot be bought with money. She leaves and he’s in shock this is the first time something he wants cannot be bought.

At school someone has wrote on the walls that she’s a slut and had 5 abortions. She’s so frustrated she runs to the stair well and yells “I’m still and innocent virgin” Then Hanazawa Rui appears and asks her what the time difference is for France. Ya I don’t know.. Makino Tsukushi comes to the conclusion that Hanazawa Rui is different from the rest of F4 and that she likes him. Sanjo Sakurako comes to her work and walks home with her apologizing for not Sticking up for Makino Tsukushi at school. On the way home they see Hanazawa Rui gazing at billboard of a girl he knows. As this is going on Domyoji Tsukasa secretly sees all three of them while he’s in his car looking for Hanazawa Rui.

That morning at school Sanjo Sakurako gets the red notice. She is driven into the cafeteria and is getting bullied by the school body while the F4 sit and watch. Makino Tsukushi goes to her friends rescue. Domyoji Tsukasa tell her this wouldn’t of happened if she just left already. The school kids start throwing things at her as well. Domyoji Tsukasa sees and tells them to stop. Goes over and tells her to lick his shoe. Everyone starts chanting “lick it off, lick it off” She gives in and gets down on her knees. When Hanazawa Rui shouts out.. “You were wrong…the time difference is 7 hours” She apologizes and Domyoji Tsukasa says “its over and he walks away”

The next day everyone is super nice to Makino Tsukushi. She doesn’t know what to think. She is then invited to a party.

The F4 are at the air port to Pick up Todo Shizuka the girl on the billboard Hanazawa Rui was looking at.

Makino Tsukushi shows up to the party wearing jeans and casual wear while everyone is dressed to the nines.

Makino Tsukushi makes her way to her own table and a boy comes to talk to her. He thinks she’s cute. There are 3 girls who come up and tell the boy that she’s had 3 abortions. As they are talking Hanazawa Rui shows up with Todo Shizuka. She realizes that Hanazawa Rui is dating Todo Shizukaand while she’s thinking about that the 3 girls poor their drinks all over Makino Tsukushi. Domyoji Tsukasa see this gets up and starts to walk towards Makino Tsukushi but Hanazawa Rui steps in before Domyoji Tsukasa can make there. Hanazawa Rui gives her Makino Tsukushi his handkerchief to clean herself off. Shuzuka then takes some chapene and sprays it all over the girls who eventually fall into the pool.

Todo Shizuka takes Makino Tsukushi to get changed. Makino Tsukushi is then brought down in a beautiful white dress and everyone is staring at her. Hanazawa Rui tells her she looks cute. She smiles brightly. Domyoji Tsukasa has a flash back to when he dressed her up and she said “how can I smile” All of a sudden something snaps and he jumps up from his seat and Todo Shizuka that Hanazawa Rui he’s not allowed to speak to her. Todo Shizuka then answers saying he’s being to harsh. Domyoji Tsukasa then tells her that he wont forgive Todo Shizuka for what she’s said. Hanazawa Rui then steps in further and says he wont let him talk that way to Todo Shizuka. Domyoji Tsukasa then punches him. Domyoji Tsukasa goes for another hit but Makino Tsukushi pushes him and they end up on the floor with their lips touching. A kiss…

Episode 3: Makino Tsukushi first kiss was from that point stolen from Domyoji Tsukasa. His F4 buddies all agree that he wanted to kiss her. He is denying it. He will not forgive Hanazawa Rui for what he’s done. As Makino Tsukushi is walking home she over hears Hanazawa Rui and Todo Shizuka conversation. She tells him that she’s going back to France to start fresh.

During lunch Makino Tsukushis class mates tell her that Sanjo Sakurako has quite school. She runs out to visit her. Sanjo Sakurako asks if she kissed Domyoji Tsukasa when she hears the answer she hides under her covers. Makino Tsukushi is running back to school when a car pulls up infront of her it’s Domyoji Tsukasa(pretending to run into her) he gets out of the car and asks why she skipping school. Well he’s skipping school too. Then he asks “you knowingly kissed me right?” she calls him stupid. He wants her to get in the car but she doesn’t want to go. He grabs her hand and drags her to the car. She gets free and runs down the street he gives chase. Out of no where Domyoji Tsukasa gets punched and knocked down on the floor, but not by Makino Tsukushi its Domyoji Tsukasa older sister,Domyoji Tsubaki.

Domyoji Tsubaki takes Makino Tsukushi to school and tell hers to rely on her for anything and everything. Makino Tsukushi then goes to the stair well to return the handkerchief Hanazawa Rui gave her. Domyoji Tsukasa sees her head in that direction and over hears Makino Tsukushi and Hanazawa Rui’s conversation. He see Makino Tsukushi looking real concerned for Hanazawa Rui as he’s telling her about Shizuka going back fro France. Domyoji Tsukasa closes the door and walks away.

Hanazawa Rui takes Makino Tsukushi to see Todo Shizuka before she leaves. Makino Tsukushi breaks down for Hanazawa Ruis sake and she begs Todo Shizuka to stay for him. Todo Shizuka has made up her mind and will not give in. Hanazawa Rui hears their conversation and gets made at Makino Tsukushi later. I don’t really understand why maybe because its none of her business or something. During this time Domyoji Tsukasa is frustrated and goes to a club and beats up a couple of guys probably from jealousy.

The day Todo Shizuka leaves Domyoji Tsukasa apologizes and the rest of the F4 are their to wish their friend goodbye. But Hanazawa Rui is no where to be found. Makino Tsukushi comes just before she leaves to say her good byes. Right after Todo Shizuka gets on the plane Hanazawa Rui pops out. He had already been there an hour before hand. Makino Tsukushi pushes her feelings aside and tells him to follow her, and he does. He’s already bought the ticket and is going to France to be with her. He thanks Makino Tsukushi for being strong and making him realize what he should do. Then kisses her on the forehead. This makes Domyoji Tsukasa jealous, he then pushes his jealousy aside and tells Hanazawa Rui that they’ve always been together and he was hurt that he never told them he was leaving. Domyoji Tsukasa even if he has family is very lonely to loose his F4 friends it would be like loosing a family member. He gives him his blessing to go and Hanazawa Rui leaves. oh ya then Domyoji Tsukasa throw him an apple…WTF?

All 4 of them watch the plane take off and Makino Tsukushi opinion of Domyoji Tsukasa has change…a little.

The next day during lunch Domyoji Tsukasa saves Makino Tsukushi from the 3 girls that were harassing her at the party, and asks her out for a date. But before letting her answer yes or no he just walks away.

He shows up for the date a little early and says if she doesn’t come in 5 mins I’ll kill her. hahah 15 mins go by and he’s still waiting. He says he’s going to punch her. More time passes and it starts to rain its now 4 o’clock. She runs to see if he’s there. There’s no way that he is there. But he is. She walks up to him slowly wondering why…

Episode 4: She walks up to him and says “um” and he sees her and yells “Makino” and walks up fast to her. Thinking that he is going to hit her Makino Tsukushi tries to protect herself but instead he hugs her. Saying its cold. She finally realizes what’s going on and pushes him off and asks why he’s hugger her. It was because he was worried about her. He thought something happened. He wants to know why she is late. If its not a good reason he’ll kill her. haha. He wonders and asks if she’s in love with him. This makes her angry and she walks away. While he’s left sneezing. She turns back and tells him she’ll buy him some hot tea.

They go to a resurant that Makino Tsukushi picks out. On the way there a man starts bugging Makino Tsukushi to fill out a survey Domyoji Tsukasa sees and punches the guy and says that he was trying to thwart someone’s loved he should die. So I guess at this point Domyoji Tsukasa feels like he loves Makino Tsukushi. They go up an elevator to the fourth floor and half way through they get stuck in the elevator.. they try to call someone but there’s no signal and no one can hear them. Some time passes and they go through the escape hatch at the top of the elevator. Domyoji Tsukasa really needs to pee and goes into the corner. Makino Tsukushi is grossed out and starts moving closer to the edge…she then falls. He grabs her and pulls her to safety. They actually end up falling back into the main elevator and Domyoji Tsukasa looks at her and says Makino and inches his way closer to her. But he collapses on top of her. He has a high fever. She gives him something to take down his fever. She gives him her jacket and scarf. He says he will take back her red notice and falls asleep. She tries to find positions to sleep in but they end up cuddling to keep warm during the night.

The next day they are let out. She apologize and he says lets even the score and he goes in for a kiss. But she runs away. When she went to school there was a picture of her and Domyoji Tsukasa almost kissing before she ran away. Now the whole student body likes her. He walks up and tells everyone that he spent the whole night with Makino Tsukushi.

The f4 group are talking to Domyoji Tsukasa telling him that he shouldn’t get to serious about Makino Tsukushi. In the end he will have to go with whomever his parents pick. He exclaims he will not hurt Makino Tsukushi .. he would never hurt her. His friends ask him how it was not to be virgin anymore, but he said he didn’t do it but they slept together …and he’s thinking seriously about Makino Tsukushi.

He drives to her house.”in order to be loved, you must love” and as Makino Tsukushi walks in the door he is with her family. She grabs Domyoji Tsukasa she needs to talk to him. They go to a dinner where she takes out Hanazawa Rui’s handkerchief he notices and asks about it. He asks if she loves Hanazawa Rui still. Makino Tsukushi thinks its none of his business. He believes it is. And starts telling her the story and Hanazawa Ruis grated apples. :S ya I know. And then the other boys start doing the Cha-Cha…wtf? ya? Anyways long story short Domyoji Tsukasa get Hanazawa Rui to stop eating grated apples by telling him he will lose his hair. Omg wtf? Makino Tsukushi is confused(just like the rest of us) long story short Tasukas was lying about loosing hair if you eat grated apples and he now owes Hanazawa Rui a big favor because of it. He says if she’s really in love with Hanazawa Rui he will fall in love with her because she’s the girl Domyoji Tsukasa approves of.

At school she gets invited to go to a club with some girls from school. While Nishikado Sojiro and Mimasaka Akira show up to Makino Tsukushi work and take her best friend Matsuoka Yuki to have a chat about Makino Tsukushi. They tell her if things get serious between Domyoji Tsukasa and Makino Tsukushi it could cause problems later.

At the club there is a guy who looks like Hanazawa Rui. He gives Makino Tsukushi a drink and it has some drug rape stuff in it. She wakes up the next morning in a unknown bed undressed. She goes home to get changed and when she leaves the house there is Domyoji Tsukasa waiting for her outside the house and he takes her to school.They have lunch together with the F4 and they start bugging her that she was out with a guy all night. But Domyoji Tsukasa sticks up for her saying that she is not that type of girl.

Later that night Matsuoka Yuki and Makino Tsukushi are talking. She tells her not to play around with Domyojis Tsukasas feels. He’s also a lonely person wanting to be loved.

Makino Tsukushi returns to school the next day to find pictures of her night with the random guy who looks like Hanazawa Rui, all over the school. Domyoji Tsukasa sees the pictures. Makino Tsukushi tells him its not true, and that she’s been framed. Domyoji Tsukasa heart is broken. She begs for him to believe her. He walks away. Sanjo Sakurako is looking in from the background with a big smile on her face.

Episode 5:
As he leaves the whole student body in the cafeteria start to bully her. Sanjo Sakurako comes running to her concerned. Makino Tsukushi wonder why Domyoji Tsukasa can’t trust her. Sanjo Sakurako wants to help Makino Tsukushi and make Domyoji Tsukasa understand.

Sanjo Sakurako and Makino Tsukushi go to Domyoji Tsukasa house to explain. But he still believes that Makino Tsukushi has betrayed him. Makino Tsukushi states that they were not dating. So he asks why is she there then? and he walks away. So sad…she keeps ripping piece off of him. She leaves. Mimasaka Akira and Nishikado Sojiro then state that its better this way and she made it clear she has no interest in going out with him. This breaks Domyoji Tsukasa heart again.

Mimasaka Akira and Nishikado Sojiro come to Makino Tsukushi work to help her clear her name. While Sanjo Sakurako goes to Domyoji Tsukasa to help her find out who the culprit is. She persuades him and they meet later on the day. As they are walking Makino Tsukushi and Nishikado Sojiro come across Domyoji Tsukasa and Sanjo Sakurako. Domyoji Tsukasa makes Makino Tsukushi believe they are on a date. Makino Tsukushi feels a little uneasy.

Domyoji Tsukasa and Sanjo Sakurako go to the hotel room to investigate. Once he sees the bed that the supposed “night” happened at. He begins to imagine Makino Tsukushi with the other guy and he becomes quiet he sits and then lays down on the bed in disbelief. Sanjo Sakurako takes this opportunity (as he’s day dreaming) to try and kiss him. When all of a sudden he yells “I’ll Kill her” and gets up and leaves. Sanjo Sakurako was unable to make him forget about Makino Tsukushi .

Makino Tsukushi is starting to realize she has feelings for Domyoji Tsukasa her heart hurts after seeing Sanjo Sakurako with Domyoji Tsukasa together. Her friend tells her she’s in love, but she denies it. Domyoji Tsukasa is so frustrated he beats up a bunch of guys outside. Sanjo Sakurako calls Makino Tsukushi and tells her Domyoji Tsukasa wants to make up with her. Makino Tsukushi runs to Sanjo Sakurakos. Meanwhile Nishikado Sojiro finds the guy who took the pictures with Makino Tsukushi. Domyoji Tsukasa goes home and gets a phone call from Sanjo Sakurako where she tells him Makino Tsukushi is waiting for him kidnapped by Sanjo Sakurako.

Domyoji Tsukasa runs to the cafeteria where Makino Tsukushi is being held by Sanjo Sakurako. She is using Makino Tsukushi to get back at Domyoji Tsukasa for something he dit to Sanjo Sakurako along time ago everything was planned until Domyoji Tsukasa started to fall in love with Makino Tsukushi. She’s using Makino Tsukushi to lure Domyoji Tuskasa as bait. His friends call they want to help him but if he doesn’t go alone he wont be able to protect Makino Tsukushi. Makino Tsukushi believe that he wont come but he does. Makino Tsukushi gets beaten up. If he were to fight back Makino Tsukushi would be hurt. Sanjo Sakurako is angry she asks why he’s doing this for that Ugly Slut. She wants Domyoji Tsukasa to feel something for herself not Makino Tsukushi. All Taskukas can think of is Makino Tsukushi. Sanjo Sakurako is so mad she throws a chair and Domyoji Tsukasa but Makino Tsukushi runs to block him from getting hit with her own body. Saruko gives up and walks out. Makino Tsukushi and Domyoji Tsukasa are left in the cafeteria he is hurt badly. He says tells he knew she was the bait. Makino Tsukushi asks why he came and its obvious he says.. He loves her.

At school the next day Domyoji Tsukasa and Makino Tsukushi are acting all “newly couple like” and then Hanazawa Rui comes back.

Episode 6: Hanazawa Rui comes over to see Makino Tsukushi and asks how she’s doing? She starts blushing and Domyoji Tsukasa gets in front of her because he’s jealous. He then tells Hanazawa Rui that Makino Tsukushi and himself are dating. Makino Tsukushi denys it. Domyoji Tsukasa doesn’t really pay attention to it and asks that all the F4 go out to celebrate. Before he leaves he gives Makino Tsukushi a cell phone for their personal use. When she gets home her house is filled with oversized furniture from Domyoji Tsukasa. He calls her to come out. When she gets their she see Hanazawa Rui making out with some girls. Something that he would never do.

Domyoji Tsukasa mother Domyoji Kaede finds out what’s going on between Makino Tsukushi and Domyoji Tsukasa. Domyoji Kaede tells him if its just a fling she doesn’t mind. Domyoji Tsukasa declares that it is not just a fling and that he likes Makino Tsukushi. Hanazawa Rui and Makino Tsukushi meet on the roof top and he asks her to date him. On the other hand Makino Tsukushi never agreed to date Domyoji Tsukasa, but Hanazawa Rui was just joking. Although Hanazawa Rui would never act like this. Something weird is going on.

Domyoji Tsukasa calls Makino Tsukushi up after talking to his mother and tells her if something strange starts happening to call him right away. Domyoji Tsubaki comes back and she tells Makino Tsukushi that her mother is a cold heartless women. They come up with a plan to see if Domyoji Tsukasa will fit into Makino Tsukushi world. Makino Tsukushi asks him for a double date. But he refuses to go on a commoners date. Hanazawa Rui asks if he can take his place. Later that night Hanazawa Rui makes his way to Makino Tsukushi house to tell her Domyoji Tsukasa will show up tomorrow. Before he leaves she asks what’s going on with Hanazawa Rui. He explains about what happened in France with Todo Shizuka. He is about to (I think) tell Makino Tsukushi that he likes her when Domyoji Tsukasa phones to tell her he’s going on the date.

During the date the other boy (who is Matsuoka Yuki boyfriend) starts making fun ok Domyoji Tsukasa. Makino Tsukushi begs him to keep his temper. He tells her that he knows he said they were dating in front of Hanazawa Rui and that he knows Makino Tsukushi has not yet told him how she felt yet. But when he said he loved her it was the truth. They get interrupted by her friends boyfriend. He is being rude and usual and Domyoji Tsukasa tells Makino Tsukushi he’s going to take a dump. Literally….. Anyways on the way out from the toilet the rude guy takes Domyoji Tsukasa off to the side and tells him about a girl who just called and wants them(the rude guy and Domyoji) to hang out and ditche these girls. He starts dissing Makino Tsukushi saying she isn’t pretty Domyoji Tsukasa gets extremely mad and starts punching him. Makino Tsukushi and her friend are getting impatient and they go to look for the guys. There they see Domyoji Tsukasa sitting on top of the rude guy getting the crap beat out of him. Makino Tsukushi and Matsuoka Yuki go to break them up and Makino Tsukushi asks what Domyoji Tsukasa is doing. He leaves and the other guy follows. Makino Tsukushi and the other Matsuoka Yuki are left wondering what happened. This confuses Makino Tsukushi she thinks he is getting better but after that incident at the Zoo she doesn’t know what to think.

Domyoji Kaede drops into see Makino Tsukushi and her family. She bribes them with money to stay away from Domyoji Tsukasa. Makino Tsukushi mother gets up and pours salt all over the Domyoji Kaede, and kicks her out of the house.

Domyoji Tsukasa calls Makino Tsukushi to apologize but Makino Tsukushi phone is not with her she dropped it when Hanazawa Rui came to her house the night before. Makino Tsukushi earlier told Domyoji Tsukasa that she didn’t know where her cell phone was and that she was with no one the night before. Domyoji gets angry.

They meet at school the next day. He has her phone and wants to know why Hanazawa Rui had it and she wants to know why he beat up Matsuoka Yuki’s boyfriend. They don’t explain anything to each other and just end up splitting up. Makino Tsukushi is so frustrated she runs to the stair well Hanazawa Rui is there and asks what the matter is. All of a sudden he gives her a hug and says “why didn’t I fall in love with you until now?” He wants to just hold her for a little while. When she looks up she sees Domyoji Tsukasa from the top of the stairwell staring at them both. Asking why?

Episode 7: Is that your reply he says I get the picture and then he leaves and goes back inside before she can reply. Hanazawa Rui goes running after Domyoji Tsukasa. When they get inside Domyoji Tsukasa tells everyone that they are ignoring Hanazawa Rui and he’s no longer the F4’s friend and he asks him to leave F4. Makino Tsukushi comes running out after Domyoji Tsukasa as well. She doesn’t understand why Hanazawa Rui has to be kicked out for her mistake. Domyoji Tsukasa ignores her and leaves. The three girls that usually harass Makino Tsukushi start to make fun of her. She goes to take a piece out of them but Hanazawa Rui stops her and says not to worry “I’ll take care of you”

Sanjo Sakurako makes a deal with Domyoji Kaede. On roof top Hanazawa Rui asks Makino Tsukushi if she would like to go out sometime. Domyoji Tsukasa is depressed sitting at home. The next morning he meets Makino Tsukushi at her house before she goes on a date with Hanazawa Rui. She walks past him he grabs her and says if you apologize right now I’ll forgive you. This is your last chance. She replies she’s tired of getting yanked around by his mood swings. He wonders why she can’t understand.

Hanazawa Rui and Makino Tsukushi go for a drink and in the background Domyoji Tsukasa is following them while Sanjo Sakurako is following Domyoji Tsukasa. During the date they really have nothing to talk about and she babbles on about ginger ale for a while. All of sudden the topic goes to Domyoji Tsukasa. Makino Tsukushi runs off to the washroom wondering why he’s popping up in her head. She goes to sit down on the toilet when Hanazawa Rui walks in telling her to at least lock the door. She then proceeds to yell.
Domyoji Tsukasa hears the yell and rushes towards the restaurant before he can get there Sanjo Sakurako stops him and pretends to bump into him. Makino Tsukushi devisted he walked in on her taking a leak and is now out side the toilet crying. Hanazawa Rui starts laughing hysterically and tells her she’s a funny girl and says its been a while since he’s laughed this long.

On the way out of the restaurant Hanazawa Rui and Makino Tsukushi run into Domyoji Tsukasa and Sanjo Sakurako. Domyoji Tsukasa asks Hanazawa Rui “what are you doing Todo Shizuka is engaged?”. Makino Tsukushi(thinking that Hanazawa Rui doesnt know that Todo Shizuka is engaged) sticks up for Hanazawa Rui and asks how Domyoji Tsukasa could be so insensitive. Domyoji Tsukasa claims to be doing this for her. They get into a big argument and then Makino Tsukushi grabs Hanazawa Rui arm and drags him away.

Domyoji Tsukasa is pissed off again and starts beating up people around him. While Hanazawa Rui explains that he already knew about Todo Shizuka and thanks her for trying to keep it a secret from him.

Makino Tsukushi meets up with Matsuoka Yuki later that day. They see her ex-boyfriend with another girl. When Matsuoka Yuki sees she runs away. Nishikado Sojiro spots her and invites her back to his place to comfort her. He is going to help her get revenge on her ex. Makino Tsukushi is running around town looking for Matsuoka Yuki. She ends up going to the movie theater the place where the ex said he would be. Nishikado Sojiro and Matsuoka Yukiare are already there and Nishikado Sojiro gets revenge for her. Makino Tsukushi runs up as Nishikado Sojiro tells him “if you make my girl cry I’ll rip your guts out” As the ex walks by he explains to Makino Tsukushi what really happened during the date at the zoo. Makino Tsukushi gets pissed and punches him.

Hanazawa Rui calls Domyoji Tsukasa and wants to meet him all the F4 gather Domyoji Tsukasa says he’s going to kill him, he asks how the date was and that he’s giving Makino Tsukushi to him. Hanazawa Rui replies that he shouldn’t be referring to her as if Tsukasa had ever owned Makino,she’s his. He’s egging Domyoji Tsukasa on and tells him that Makino didn’t want to go home. He thought if he gave her a kissshe would want to go home kiss but she wanted more. Domyoji Tsukasa looks hurt and confused and ends up punching Hanazawa Rui. Hanazawa Rui gets back up and punches him back. The other F4 members try and stop them, but they all get into a big fight. Domyoji Tsukasa ask why his old buddy did this. He wont let any man live that hurts Makino feelings. Hanazawa Rui then asks “why didn’t you say that in the beginning” He lied. It was pay back for the apple thing. Remember a few episodes back the apple incident. WTF. All the F4 members are like WTF why? They all collapse on the ground tired and laughing at their stupidity. Hanazawa Rui then tells him that Makino Tsukushi couldn’t stop talking about him on the date. This makes Domyoji Tsukasa extremely happy.

Makino Tsukushi thinks about what has happened that night and feels extremely bad for not trusting Domyoji.The next day Hanazawa Rui meets Makino Tsukushi at the stairwell and tries to kiss her but Makino Tsukushi stops him. Finally she realizes that she doesn’t like Hanazawa Rui she really likes Domyoji. Later that day Domyoji Tsukasa calls her and she tells him she’s sorry. He invites her to watch the stars with him if she doesn’t come he will kill her. But as she goes to leave her mother tells her that her father is laid off from work.

Episode 8: Makino Tsukushi doesn’t come to see Domyoji Tsukasa because of whats happend to her father. Domyoji Tsukasa is hurt and the F4 try to figure out why she didn’t show up. They realize it was the Domyoji Kaede who took away Makino Tsukushi fathers job. The Loan sharks come to Makino Tsukushi house to ask for the 5 million her father owes they only have 10 days to pay it back. Domyoji Tsukasa tries to call Makino Tsukushi again but with everything going on she doesn’t answer the phone. Hanazawa Rui calls her other cell phone that she actually has with her and he asks to meet her somewhere. While she’s waiting a man approaches her and asks if she’s looking for a job. Which she is as she is trying to find one to help out the family. She takes the job its for modeling but they want her to do some “unprofessional” modeling and take off her clothes. Hanazawa Rui sees her go into this building as he’s pulling up and he rescues her.

Hanazawa Rui later tells her that everything that is happening is due to Domyoji Kaede and to not take the burden all by herself and to rely on him. Makino Tsukushi parents can’t get jobs anywhere. Makino Tsukushi goes to talk to the Big lady herself. She tells Makino Tsukushi that she arranged all her families misfortunes. She request that Makino Tsukushi Domyoji Tsukasa alone and everything will return to normal. Makino Tsukushi doesn’t listen and stands up for herself and leaves. After she leaves Domyoji Tsukasa comes home asking where Makino Tsukushi is to his mothers body guard. THe body gaurd tells him that Makino Tsukushi has just backed down his mothers offer and that he should go after her. He runs out to catch up to Makino just outside the house. They go to a roof top cafe to talk, he tells her he will always be on her side no matter what he’ll protect her and her family. He first says he’s going to pay off the debt, but that plan fails because it would be like taking his mothers money. Then he says “well the sooner the better lets get married”. She’s like what the hell. HE then says “don’t you think its a nice idea….I..love you”.

Domyoji Tsubaki calls and they come up with a plan for Makino Tsukushi to join T.O.J (teen of Japan) Where who ever wins gets 5 million yen. Todo Shizuka the Domyoji Tsubaki and Domyoji Kaede were the previous winners. They all believe that if Makino Tsukushi can win the Domyoji Kaede will have to except them dating. Domyoji Tsubaki then talks to his mother about the TOJ idea; if she wins she must stop harassing Domyoji Tsukasa relationship and leave Makino Tsukushi family alone. Domyoji Kaede believes she will not succeed and she accepts.

Makino Tsukushi tries very hard but feels like she’s failing. Later that night her bosses store is getting shut down and the loan sharks are taking all of Makino Tsukushi families belongings away. She returns to Domyoji Tsukasa house and tells him she’s quitting, but he gives her courage to finishes what he has started. The F4 are helping her boss and family. He tells her that he believes in her.

The next day they arrive at the TOJ where they meat Kurimaki Ayano she’s the girl Domyoji Kaede employed to take down Makino Tsukushi who is also Domyoji Tsukasa Fiancée. Going into the seating area Donyoji has to use the washroom in the washroom two men abduct him.

Episode 9: The competition starts the first opening round is anything the girls want they have one minute to put their special talents on display half the contestants will be eliminated after this round. Makino Tsukushi does the only she really knows how. To beat someone up. “how I would thwart a groper”. She gets through to the second round because of “demonstrating her appeal as a modern independent woman”. The second round is fashion she need to put together an outfit. She take’s a long time to pick something and finally just grabs something. She puts down the outfit but when she turns around its all sliced up.

Meanwhilw Domyoji Tsukasa has been abducted by his mothers men and is taken to her. She makes a deal with him. If Makino Tsukushi doesn’t win he has to do whatever she says. If she wins then Domyoji Kaede will do whatever he wants. He agrees to her terms.

Makino Tsukushi goes out on the stage, and one of the judges absolutely loves it, and she passes round two. The next round is a speech in English about unfortunate children. Sanjo Sakurako helps her make a speech. Its about Makino and what’s been going on recently with her family, and how her family is the most important thing to her.

Kurimaki Ayano and Makino Tsukushi make it through to the last round. Everyone starts yelling that Makino Tsukushi isn’t good enough to make it through to the last round they start booing her. When Domyoji Tsukasa comes back and tells everyone to shut up. The last round is in home economics they have to entertain 21 children whoever the children has the most fun with will win that round. Kurimaki Ayano quickly gets the kids attention and starts to play with them. Domyoji Tsukasa gives Makino one last yell of encouragement and she goes to the room where all the little kids are and Kurimaki Ayano. As Makino Tsukushi goes in Kurimaki Ayano has all the attention of the kids except for four boys who run up to Makino Tsukushi. They start making fun of Makino Tsukushi calling her Poor and hobo (kind of like the F4) She asks how old they are. They are 7. She starts mocking them saying that she’s 17 years old. They call her old lady. She pulls the same tricks she does on F4 saying they never earned a penny in their lives and to not be so full of themselves. She then picks up an old school toy and starts to play with it. The boys think its cool and wants to try. She starts making fun of them and aughing. The boys start to have fun with her. Eventually the rest of the kids want to have fun with her as well and they all run over towards Makino Tsukushi leaving Kurimaki Ayano behind. Domyoji Tsukasa is very proud of Makino Tsukushi he knew she was the best.

Finally its time to choose the winner. This is going to be determined by the highest points totaled. Kurimaki Ayano wins. As it was suppose to be a draw Makino Tsukushi gets the 1 million yen prize and everyone in the theater applauds her and congratulates her while no one is applauding or congratulating Kurimaki Ayano. Regardless she still lost. Domyoji is proud of her but is sadden because he remembers about the agreement. Kurimaki Ayano isn’t such a bad person she tells Domyoji Kaede that the best person to suite Domyoji Tsukasa is Makino Tsukushi.

They have a party at the school for Makino Tsukushi, Domyoji Tsukasa has not returned yet hes walking around thinking about what awaits him in the future. He goes home and gives Makino Tsukushi a call. She apologizes for not winning but he said he didn’t expect anything more from the person he approves of. He then asks to buy some of Makino Tsukushi time the next day; its Christmas Eve. He has also paid off the loan sharks. He then tells Makino Tsukushi that she was number one today. Everything starts falling back into place her bosses shop is back to normal and her dad got his job back.

Back at Domyoji Tsukasa house he is packing his suit case when Hanazawa Rui comes in. He asks why he didn’t come to the party. Domyoji Tsukasa says its because he had things to do. Then Tuskasa asks him for a favor what I don’t know they never really say till later.

Makino Tsukushi is excited and makes him lunch she is waiting for Domyoji Tsukasa at a restaurant. But Hanazawa Rui shows up and hands her a gift. Hanazawa Rui is there to tell her that Domyoji Tsukasa is going to New York. He tells her of the deal Tsukasa made with his Domyoji Kaede if Makino Tsukushi didn’t win he’d study in New York for 3 years. Hanazawa Rui tells her that Tsukasa is leaving that night. Makino Tsukushi is hurt. He never told her what was going on. Hanazawa Rui tells her to go after him and tell him how she feels about him. She takes Hanazawa Rui’s car and he takes her to the airport. As Hanazawa Rui walks away from the car he sees Todo Shizuka, she’s come back from France to be with the person she loves. On the way the airport she reads the card he’s given her and opens the present. Its a necklace with a pendant of Saturn. He says if she looses it he’ll kill her.

She gets to the airport and runs to the aircraft she runs after the plane calling out Domyoji!. He notices her and the mother notices her as well. Surprisingly the mother asks the piolet to stop. Saying she forgot her sunglasses at the lobby. But this is a chance to let Domyoji Tsukasa say good bye. He gets the idea and runs out. They have a brief fight. She tells him thank you for believing in her and thinking of her.. and the necklace… He tells her he will be back when he becomes a better man. He then says now in and in the future she will be the only girl he’ll ever approve of. “I will be with you makino” She then tells him she’s in love with him. He then hugs her and then they kiss then another hug. She gives him the lunch she’s made for him which is a cookie that looks like him.

Season II

Episode 1: Makino Tsukushi goes to New York to find Domyoji Tsukasa. The first day there someone (a black guy thats not racist at all) takes her purse. She chases him down into a alley. She gets lost and looses him. Out no where about 4 big black guys come out from the Alley. All of a sudden these guys star swearing at her and being all gangster. WTF….They are speaking English but seriously I have no idea what they’re saying. This one guy says “you can here from Japan you, you came here to the US with some money some bling bling or you came here to get down?” like what the hell does that even mean.

Flash back a month or two back in Japan: Now that Domyoji Tsukasa is gone Nishikado Sojiro has taken over the role as the leader. The remaining F4 have graduated. Hanazawa Rui has been looking after Makino Tsukushi and he asks her if Domyoji Tsukasa has called her yet, but he hasn’t. One dayMatsuoka Yuki asks Makino Tsukushio out with a bunch of her Jr High friends, and meets the cousin of one of her old friends who actually attends Eitoku.

Makino Tsukushi comes to the conclusion to become a lawyer. At school she meets Orbie Junpie again (the guy from the Jr. Party). At school he disguises himself as a geek. They become friends and he takes her to his modeling shoot. There he gets her to take some photos with him. The next day she finds herself and Junpie on the cover of some magazine which she never wanted. Domyoji Tsukasa sees it in New York. The next day at school she receives the “red notice” She is beaten with eggs and Junpie grabs her and pulls her up. He then reveals his true identity to the school and everyone recognizes him as the model. The F4 find out about what happened they had no idea that Tsukasa had issued the red notice. Hanazawa Rui calls Makino Tsukushi and tells her to go to New York and find out what’s really going on. Her father has won a trip to New York so she takes it and goes to see him by herself.

Back to Present day New York: While she’s getting bullied but the group of black men Hanazawa Rui comes to save her. He takes out a gun and pretends he’s going to shoot them. But in fact its a water gun. He is there to protect Makino Tsukushi. Sitting at a park bench they get hungry and Makino Tsukushi goes to get a hot dog. On the way to the stand she see Domyoji Tsukasa buying one as well. Both are shocked. He wonders what she’s doing there. He takes her and drags her away to a remote area and asks if she came to see him. She replies that her dad won the trip so she came, thinking she might see him. He looks a little down and then his phone rings he has a brief conversation and says he has to go. He tells her to be careful and to have a safe trip home. Makino Tsukushi is a little confused and hurt as a car pulls up she says they haven’t seen each other in a long time. His reply is so what. This hurts Makino Tsukushi but she hides it from Hanazawa Rui. Hanazawa Rui suggest to talk to Domyoji Tsukasa the next day, Makino Tsukushi doesn’t want to Domyoji Tsukasa clearly didn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore.

Domyoji Tsukasa mother finds out that Makino Tsukushi is in New York. The rest of the F4 members show up and they are going to go to Domyoji Tsukasa place. Makino Tsukushi opts out and site sees around New York. Walking around she sees Domyoji Tsukasa sister. She takes Makino Tsukushi out shopping. She kind of clues in on to what’s happening between them. She tells Makino Tsukushi that she’s on her side.

The F4 met with Domyoji Tsukasa and later they are telling Makino Tsukushi about what happened. Domyoji Tsukasa wants nothing to do with them. Domyoji Tsukasa starts to harass Nishikado Sojiro. All of a sudden he hits Nishikado Sojiro. He’s turned into a big jerk. Mimasaka Akira and Nishikado Sojiro tell her to forget about him. But Hanazawa Rui thinks something has happened to change Tsukasa mind. Makino Tsukushi gets strength to go see him one last time. She’s getting mad and wants to get things off her chest.

The next day Makino Tsukushi is heading towards his college to ambush him. On the way there she hears a Japanese girl screaming and yelling she gets arrested. She finally reaches the college and ambushes Domyoji Tsukasa. He tries to get away but she asks for a minute of his time. He takes her to a baseball field. She asks him why he’s mad. He isn’t mad. Then she asks why he gave her a red notice. She keeps on going on about the red notice. He doesn’t really have a chance to answer. He calls her a dummy this really hurts her feelings and she is mad and tries to punch him but misses. He says he has no time to play on her level anymore and that he’s not a kid. He then walks away.

That night the F4 treat her to whatever she likes. That night Domyoji Tsukasa has a nightmare of someone jumping off the side of a building. Makino Tsukushi is back in Japan the rest of the F4 members go to see Domyoji Tsukasa one last time before they leave.They apologize about the fight before. They tell him about Makino Tsukushi red notice while all the meanwhile Makino Tsukushi is fighting for her life back in Etiekou. Domyoji Tsukasa says he has no time for that kind of stuff.

Junpie starts to help Makino Tsukushi and starts beating up random students. He goes to Makino Tsukushi and tells her he’ll protect her. On Domyoji Tsukasa end the boys want to know why he doesn’t Like Makino Tsukushi anymore. His reason is ..that there’s nothing between them anymore.

Junpie is actually a bad guy and is using Makino Tsukushi to get Domyoji Tsukasa back to Japan. They kidnap Makino Tsukushi and bring her to ware house. Makino Tsukushi loosens the ropes holding her and escapes she runs out into the back alley where Domyoji Tsubaki has guys ready to catch Junpie and his buddies. Later she takes Makino Tsukushi out for dinner. She tells Makino Tsukushi that she’s like a little sister to her. Makino Tsukushi tells her she wants to forget about Domyoji Tsukasa . But before she leaves she tells her in fact she always thinks about Domyoji Tsukasa and that she still loves him.

At school Makino Tsukushi sees Junpie at school he tells her that he thinks Hanazawa Rui is in love with her. Back in New York Domyoji Kaede wants Domyoji Tsukasa to return to Japan to finish his studies its also his birthday coming up and he is having his birthday party in Japan. For some reason Makino Tsukushi gets an invite from Domyoji’s henchmen directly from Domyoji Kaede. She makes him a birthday present of cookies again. Domyoji Tsukasa mother is the first to greet her they are actually having a somewhat normal conversation. Domyoji Tsukasa brought out on stage and then his mother. haha When they announce his mother they call her “first lady of the world” in English. I was laughing so hard what the frick does that mean. Anyways she announces in front of everyone that he is going to be wed, and this is a shock to Tsukasa as well. They show the bride and its the same girl that got arrested back in New York.

Episode 2: Domyoji Tsukasa and Okawahara Shigeru meet for the first time on stage. For some reason Okawahara Shigeru wants to play the piano and she does then Domyoji Kaede makes Makino Tsukushi play the piano in front of everyone as well. Domyoji Tsukasa is shocked to even see her there. Makino Tsukushi walks up to the piano and basically just plays random notes on the Piano. Mimasaka Akira says “she’s snapped” and I laughed that was funny. When she gets up she wishes Domyoji Tsukasa happiness and walks away. Domyoji Tsukasa chases after her they reach the lobby and have a brief chat when his mother appears and then Okawahara Shigeru. He takes off with Okawahara Shigeru thinking its Makino Tsukushi and they walk down the street. Makino Tsukushi is furious. He finally realizes hes grabed Okawahara Shigeru and he tries to lose her but she follows him. He ticks her off and she jumps on his back and bites his ear. Unfortunately that’s one of his sensitive spots and he blushes. After that Okawahara Shigeru starts to think he’s cute and feels like she’s in love with him.

The next day Okawahara Shigeru shows up she remember Makino Tsukushi from the night before and they start talking and they go to the F4 VIPs room. Okawahara Shigeru has to use the washroom and soon Domyoji Tsukasa comes in they have a brief conversation Makino Tsukushi congratulates him one last time and then when he tries to explain Okawahara Shigeru comes in and asks if Domyoji Tsukasa and her can be in love. Later Okawahara Shigeru shows up at Makino Tsukushi house and wants to be friend with her and learn everything about Domyoji Tsukasa. The next day she shows up to Makino Tsukushi work and takes both her and her Matsuoka Yuuki out. They spend all day out together as Okawahara Shigeru is trying to get information about Domyoji Tsukasa at the end of the night she buys both girls a very expensive bracelet. Both girls come to an agreement that she’s not a bad person.

On Domyoji Tsukasa side of things he tells the guys basically that he isn’t in love with the Monkey girl-Okawahara Shigeru or Makino Tsukushi. So Hanazawa Rui asks does he not care for Makino Tsukushi? His reply is that he’s the head of a huge corporation millions of lives will be relying on him. Then Hanazawa Rui asks does that mean he’s going to marry Okawahara Shigeru? Domyoji Tsukasa doesn’t exactly answer he just said the marriage is all part of the picture, but he doesn’t want that monkey. The boys tell him if he’s not interested he should settle it soon. Later that night Tsukasa has the same dream again about the man jumping off the building.

All the F4 members want to help out so Mimasaka Akira and Nishikado Sojiro take Okawahara Shigeru out on a date to make her fall in love with them, it doesn’t work obviously. Makino Tsukushi asks why they are doing this and they reply because she isn’t doing anything to help out. This makes Makino Tsukushi think and she calls Domyoji that night she starts to be brave but starts crying and asks him out on a date just like he did in season 1. The next day she shows up but when she reaches the spot where they meet up she sees Okawahara Shigeru with him…Okawahara Shigeru then gives Domyoji Tsukasa akiss right in front of Makino Tsukushi.

Episode 3: After Makino Tsukushi sees that she turns around and walks the other way. After she leaves you see Okawahara Shigeru on the ground and Domyoji Tsukasa yelling at her. He did invite her to tell her how he really felt about her and he asks her to go home. Makino Tsukushi goes to work after this happens and Hanazawa Rui shows up. He asks her about meeting up with Domyoji Tsukasa. Hanazawa Rui says he’s probably still waiting for her. Domyoji Tsukasa is waiting there till night time. His body guard finds him and takes him home. Later Makino Tsukushi gets a call from Domyoji Tsukasa but ignores it. Okawahara Shigeru pops up at her house and feeds her whole family. Okawahara Shigeru wants to be friends forever with Tsukushi.

Back at Domyoji Tsukasa house he asks his mother if she did something to Makino Tsukushi. His mother tells him exactly what happened Makino Tsukushi showed up but left on her own free will. The F4 ask her the same thing why she didn’t show up that day. Makino Tsukushi tells them that he invited Okawahara Shigeru there. Obviously to make it clear to her the Tsukasa was now close with Okawahara Shigeru. When Domyoji Tsukasa comes in and over hears her talking about him. They get into a fight. Makino Tsukushi walks out. Mimasaka Akira and Nishikado Sojiro ask what happened that day. Domyoji Tsukasa says he wanted to show that Monkey-girl that she was nothing compared to Makino Tsukushi. Makino Tsukushi goes to the stair well and is extremely mad all she can think about is him being cocky even after he kissed her she can’t believe his attitude. Hanazawa Rui over hears this he asks why would he ask her to leave then. Makino Tsukushi believes he just wanted to make her upset. She doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and asks Hanazawa Rui to help her study.

Okawahara Shigeru commandeers Domyoji Tsukasa car they have a chat about what’s going on behind the scenes of the Domyoji Tsukasa empire the only way to secure the situation that Tsukasa has created is to marry Okawahara Shigeru, but Domyoji Tsukasa is trying to find a way to fix it with out marrying her. He tells her my destiny is with someone else not you.

Makino Tsukushi and Matsuoka Yuuki goes to Mimasaka Akira house the next day. Matsuoka Yuuki wants to talk to Nishikado Sojiro but when he sees her there he leaves. She chases after him and Makino Tsukushi after her. As Nishikado Sojiro is leaving he sees Domyoji Tsukasa and then Makino Tsukushi sees Domyoji Tsukasa as well. Finally Hanazawa Rui shows up late and he sees Domyoji Tsukasa and Makino Tsukushi sitting on the balcony. Domyoji Tsukasa tries to explain what happen that day she asked him out. But Makino Tsukushi has had enough, she tells him she doesn’t want to be friends with him she thought they were going out when he was New York but that was a lie. If she’s going to move on she needs to cut off communication with him completely. He tells her that they really need to talk but she interrupts again says sorry for calling him the other day and she wont be doing that again. She then walks away and leaves the house.

That night Makino Tsukushi family is in some more financial troubles so she’s trying to find another part time job. The next day Matsuoka Yuuki goes out with Nishikado Sojiro but they have nothing to talk about so she enrolls herself in a tea ceremony class to have something in common with him.

Back to Domyoji: His mother tells him there’s no other way to recover the Domyoji company then to marry Okawahara Shigeru. I don’t know what’s with the English in this movie but seriously LOL. I’m loling all over the place. There’s a group of guys as he’s thinking about what his mother told him and they start saying stuff like “Gee, man, look at that curly hair, man!”” Is it the fashion in Japan?””Whats that? His hair looks like shit””He probably went to the back barber shop,man.” “he reminds me of Lionel Richie”WTF who says that randomly to some stranger on the street.. WTF then he starts beating up the bunch of guys and then they ask hey what’s your problem man. HAHAH oh fricken funny.

When Makino Tsukushi gets home from her night shift Okawahara Shigeru is waiting for her at her house to tell her that Domyoji Tsukasa has asked her to be his girlfriend. Makino Tsukushi holding back tears tells her congratulations.

Time passes and Makino Tsukushi is working hard to pass her test hold two jobs and go to school. Domyoji Tsukasa isn’t really doing much he looks at the cookie Makino Tsukushi gave him and eats it, even though its a year old oh but then he throws it out, probably cause its a year old. He then goes to an engagment dinner with Okawahara Shigeru parents I think. Makino Tsukushi over does it and collapses. Domyoji Tsukasa hears about it during the engagment dinner and runs out of the dinner to see her.

Episode 4: When he gets to her room he sees Hanazawa Rui entering. Domyoji Tsukasa looks in and sees her family and Him around Makino Tsukushi. Makino Tsukushi family called him. Domyoji Tsukasa slowly backs away from the crack at the door and starts walking away. Hanazawa Rui asks if he can stay the night with Tsukushi. Domyoji Tsukasa goes home and speaks with his mother he starts getting flash backs of the guy jumping off the building as he’s talking to her. He tells his mom he’s given up Makino Tsukushi.

Makino Tsukushi wakes up the next morning Hanazawa Rui holding her hand. While Domyoji Tsukasa is sleeping on the couch in his room. Okawahara Shigeru comes barging in bugging him and tickling him and he’s just kind of likes it but he is also annoyed. Makino Tsukushi remembers about her college entrance exam and wants to get out of bed and go. Hanazawa Rui stops her. He then tells her he thinks he likes her and Kisses her. Makino tells him she was startled and friends shouldn’t do that. He says are we just friends?

At school Hanazawa Rui tells Mimasaka Akira and Nishikado Sojiro about him staying with Makino Tsukushi all night. They ask if Domyoji Tsukasa would mind. Hanazawa Rui doesn’t think so since they are broken up. Domyoji Tsukasa shows up to have lunch with them. Acting really strange Domyoji Tsukasa has a round about way of asking Hanazawa Rui what he did last night, but gets interupted and Mimasaka Akira asks about the engagment dinner. Tsukasa starts making all these lame jokes and it looks like he’s loosing it. The rest of the f4 come to an agreement that he’s acting so strange because Okawahara Shigeru and himself have not arranged a date for the wedding. That wasn’t the reason he goes to ask Hanazawa Rui what he wants to find out, but gets a phone call and has to leave immediately.

At the hospital Makino Tsukushi is in a surprisingly good mood and Matsuoka Yuuki her friend notices she wants to know what happened. Meanwhile Domyoji Tsukasa and Okawahara Shigeru are on a date but he’s basically ignoring her and walking to fast. Makino Tsukushi tells her friend the Hanazawa Rui kissed her. At that moment Mimasaka Akira, Nishikado Sojiro and Hanazawa Rui come to see Makino Tsukushi. All her guest see the tension between Hanazawa Rui and Makino Tsukushi and they make up some excuse to leave. Matsuoka Yuuki tells Nishikado Sojiro that Hanazawa Rui kissed Makino Tsukushi. Matsuoka Yuuki thinks its better this way but Nishikado Sojiro thinks differently he knows Domyoji Tsukasa still has feelings for Makino he can tell when Domyoji Tsukasa looks atMakino Tsukushi, they have this connection.

Hanazawa Rui waits all day until Tsukishi can go home and gives her a kiss on the forehead when she leaves. When she gets home almost everything is gone from her house and her brother comes out telling her their parents have moved to a fishing village, her father lost his job.

Later on that night Okawahara Shigeru tells Domyoji Tsukasa that she booked a hotel room. He’s a little shocked but goes. Okawahara Shigeru goes to have a shower and Domyoji Tsukasa starts thinking back on memories of Makino Tsukushi and he leaves and goes to Makino Tsukushihouse. Before he gets out he has a flash back, (he was the cause of the to stock prices dropping. One of Domyoji Tsukasa disicions made many men and women lose their jobs, hence the guy jumping off the building in his dream who was actually Tsukasa good friend.) He remembers this and he asks the driver to drive away from Makino Tsukushi house.

Matsuoka Yuuki’s friend from the tea ceremony place finds Makino Tsukushi a free apartment. Domyoji Tsukasa hears about it, and starts freaking out he thinks Makino Tsukushi dad was tricked. His friend wonder why he’s acting like that. They think it might be because of Domyoji Kaede. Domyoji confronts his mom but she had nothing to do with it. Back at Makino Tsukushi new place she’s cleaning everything down when Okawahara Shigeru comes in and helps her out. Hanazawa Rui has picked up Toudou Shizuka at the air port while Okawahara Shigeru is asking Makino Tsukushi personal questions about Domyoji Tsukasa and herself. Toudou Shizuka guess that Hanazawa Rui is in love with Makino Tsukushi, and she tells him to make her happy.

Okawahara Shigeru leaves and goes to clean Domyoji Tsukasa place. Makino Tsukushi makes dinner for herself and her brother when they see someone at the door trying to look in on them. They grab a weapon and are ready to get him. They open the door and start hitting the crap out of him. But it is Domyoji. After they chat Makino Tsukushi wants to know what he’s doing there, he’s actually moved in next to them. They talk some moreand Domyoji Tsukasa finds out that her brother has a test so Domyoji Tsukasa kicks him out to his apartment and tells him to study in there so Makino Tsukushi and himself can be alone. She tells Domyoji Tsukasa not to say anything she’s been through a lot and she’s at her limits. So instead he tells her a story about a Fig and it having some sort of bitter sweet taste to it and when you cut a fig in half it looks like a heart that’s why love is bittersweet. Then he says love to him taste like the crappy cookie she made him. He turns to her and is about to say something when her phone rings. He tells her not to answer she goes to try and answer it but he tackles her to the ground and he lands on top of her the phone turns on and as this is when Okawahara Shigeru opens the door and see them in eachothers arms on the floor. OO drama Hanazawa Rui hears Domyoji Tsukasa voice on the other end. Makino Tsukushi pushes Domyoji off of her and runs for Okawahara Shigeru (Shigeru has ran out the front door by now) but Domyoji Tsukasa grabs her arm and tells her not go to after her.

Episode 5: He tells her not to leave and explains that he’s not officially engaged to Okawahara Shigeru he never finished the engagement dinner, he ran off half way through the engagment dinner because of Makino Tsukushi Collapsing. Makino Tsukushi gets nervous she doesn’t want him finding out about Hanazawa Rui and her kissing. He notices and asks what’s going on. Makino Tsukushi asks what time did he come. Hanazawa Rui has heard the whole conversation and is feeling very down. Domyoji Tsukasa guesses that Hanazawa Rui kissed Makino Tsukushi. Her brother comes back after he hears shouting and Makino Tsukushi asks him to return to the room. Eventually Domyoji Tsukasa leaves unhappy about what he’s heard.

The next day at the F4 VIP room. Hanazawa Rui and Domyoji Tsukasa get into a fight about Makino Tsukushi. Hanazawa Rui punches Domyoji Tsukasa and Domyoji Tsukasa asks if he’s serious about Makino Tsukushi, he is serious. Domyoji Tsukasa thinks he’s kidding but Hanazawa Rui replies, if he said anything in the past he thought it would make Tsukasa mad and he’s his friend, and he wouldn’t of said anything if it worked out between the two of them. Back in season one Hanazawa Rui told Domyoji Tsukasa If anything happens to Makino Tsukushi he’s not going to hold back. Then Hanazawa Rui explains that Tsukasa ignored her for a year, he got a girlfriend and got engaged, he trampled all over Makino Tsukushi feelings. Domyoji Tsukasa is hurt shocked drained he doesn’t know what to think he takes a planter and throws it into the cafeteria he then starts punching and kicking random people.

Makino Tsukushi finishes her test and calls Hanazawa Rui to thank him. He tells her again that he likes her and how much he’s changed because of her. Domyoji Tsukasa calls Okawahara Shigeru and they have a talk, she thinks Domyoji Tsukasa and Makino Tsukushi had sex that night she caught them on the floor, but he explains they didn’t.

On the way home Domyoji sees Makino Tsukushi brother, and they have a man to man talk, they go back to Makino Tsukushi house and devise a plan. Makino Tsukushi brother is in love and Domyoji Tsukasa is going to help him get the girl. The next day he takes Makino Tsukushi brother to get his hair done and they go through a lot of girl training. Domyoji Tsukasa meets him the next morning to give him last minute encouragement. He passed the test but he didn’t get the girl and it broke his heart. Aww so sad. But they had a bonding moment. On the way home Makino Tsukushi goes looking for her brother. She sees him with Domyoji Tsukasa. Domyoji Tsukasa tells her that he’s still in love with her and her brother reminded him of it.

Later that night she calls Hanazawa Rui and hangs up on him, she gets a knock at the door and its the Domyoji Tsukasa body guard guy.

Episode 6: Riu pulls up to Makino Tsukushi house and sees the boys guard and herself leave the house. They start talking and he tells her the story about what happened in New York with the guy jumping off the building. This is why he tried to abandon his feelings for Makino Tsukushi, but that changed when she went to New York. After he leaves Hanazawa Rui is waiting for her he tries to kiss her she dodges and runs away.

That night Domyoji Tsukasa comes to the door and says he’s out of sugar, the brother lets Tsukasa and Makino be alone while and Domyoji Tsukasa gets invited for dinner. She’s cutting potatoes and he goes to grab her and hug her but he grabs her at her chest and she’s like aa back away from my boob. She flips him and they go crashing through the floor into the next room below them with two old people. She doesn’t have a place to stay since the floor is missing at her house. Domyoji Tsubaki comes and takes her to Domyoji house to live and her brother goes to their parents fishing village. Domyoji Tsukasa is over joyed but to progress with Makino Tsukushi he needs to break it off with Okawahara Shigeru.

At school around the F4 they start acting really strange around each other. Its also the day she finds out she passed her exam to go to law school. Domyoji Tsukasa and Hanazawa Rui have a heart to heart talk. Nishikado Sojiro and Mimasaka Akira goes to Matsuoka Yuuki tea ceremony class when he hears the name of the instructor he leaves.

Domyoji Tsukasa thinks he’s going to get something from Makino Tsukushi on Valentines day but she gives back the necklace he gave her. He throws it in the river and tells her there’s no point in him having it since it was only meant of her. The only one he wants is her and he walks away. Makino Tsukushi goes in the river to get back the necklace. When Domyoji Tsukasa returns he finds Okawahara Shigeru chocolates for him on the table. The next morning Makino Tsukushi comes in dress like a maid she wants to work as maid to pay for her room and bored.

Episode 7: Makino Tsukushi needs a reason to live with Domyoji. Tama the old woman who looked after Domyoji Tsukasa as a child is in charge of Makino Tsukushi, and starts telling her all the chores she has to do. Domyoji Tsukasa does not want Makino Tsukushi to work as a maid. Tama tells him that Makino Tsukushi could be his own personal maid. He can’t help but think that’s a wonderful idea. Makino Tsukushi tells him he’s thinking of something perverted but Tama scolds her. From now on Makino Tsukushi needs to treat Domyoji Tsukasa like the rest of the staff does.

At school Hanazawa Rui comes to visit her he finds out about her living in the house with Domyoji Tsukasa. Hanazawa Rui thinks he still has a chance with Makino Tsukushi, because Makino Tsukushi is confused. That night Makino Tsukushi goes to clean Domyoji Tsukasa room he is there and they start talking as she’s cleaning. He goes to hug her and as he does Tama is watching at the door. From behind the door everyone hears a noise even Tama its Mimasaka Akira he comes in telling them that he cannot contact Nishikado Sojiro. This disrupts everything. Makino Tsukushi gets a call saying that no one can contact Matsuoka Yuuki. Makino Tsukushi goes to her old work to find out what’s going on. Her boss tells her that Matsuoka Yuuki has pumped herself up for Nishikado Sojiro and she’s scared he broke her heart.
Later that day as Makino is serving Tsukasas dinner she misses and spills a whole bunch of soup on Domyoji Tsukasa. Both Tama and Domyoji Tsukasa think there’s something Makino Tsukushi is worried about, Makino Tsukushi just walks away after apologizing. Later Domyoji Tsukasa comes barging into her room and tells her to tell him what’s going on. She tells him she can’t find Matsuoka Yuuki. Domyoji Tsukasa grabs her and tells her that they are going to go look for Matsuoka Yuuki. As they are leaving Okawahara Shigeru comes in and hides herself she sees them leave. They go around asking people. They find out that Nishikado Sojiro and Matsuoka Yuuki have a link to why they both disappeared. No kidding.. Nishikado Sojiro goes to see that girl from the tea ceremony place. While Matsuoka Yuuki is wandering around the Tokyo Tower. Domyoji Tsukasa and Makino Tsukushi find her she then faints. They find a book that she was carrying it looked like she was trying to find a building. Then Matsuoka Yuuki tells Makino Tsukushi the story about Nishikado Sojiro meeting a girl at 6 in the morning on valentines day lastyear. Eventually Nishikado Sojiro comes back and Domyoji Tsukasa talks to him about what happened. Meanwhile Matsuoka Yuuki finds the building. Sara the girl from the tea ceremony is getting married. Domyoji Tsukasa tells him to go tomorrow to the building Matsuoka Yuuki foud with her at 6. Matsuoka Yuuki is outside waiting and its almost time, Nishikado Sojiro hasn’t shown up yet. Eventually he shows up they run to the top of the building there across the city on a billboard when the sun hits it, the words I love Jiroh appear. This is what Sara wanted him to see. He starts crying and gets very upset. He always though Sara was in love with is brother. Later when talking to Makino Tsukushi he tells Makino Tsukushi to do her best she only has one chance in a life time and not to care what other people think. Later that night Makino Tsukushi goes to Domyoji Tsukasa room she tells him that she’s going to go see Hanazawa Hanazawa Rui tomorrow. To tell him that she doesn’t want to go out with him. She then later goes into her room and calls Hanazawa Rui to meet up with him.

The next thing we know is Okawahara Shigeru comes to bother Makino Tsukushi and tells her that she is going to be staying the night in Domyoji Tsukasa room she then heads to Domyoji Tsukasa room and everyone does the staring off in to nothing thing. It flashes to Hanazawa Rui and then back to the Domyoji Tsukasa and Okawahara Shigeru and then Makino Tsukushi you know how it goes.

Episode 8: Domyoji Tsukasa tries to explain that he’s in love with Makino Tsukushi but Okawahara Shigeru doesn’t listen. He tells her that he’s tried to lover her. Okawahara Shigeru denies it and then takes off her clothes. Makino Tsukushi is talking to Matsuoka Yuuki on the phone and Matsuoka Yuuki urges her stop Okawahara Shigeru. Domyoji Tsukasa tells Okawahara Shigeru to put her clothes back on. He doesn’t feel anything for her and they start talking about whats going on and he finally was able to tell her that he’s in love with Makino Tsukushi. Okawahara Shigeru gets mad and throws a chair Makino Tsukushi hears it and comes running in she sees Okawahara Shigeru on top of Domyoji Tsukasa on the bed. Makino Tsukushi runs out. Tsukasa explains further about Makino Tsukushi and his relationship to Okawahara Shigeru.

Makino Tsukushi is awake the whole night. Domyoji Tsukasa thinks he’s going to avoid Makino Tsukushi and see her in secret. Makino Tsukushi meets up with Hanazawa Rui. She tells him she cannot meet up with his feelings at this time. He tells her that she’s been crying to him countless times because of Domyoji Tsukasa so he will not give up. He believes that he can make her happy.

Okawahara Shigeru comes to see Makino Tsukushi and Domyoji Tsukasa goes to see Hanazawa Rui. One conversation is about Okawahara Shigeru and Domyoji Tsukasa “doing” it. Makino Tsukushi questions if Domyoji Tsukasa really did it with Okawahara Shigeru or not. And the other conversation is about Hanazawa Rui talking to Domyoji and Hanazawa Rui saying he can make her happy and not Domyoji Tsukasa. Domyoji Tsukasa gets angry and begs Hanazawa Rui to give up on Makino Tsukushi .. Litterally he’s down on all fours begging.

Makino Tsukushi goes home to the mansion. Domyoji Kaede comes back she hasn’t spotted Makino Tsukushi yet. Tama the old grandma tells the Domyoji Kaede that she can’t do anything in the house she can over ride her orders. Later Tama asks that Makino Tsukushi stay she will protect her. She notices what type of impact she has on Domyoji Tsukasa.

Domyoji Tsukasa goes to another arrange engagement dinner. The f4 start talking about his desion to be with Makino Tsukushi. If the Domyoji group go bankrupt its over for many people and their jobs.

At the dinner Domyoji Tsukasa is about to tell them that he wants to call off the wedding when Okawahara Shigeru blurts out she wants to call of the wedding but asks her parents to still go through with the merger. That was really sweet. Poor Okawahara Shigeru.

Okawahara Shigeru later leaves a voice mail apologizes to Makino Tsukushi for lying and getting in the way of their love. She also says she’s leavening for New York. Makino Tsukushi goes to the airport to say good bye. As Makino Tsukushi and Domyoji Tsukasa are leaving they see his Domyoji Kaede.

Episode 9:
The next day she has a talk with Domyoji Tsukasa he tells his mom he’s going to create a whole new Domyoji Tsukasa empire with Makino Tsukushi next to him and everyone that works for him will be happy. At school Makino Tsukushi see Hanazawa Rui he tells her to have faith in Domyoji Tsukasa.

They later meet up not really knowing how it went. Domyoji Tsukasa assures her that it will take time but his mother will come around. While he takes her out for a victory meal. When he goes to pay his visa is declined. Domyoji Tsukasa gets mad and Makino Tsukushi steps in to pay. They then go on a normal persons date “no money” She takes him to a pet store. Where we find out he’s scared of dogs. They later see his mothers henchman he has been fired. Later that night Makino Tsukushi stays at Matsuoka Yuuki house. But back at Domyoji Tsukasa house his mother tells him Okawahara Shigeru parents have backed out of the deal to save the company. Domyoji Tsukasa has now been cut out of the family inheritance. He is now staying at Hanazawa Ruis house. F4 are telling her about what’s happening with the Domyoji group which isn’t good, people loosing jobs and such. Makino Tsukushi is starting to feel the weight of what’s actually going on as most company’s are affiliated with the Domyoji group. She goes to Domyoji Tsukasa mother and tells her that she will never see Domyoji Tsukasa again if she will let Domyoji Tsukasa come back into the family She also asks that Domyoji Kaede helps the business’s that going bankrupt. Domyoji Tsukasa is thinking he will start a new life with Makino Tsukushi. He goes to Makino Tsukushi place, but Makino Tsukushi is packing up her things from Domyoji the place. He can’t find her at her work so he goes back to his own house.

It starts to rain and as Makino Tsukushi is leaving the Domyoji house she sees Tsukasa walking up to the front door. She tells him they should end it. Domyoji Tsukasa grabs her hand and goes to pull her into the house but she doesn’t go. He is very upset. She tells him she made a promise with his mother. He almost can’t believe what he hears and she pushes him to the mansion she turns around to leave and he asks her if she’s ever thought of him as a separate individual regardless of his family mother the corporation. She tells him (not really sure what that means) she didn’t know but if she was truly in love with him she wouldn’t leave him like this. Man that sucks. She walks away to run in to Tama who knows she’s been lying to him. Tsukushi gets on a train to the fishing village where her parents and brother are. While Domyoji Tsukasa is walking the streets down town he sees Ken.. the guy in his dream and past who committed suicide.

Episode 10: Domyoji Tsukasa runs after him and finally catches up to him. He tells him the whole thing was a setup (I knew it was the mom was ragging him to much about the suicide and useing it to much). He makes a decision to go get Makino Tsukushi and start a life together. Makino Tsukushi saves a guy from committing suicide in the fishing village and they start talking, and she encourages him to keep going. Domyoji Tsukasa comes to see Makino Tsukushi (this didn’t happen in the other version it was always Hanazawa Rui) he explains about Ken and how he cut his ties with the Domyoji group. Even though he has nothing he still wants to be with her. Before she can answer their is a ruckus and he falls and is knocked unconscious.

He is brought to the hospital where later he regains consciousness but does not know who Makino Tsukushi is. He has partial memory loss and only forgets Makino Tsukushi. Makino Tsukushi is so ticked she starts hitting things and punching things. (i guess Domyoji Tsukasa has worn off on her). On the way back to his room Makino Tsukushi runs into a girl in the hall way she says she would like Makino Tsukushi to visit her. Makino Tsukushi tries many ways to get Domyoji Tsukasa to remember her. She gives him a F4 red notice and punches him like in the first season but it didn’t work. She also asks him out on a date (the same why he does in the first season) lol funny. The girl who Makino Tsukushi runs into starts talking to Domyoji Tsukasa but Hanazawa Rui doesn’t like her. She starts spending lots of time with Domyoji Tsukasa. Makino Tsukushi is obviously hurt. Hanazawa Rui stands up for Makino Tsukushi, he’s so awesome. That girl tells Makino Tsukushi that she’s going to help Domyoji Tsukasa remember her. Makino Tsukushi makes him a cookie in hopes that he will remember her. When she goes to see him he’s asleep and leaves the cookies at his bed side. He starts eating the cookies and says they taste like love. He thinks its that girl he’s been spending lots of time with that he’s in love with. She doesn’t denies it and kisses Domyoji Tsukasa.

Episode 11: (last episode if you’ve read this far I’m impressed): Makino finds out that Domyoji Tsukasa has been dismissed and she goes back to Domyoji Tsukasa house but that girl is there. She asks Makino Tsukushi not to come anymore. Makino Tsukushi understands what’s going on her heart is broken. She throws the necklace back at him and leaves. After this happens Domyoji Tsukasa can’t stop thinking about Makino Tsukushi. But that girl makes a big deal about him not thinking of her and yadayada.

Domyoji Tsukasa is getting better and everyone wants to celebrate it Hanazawa Rui invites Makino Tsukushi. They go to a ski resort and for some reason that girl from the hospital is there too. Makino Tsukushi goes to the hot springs and that girls follows her there to tell her that Domyoji Tsukasa can’t remember Makino Tsukushi and that she’s in love with him.

Domyoji Tsukasa has kept the necklace Makino Tsukushi gave back and keeps thinking about what happened the other night. When that girl comes in with cookies that she baked, but as soon as he tastes them he throws them. And says you lied to me these arn’t the same cookes. Fricken finally. Even though he doesn’t remember anything his senses are telling him that this is wrong. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. She claims to love him and then runs out the door.

Makino Tsukushi is trying to find Matsuoka Yuuki for dinner and runs into that girl Makino asks if shes seen Matsuoka Yuuki.The girl tells Makino Tsukushi that Matsuoka Yuuki has gone outside to get something but there is a blizzard and Makino Tsukushi goes running after her. But Matsuoka Yuuki was actually in the hot springs. Makino Tsukushi is outside trying to find her in the blizzard. Hanazawa Rui asks the crazy girl if she knows what happend to Makino. Domyoji Tsukasa comes in as she tells them that she sent Makino Tsukushi outside and that she might be dead. Domyoji Tsukasa doesn’t waste time and runs to save her. Makino Tsukushi is outside has fallen and can’t move. Domyoji Tsukasa has jumped on to snow mobile and has gone to find her. Its probably in his instincts to go do this. Word gets out that he’s gone missing from the news his mother hears of it as well. He eventually finds her and they head to a cabin Domyoji Tsukasa starts a fire. He takes off most of his layers and covers Makino Tsukushi with them. She passes out and when she wakes up she asks if his memory has returned and it did not. He gets a fever (same thing that happens in season1 so i wont repeat the same thing) He then starts to remember that he’s gone through something like this before. Then he finally remembers her.He then takes out the necklace and asks who retrieved it from the river(remember he threw it away). They then end up falling asleep in each others arms.

The next day a team of guys finds them. When she gets home the newspaper says “Girl saves Domyouji Corporation Heir. Is this a countdown to a wedding?” When she turns the paper around the old Man that Makino Tsukushi saved from committing suicide has made it big with his computer company. That guy then talks to Domyoji Tsukasa mother about merging with her company as long as Makino Tsukushi is still marrying Tsukasa. She then finds out that its Makino Tsukushi who non-directly influenced that guys decision. Domyoji Kaede then gives the company to Domyoji Tsukasa. He decides to go to New York to get a deal with Okawahara Shigeru he wants to make it up to them but he promises to be back before Makino Tsukushi graduation.
The night before her graduation Domyoji Tsukasa sends her a beautiful red dress. The next day she’s late when’s he gets there everyone has gone home. She runs into the auditorium Domyoji Tsukasa is waiting for her. He first asks why shes late and not wearing the dress. She explains that alot of things happend and she tried her best. This didn’t really seem to upset him to much he was just teasing her. He asks if she will marry him and she says yes then the lights turn on and the whole place is filled with their friends. Then they dance and all that fun stuff..and ya..THE END <3


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