I'm Cool

Romantic Princess

It’s been awhile since I watched this and I was reluctant to do a review just because I didn’t really like this one that much. Thank goodness it was only 13 episodes. I find it almost misleading, in the beginning, the story starts off pretty entertaining. to be honest I don’t remember the names of the characters in this because I just wanted to block it out of my mind, but I’ll look it up so it doesn’t get confusing. It starts off with this girl, Mai Qiu Sui or Xiao Mai, who has a dream to become a princess. Eventually this dream comes true as a child she was adopted through some strange circumstances and is actually the heiress to a huge corporation (just like all the other ones I’ve watched, I see a pattern). Her grandfather has arranged for her to marry a guy who hes chosen to take over the company but he doesn’t want to he wants to live a normal life, they actually dont get a long very well in the beginning but soon enough they start to fall in love and they must keep it a secret for his sake of living a normal life. And thats about it. It really wasn’t that great. I liked the beginning but the rest was pretty bad. I thought I would like it because Wu Chun is in it since I liked him in Hana Kimi so much but it was kinda boring…and ya thats about it. If your super bored maybe give it a watch but really there are much better dramas out there.

2.5/5 on the awwness scale and 3/10 on a story line…. pretty bad…..


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