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1st Shop of Coffee Prince

This is a Korean Drama made in 2007 there are about 16 or 17 episodes.

It was pretty good. On mySoju its the 3rd most watched drama. I’m not sure how I feel about it. This girl Go Eun Chan, if I remember correctly she’s about 23 or 24,  she acts like a guy, dress’ like a guy, does basically everything that a guy does (due to her father dieing and her having to take over the family or some shiz like that).  She meets this man named Choi Han Kyul who believes she  is a boy and he hires her to be his gay lover (due to him not wanting his grandmother to arrange his marriage..or some shiz lol). He eventually opens a coffee shop and hires her, still not knowing that he is a girl. Slowly all the employees find out that she is a girl accept him. As time goes on he feels drawn towards her and he’s struggling with his feelings for her. He doesn’t want to except that he’s in love with a boy.

I found this almost hard to watch. It’s very dramatic, here I thought it would be like Hana Kimi where the guy who starts to like the girl dressed as the guy was kinda comical, but with this you feel pretty sorry for the guy. He really is struggling with his feelings for this boy/girl thing and he can’t figure out whats wrong with him. I wouldn’t want to fall in love with a boy who was pretending to be a girl if I were a guy : S   . That would just be weird.

Ok so anyways It was pretty good. Even now after a few months after I watched it, I still really like it. The one thing I really liked about this  movie is the music. Amazing music one of my favorite songs is

This song I don’t know why I like it it’s just really beautiful the way it sounds. I wish someone would translate it or I could just ask a Korean friend ahah so much work though. Anyways I would definitely give this a watch I think its worth it. There are other characters to get into but the main story revolves around these two.

I gave it 4 stars out of 5. It would have been 5 out of 5 if it wasn’t so damn frustrating. I felt so awkward watching it I had to give myself break with some other dramas to watch…haha ya. Sorry no episode summary. I hope you enjoyed :)


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