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It started with A kiss 1 and 2 (They Kiss again)

So one night about a month or two ago. I got really really bored and st

Jiro Wang

arted watching this series.

Wow…I really really really hate this series. I only started watching this because I saw Jiro Wang and it was on the most popular mySoju list. It was wrong of me to only think of watching this for Jiro. Bad girl bad girl….

It started with a kiss season 1:

It starts off with a girl (like usual) Yuan Xiang Qin, the dumbest most annoying F class girl, who has just confessed her feelings to Jiang Zhi Shu, the smartest, A class,  best looking, most popular boy in the school. She gets publicly rejected. Later her house burns down and she ends up actually living at Jian Zhi Shu house. Sounds like it could be pretty entertaining well ya it’s not! He hates her, he makes it very clear that he hates her, but she still pursues him. Then finally when she’s going to give him up he goes and….*kiss’s* her. This story is so dragged out it goes from them in high school to them going to college and theres so many characters.

Things I liked:

Not a lot………. umm let me see when Zhi Shu finally confesses  that he likes her that was kinda sweet. I guess the guy that plays Jian Zhi Shu is ok looking. They did have some funny scenes so Ya.

Things I hated:

Well I hated the main character, Yuan Xiang Qin, how annoying is she. Zhi Shu doesn’t like you stop bothering him you didn’t like it when Jin Yuan Feng (Jiro Wang’s character) was following after you saying he was in love with you. How can she be in love with a guy who treats her the way he does. Oh it just makes me so angry I want to punch her.
I give this……..NO,   I don’t even want to give it a rating but I’ll give it a 1/5 thats as good as I can do sorry.
—————————————–For Season 2 click more—————————————

It started with a Kiss 2 They kiss again

This season picks up a little bit, and by little bit I mean very little.
After Zhi Shu and Yuan Xiang Qin get married some things happen like pregnancy scare and a new girl comes and immediately Xiang Qin thinks she wants to take Zhi Shu away. But she’s actually interested in Jin Yuan Feng. Anyways, Zhi Shu wants to become a doctor and since Xiang Qin can’t do anything with out it revolving around Zhi Shu she wants to become a nurse. They get separated for a time but eventually end up working at the same hospital. Heres a spoiler for you in the end Xian Qin is going blind so she runs away WTF? Ya I know it’s a Drama ya I know it’s not real. You may be asking “Tina why are you getting so mad at a drama…” this is reason.  Asian girls, white girls, black and any other race colour species of women watching this, I hope some are smart enough to realise never let a guy treat you the way Zhi Shu has treated Xiang Qin. But there are some a small some that think that maybe just maybe if I persist I can get the guy of my dreams! It doesn’t work like that, ya I love Orlando Bloom I think he’s the Shiz but do you think if I pursue him he’s gonna fall desperately in love with me most likely not. I’ll just get a court order to stay 30 ft away **stalker**. Does that sound fun to you. Not only that but what sort of self-respecting person would do that go through what she did. This show this manga all of it makes me want to hurl. I have to say I much rather perfer Jiro’s (sorry can’t remember the characters name) unfolding relationship with Christine it was much more entertaining.
Having said how much I hate it. I can see why people like it I can see why they want to watch it but It really wasn’t my cup of tea. If you like watching nonsensical drivel then watch this.
again I’m giving it a low rating 1.5/5 just because this one was slightly better if only because Jiro Wang looked hotter in this, but Zhi Shu actually seems to care a tad bit for about Qun Yuin despite the rolling of the eyes and the I can’t believe I married you look…cheese….OH AND THE MUSIC SUCKED!

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  1. Justina

    I feel your pain no matter how many times I try to watch this drama I end up watching something else. I still love Taiwanese Dramas though and have come to realize that these kinds of dramas (overtly jerky main guy and the intolerably persistent main girl) are just really aren’t my cup of tea.

    March 30, 2013 at 8:46 pm

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