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Hana Yori Dango Anime

Almost done the Hana Yori Dango series so excited…so if you read the other hyd reviews or watched/read you would know whats going on with the main story.

The manga is the very first main story line that was the basis for all the rest of the HYD adaptions. Although I was skeptical reading this series, I did really like the manga. As you all probably know mangas have big lulls and overly worked schemes or the same situations happening over and over again. Other than those three things (that you can find in any manga) it was really good. I like how you can tell how the art work progressed over time, even the technology. The only thing that really really bugged me was Tsukasa and Makino never do it! I’m a pevert…but its just not fair when they actually fall in love they have several situations where there’s possibilities of something happening and you want them to … they never get around to it, or get to a certain point and someone walks in on them or Makino gets sick. It’s really annoying.

It was pretty good not my favorite manga but it was worth the read… There were times that I read with out really paying attention to what was going on but…it wouldn’t of really mattered anyways because they have a lot of pages that are absolutely useless. Also

Awwwnesss 3/5 there was a lot of Makino I love you and cheesy moments like that but it was pretty cute and if a guys said that kinda stuff to me..well I’d like it.:P


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