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Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru/I Love my younger sister

Yup basically the title says it all. Twins fall in love. End of Blog.

Ok seriously this was a sick movie. I needed a break from HYD again mainly because I can’t find an English sub of episode 23 Meteor Showers and I got so ticked off that I decided to watch this. I wish I just kept on watching Meteor showers even if it was all in another language and I had no idea what they were saying. I’ve spent the last hour and a half watching a brother struggle with his feelings …might I add romantic feels for his twin sister…who also might I add, end up having sex quite early in the movie. I thought it would be ok because Matsumoto Jun was in it and I like him. But this whole brotherly and sisterly forbidden love thing is just way to weird. Biblical times ok I get it that’s fine, sometimes back then you didn’t have any other choice…but hello there’s 6,000,000,000+ people in the world and not one of them is better then your twin sister? The few friends that find out about their…whatever kinda realationship they are having, tell them it is wrong but also say “don’t deny your feelings”. Every character needs some major therapy. Minus all the incest love stuff the movie is very slow progressing they talk very slow big pauses and there’s hardly any music, its a very dark oddly strange movie. A good movie for beginners in Japanese easy to follow slow and clear. I could pick up a few words and it made me feel smart lol. (still not so great at my Japanese but getting there slowly)

I dunno watch it you know you like incest or something…

I’m not going to rate it because I can see why people would like this movie, and also theres aparently an anime and a manga for this but I dunno if I can bring myself to watch it. This is going to be an entry for the manga and anime. I’m assumeing they are mainly the same and I have no intrest in watching them.



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