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Meteor GardenI & II

This isn’t my favorite version of this series, but I do like it. I do have a few frustrations to vent.

“Shan Cai,whose parents are far from wealthy, attends Ying De University, the private school established exclusively for rich students. Besides being looked down by rich classmates, she has angered the leader of F4, Dao Ming Si. F4 comprises of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo, who are the heirs to the four richest families. Their families are the founders of the school and nobody dares to cross them. Shan Cai isn’t afraid to stand up to DMS, an act that nobody has done before, and this sparks Dao Ming Si’s interest in her. However, his constant torture of her has made her miserable while she falls in love with the gentle Hua Ze Lei, who comes to her rescue. Can Dao Ming Si win her love despite his cold and cruel exterior? What happens when his mother decides to use every trick there is to keep them apart? Can they adjust to each other’s differences due to their vastly incompatible social status?” –Drama wiki

 Shan Cai

Shan Cai

Dao Ming Si

Dao Ming Si

Summery: Beware Spoilers

Mei Zuo

Mei Zuo

Xi Men

Xi Men

Hua Ze Lei

Hua Ze Lei

Not a bad looking group of guys and girls. :)

Meteor Gardens I:

I have already wrote the beginning part of the story in my Hana Yori Dango Blog click here.

The story starts off In Taipei Taiwan. Shan Cai- who personally I think looks like Tila Tequila, and is probably the most attractive main character out of all the series. Meets Dao Ming Si the leader of the F4. It basically goes down the same way as the rest of them. He bullies her friend she stands up for her friend he bullies her, she fights back.

It’s a very complicated love story. While Dao Ming Si gives her the red note (before he really starts to like her) which basically means “Your dead” (the school turns on you and you basically get picked on and beat up all the time). Hau Ze Lei helps her. pre=””>Shancai is falling for him, she believes he is different. His love is not for Shancai there is another girl and eventually Shancai wishes for him to follow his heart and urges him to follow that girl to France.

Now with Hua Ze Lei out of the picture Dao Ming Si seizes the opprutonaty to take Shancai out on a date. Shancai agrees but still very much dislikes Dao Ming Si. He starts to fall in love with her. He waits all day for her outside in the rain. Shancai eventually shows up and they get locked in a tower. I really like and I really hate it this version its a bit more mature then the rest. Firstly like the anime theres this one part when Deo Ming Sze really starts to form an attachment to Shancai. He sees Hua Ze Lei and Shancai talking outside and he becomes enraged when his friend leaves he corners Shancai and chases her and “harasses her” (the almost rape scene) She tells him to stop and is crying, he realises what hes done and says he wont hurt her anymore.

Click More for More !

Shancai is slowly starting to understand Dao Ming Si, but Hua Ze Lei still occupies her thoughts. Dao Ming Si believes that they are dating but eventually Lei reappears back from France and throws everything off-balance. They go on a trip and Shancai starts to talk to Lei about Jing his love he left in France. She comforts him and eventually Lei tells her “Why couldn’t I have fallen for a girl like you” and they kiss. Dao Ming Si sees and on return to teipai he has thrown Lei out of F4 and vows to kick both Shancai and Lei out of school. Si’s sister comes and tries to save Lei and Shancai from leaving the school. They decided to have a basket ball game. Si leaves the court and the game is left unfinished. Shancai and Lei are allowed to stay at the school. That night they all go back to the house were Lei and Shancai are put into a room alone. All the F4 members want them to do “it” except Dao Ming Si he’s is not around. That next morning Dao Ming Si decides to leave for New York. He believes that the two of them consummated their relationship; Lei leaves Dao Ming Si a letter telling him he didn’t do anything, but hes already got on the plane. He arrives in New York and comes back immediately to meet Shancai at her house. He spends the night. Her parents are so fricken funny. I was laughing so hard.

Ok so a lot of other things happen but there’s a lot that goes on in this

My favorite parts are when.

  • Shancai plays the Piano for Si mother. that was good.
  • I also like the part where Shancai becomes Si’s personal maid.
  • I like when he shows her the Meteor Shower and gives her the necklace that was sweet.
  • Or when Si stops eating and Shancai comes to the house and they make a pact to get through this together so that his mother will let them be together.
  • Or when she falls on Si and accidently kisses him during the cruise.

Hmm…ok ya that’s about all I can think of right now

Meteor Gardens II

So this starts off with the F4 graduating and Si takes Shancai to Barcelona. He was going to propose but on the way to church where she is waiting. He gets into a car crash and looses his memory.

Shancai is very concerned and starts loosing it. He never came home and she can’t find him she calls Lei, the F4 and Jing all come to help her. Lei is now fully recovered from loving Jing and is now in love with Shancai but will not say anything because Si is his friend and he wants Shancai to be happy. Si is at the hospital and the girl who ran into him Ye Sha is trying to help him. He makes it back with her to her friend’s house where he stays. Eventually they (all of them F4, Shancai, Si, and the Ye Sha) Make it back to Taipei. Si still cannot remember Shancai and slowly is starting to fall for this other girl. He does and eventually profess his love for her. While Shancai is waiting for him to return to her Shancai becomes friends with Ye Sha on a bus by mutually hitting a pervert and Shancai gets a job for her and they start working together. One night Si comes to pick up Ye Sha and Shancai see him. She is stuck for words. He askes if he knows her and Shancai replies yes. The girl tells them to go off together to reminisce about old times. Shancai cannot take it any longer and tells Si about their past. Si leaves her. He is no longer in Love with Shancai. Ye Sha finds out and vows to help Shancai and Si together, but she has now fallen for Si as well. She trys keeps her word and many circumstances and situations happen between the three of them.  Shancai finally decideds to give up on Si he has not remembered her and now Si feels Shancai is taking that Ye Sha away from him and that he is being guilted into feeling sorry for Shancai.  Shancai is not, she just wants to be close to Si even if it’s just as a friend. There is an accident in a pool involving Si the Ye Sha saves him – Si regains his memory. Ye Sha now realises how much Si means to her and since Shancai has now given up she takes full advantage of telling Si how she feels just as he is about to tell her that he now realises how much he had loved Shancai which in the end he never does. To make things even more complicated the girl is now dieing and only has three months to live which prolongs his progress with Shancai again. Shancai goes to a little village to get away from all this and befriends a brother and sister. Lei comes to find her and they rent a house together. Now that Shancai is starting to recover from whats happened between Si and herself. Lei tells her he wants her to go to Japan with him. That night Si comes to their house and they make a vow that if God wants them to be together there will be a sign of meteor showers (like the night they fell in love in season 1). They wait all night and there is nothing. He asks if Shancai ever loved him she doesn’t say anything and as he walks away she scream ” I love you Dao Ming Si” but he keeps walking both of them don’t notice that there is a meteor shower in the sky. She goes back home and cries on Leis shoulder….

Things that touched me and annoyed me:

I’m so angry right now my cousin just ate the rest of my favorite cereal “oh’s” and….. In meteor gardens 2 I just feel so bad for Shancai. I almost started crying when Qing He put his Valentines greeting for her on the radio and then all the other f4 members called in. And when Lei plays Dao Ming Si voice as a little boy. How he says he wants to take care of his Mother Father sister, and his bride when he’s older. Tear… Tear.. I was holding them back. And then there’s Si out gallivanting with some annoying twit. Cooking her dinner and what not. In the first version we were all like “Man Shancai is so stupid just give into Doming Si” but now (even though he’s lost his memory ) you’re getting frustrated because you know how much Dao Ming Si loves Shancai but he can’t remember her. WTF. It’s so frustrating. Think about that actually happening the love of your life forgets you moves on to another woman…or man… It’s like you were no part of that person’s life. At least with regular past relationships they remember…the first I love you, the first kiss being in love that strong how can you forget that. You know you had an impact on their lives…but this just never remembering…SUCKS>..and its so frustrating..and I hate that girl..her laugh is so annoying…..so ANNOYING…….frick…I’m getting frustrated…

And later it sucks even more because you start to feel sorry for that girl…and she’s dieing and then shes trying to get Dao Ming Si and Shancai together while she only has 3 months to live. When Asians say drama they mean drama. They layer it on thick. Thats not even the half of it theres like a million more stressful situations. There are a few things I didn’t like the acting is not that great. They could have cut out a lot of scenes they just had people staring into space. I got my cousin to start watching some of the episodes with me and I told her to pause it when they started talking again while I went to find my glasses. Well I got my glasses and a drink. And i came back and asked if I missed anything. Well my cousin tells me and then showed me on her own face what they were doing for the last 5 mins and I was ROFLing. Cause she was just batting her eyes and turning her head. and Omg it was funny.

So basically I told you the whole story you have no point in watching it now, it was pretty good very slow and their style sucked lol but it was worth a watch..hope you like it.

Awwness 2.5/5


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