I'm Cool

Hana Yori Dango Movie

This is the anime movie for HYD taking place in an ulternate universe. For some reason Makino is a house keeper to a dance studio she wants to be a dancer. Everyone treats her badly. Domyoji is obviously the head dancer and oneday she accidently drops some panties on him. He gets angry and she stands up for herself. Rui picks up her panties and puts it in his pocket and takes it away. Weird yes. Theres a lot of dancing and a lot of crotch zoom ups/ thrusting and what not. Sakuroko the main female lead gets injured during rehersal and Tsukasa picks Makino to be his female lead. They dance together. I tried hard not to lol but it was pretty funny, its like they were trying to copy dirty dancing in a very oddly anime way of dancing. This has got to be one of the worst things I’ve ever watched. I hate jazz music and thats all they played through the whole movie. But now I get the intro to the show…. sorta…lol..in a really bizarre way.

This was a big nono I give it a 0 it can be out of 1, 10, 500, 10000000 its 0 worst thing I’ve ever watched.


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