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RANMA RANMA….Season 1 “Digital Dojo” (1989)

Akane…… Ranma… AKANE….. RANMA….. AKANE!…. Ranma!… AKANE!!!!…… RANMA!!!!! Yup that’s basically the whole show- them yelling at each other. Ya I know what your thinking “NO…not another Ranma ½ review!” You know what… I don’t care! For some strange reason I love this Manga/Anime and I’ve decided to watch it (due to the lack of Meteor Shower subs.) I’m going to do an episode review guide thing-but not to in-depth since there’s about a billion out there already, and also to advise you of the episodes you can skip. There a few that have nothing to do with the story line or plot and are just useless.

I’ve been watching it on YouTube they have every episode. I’m going to put little hearts with the episodes I loved, the rest are just going to be average reviews and the small entries will be the ones I hated.

This Anime I believe is good for boys and girls. I like the fact that there is karate kungfu-ness and funniness which boys usually like ooohh and lots of boobies (or at least I think)…and for girls they have the million love Triangles. Akane boy Ranma Ryoga. Ryoga Akane Ukyo. boy Ranma Akane Chinese girl. Ranma Chinese girl Moose.  Kuno boy Ranma and Akane. Kuno girl Ranma and Akane. Akane boy Ranma and Kodachi. Theres probably more but…who can keep track.

Season 1

“Digital Dojo” (1989)

The first season I liked. Most of it was pretty good. I think there was only one episode I really didn’t like. At first Akane and Ranma don’t get a long but a little while into it you can tell Ranma likes Akane especially when he knows about P-Chan/Ryoga sleeping with Akane… he only puts up a fight because Akane is. Akane starts to realise it when Shampoo comes and she starts to get jealous.

Watch Episode 1-13 you could skip 14 resume 15-17  18 is a review episode. If I ever watch it again I’m gonna be sure to just watch the episodes I like.

One important thing if you have never watched this version before make sure to watch Episode 1-14 ….then watch episode 19 then resume from episode 15 onwards. Just trust me on this one.

Episode 1: ” Here’s Ranma” Ranma reluctantly comes to the Tendo dojo/ house hold to meet his bride. Akanes sisters and father decide he should marry Akane he is her age. Ranma is a great martial artist and can change from a boy to a girl with hot water. The family finds out in an embarrassing bath tub incident between Ranma and Akane which stems their hatred (or is it love?) of each other. They decided to keep his secret in the family. Ranmas father can change from a man to Panda. Ranmas main goal is to go back to China to change back to normal.
Manga volume one pages 1-56

Dr. Ono Tofu

Tatewaki Kuno

Episode 2: “School is No Place for Horsing Around”– Genma (Ranmas Father) and Ranma decide to stay at the Dojo. Ranma starts high school with Akane and Nabiki. Ranma turns into a girl on the way to school Akane takes him to see Dr. Tofu to get some warm water. Ranma notices that Akane likes him. At school Akane fights off every boy in the school they all want to date her brought on by Tatewaki Kuno Ranma looks on as this goes on. She beats all of them except one, Tatewaki. Ranma butts in and tell him he’s staying with Akane. They fight and he almost gets exposed as a girl as it starts to rain his father comes to the rescue. Tatewaki and Ranma have a feud from now on. Akane and Ranma are late and get sent to the hall. Kuno realizes Ranma is Akanes fiancée and he gets sent to hall. Ranma and Tatewaki fight again and drop into a pool from the 3rd floor.
Manga volume one pages 56-94

Episode 3: ” A Sudden Storm of Love” -They fall into the pool. Kuno grabs girl Ranma on her chest and Ranma throws him out of the water and Ranma runs off. Akane brings hot water to Ranma. Tatewaki gets beat up by the girl Ranma and Tatewaki falls in love with her as well as Akane.
Manga volume 1 95- 116

Episode 4: ” Ranma and… Ranma? If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another”-Ranma is getting weird dreams about Tatewaki it creeps him out. Nabiki takes pictures of Ranma asleep as a girl and sells them to Kuno. Kuno wants to give a doll to the girl Ranma. Nabiki tells Tatewaki to talk to the boy Ranma. He gives the doll to the boy Ranma. Ranma gives it back and walks away and then gets dowsed with water. Tatewaki follows slowly behind. Tatewaki doesn’t get that they are the same person and he believes the girl Ranma is the boy Ranmas play thing. They fight Ranma wins gets back the pictures. Manga volume 117-148

Episode 5: “Love Me to the Bone! The Compound Fracture of Akane’s Heart” – Akane gets mad at Ranma and takes out her frustration on her dad in the Dojo. Kasumi her eldest sister tells her to act more lady like and not hit people out of anger. Akane tries but Ranma pisses her off and she gets him. They go to Dr. Tofu. Dr. Tofu finds out that Ranma is her fiancée and that they hate each other. He also makes Ranma go limp so Akane has to carry him home. At school the boys who chase Akane give up to Ranma -even though in their minds they are not together. The boys at school want to know about A+R relationship how far they went and so on. They all tell him how lucky he is. After school they end up going to Dr. Tofu’s because Genma started working there.
Manga volume 149-179

Ryoga Hibiki

Episode 6: “Akane’s Lost Love… These Things Happen, You Know” -Ranma finds out that Dr. Tofu is in love with Kasumi. When Kasumi comes Dr. Tofu becomes nervous and goofy and messes up Ranmas neck. Akane hides her feelings and leaves -Ranma follows her. Akane is acting weird and starts bugging Ranma. Akane kind of opens up to Ranma about her love for Dr. Tofu. He tells her to stop being so angry because she’s “really cute when she smiles”.
Manga volume 2 1-23

Episode 7: ” Enter Ryoga! The Eternal ‘Lost Boy'” -Ryoga (my fav :)) Shows up. He’s after Ranma because of his poor sense of direction it takes him a while to get to him. He finally does catch up to Ranma at the high school. He’s been following him since Middle school because Ryoga missed their duel due to his bad sense of direction.
Manga volume 2 23-54

Episode 8: “School is a Battlefield! Ranma vs. Ryoga” – Ryoga challenges Ranma to a duel at the school. Nabiki takes bids on whose going to win. The chemistry club wants Ranma to lose and die so that they can have a chance with Akane again they come up with a plan to help Ryoga. Ranma finds out Ryoga is really strong. I wish people fought like that at my high school. lol. Ranma turns into a girl and this confuses Ryoga and they stop fighting. After Ranma explains what happened to himself  Ryoga starts throwing a sharp objects Ranma protects Akane and Akane leaves him to get some water she trips and Ranma saves her. They end up in each others embrace a tad embarrassed. They start to argue and Akane slaps him. Ryoga throws the sharp objects and it cuts off her long hair.
Manga volume 2 55-105

Episode 9: ” True Confessions! A Girl’s Hair is Her Life!” – Everyone is in shock especially Akane, Ryoga and Ranma tell her to hit them to let off some of her anger. She hits them. She walks home by herself in pain from her trip. She grew her hair out on purpose for Dr. Tofu. On the way to Dr. Tofu (to look at her ankle) Ranma goes to apologize. When she gets there she cries in Dr. Tofus arms Ranma sees. On the way home Akane says she’s over Dr. Tofu and Ranma tells her her hair is cute. They argue but she thanks him. Ranma thinks to himself “that she is really cute”. At night Ryoga fights with Ranma Akane knocks him out into the rain and we find out that Ryoga can turn into a pig because of the  same waters in Jusenkyo where he Ranma fell. Ryoga ends up in Akanes room she doesn’t know that he’s the pig and hugs him close to her chest and stuff. Ranma finds out that Ryoga is the pig in the bath.
Manga volume 2 106-155


Episode 10: “P-P-P-Chan! He’s Good For Nothing'” -Ryogas further hatred of Ranma stems from Rygoa following him to Jusenkyo and falling into the pig lake. Ryoga turns back into a pig and runs to Akane. Akane doesn’t know that Ryoga is the pig and takes him to bed Akane kiss the pig Ranma gets mad and runs off. Akane thinks that Ranma may be jealous of the pig. Ranma tries sneaking into her room when they are sleeping to get the pig. They start fighting and Ranma falls on Akane waking her up. Akane slaps him and throws him out. The next morning they all think they did “something”. Akane brings the pig (P-chan)  to school and leaves him in a gym locker. Ranma chases him and tries to pour water on him. Ryoga falls in love with Akane. Ryoga gets abducted by a rich old couple as a pig. Ranma and Akane find him outside the rich house. Ranma fights the servants to keep the pig he wins.
Manga volume 3 21-6

Kodachi Kuno

Episode 11: “Ranma Meets Love Head-On! Enter the Delinquent Juvenile Gymnast!” – I hate this episode. Kodachi threatens Forikun Highs gymnastics team. No one is left to compete but Akane and Ryoga and Ranma try to train her. Kodachi goes to the Tendo house and meets the boy Ranma and falls in love with him uses paralysis powder and tries to kiss him. Akane sees kicks her away gets jealous and really wants to get Kodachi back.
Manga volume 2 175- manga volume 3 20
Episode 12: ” A Woman’s Love is War! The Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge!” -Kodachi gives a surprise attack to Akane the next day. Ranma tells Kodachi that Akane is his fiancée. Who ever wins the tournament gets Ranma. Ranma and Akane find out that Kodachi and Tatewaki are brother and sister. Akane improves but injures herself and Ranma fills in for her. Before the fight Ryoga in pig form gets chained on to Ranma.
Manga volume 3 21-63
Episode 13: ” A Tear in a Girl-Delinquent’s Eye? The End of the Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge!”They fight using all these twisted methods. The last method Kodachi takes out boiling water. Ramna and Ryoga are in a tight spot since Ranma doesn’t want to turn into a boy in a leotard and Ryoga doesn’t want Akane to see he was the pig oh and he’s naked. Kodachi throws the pot on them but just as they are changing Akane throws cold water on them both. Ranma wins.
Manga volume 3 64-106

Episode 14: “Pelvic Fortune-Telling? Ranma is the No. One Bride in Japan”-Dr. Tofu’s mom comes to visit in hopes of finding a bride for him. Nabiki Akane and Ranma try to help him out.


Episode 15: “Enter Shampoo, the Gung-Ho Girl! I Put My Life in Your Hands” – Shampoo comes from China to kill the girl Ranma, because Ranma defeated her in China and gave him the kiss of death. Shampoo makes it to the Dojo and meets the male Ranma he defeats her when Shampoo was picking on Akane. After Shampoo tells him she loves the boy Ranma and kiss’s him. Akane flips out and hits him.
Manga volume 4 87- 125

Episode 16: “Shampoo’s Revenge! The Shiatsu Technique That Steals Heart and Soul”– Shampoo gives Akane the kiss of death. They fight when Ranma gets there he sees Akane laying on the floor and she has forgotten Ranma. Ranma gets frustrated and tries to find out what happened to her. Shampoo used a special attack on Akane and Shampoo is the only one that knows how to reverse the attack. Ranma looks desperately for Shampoo.
Manga volume 4 126 -159

Episode 17: “I Love You, Ranma! Please Don’t Say Goodbye” -Akane has a gut reaction when she sees Ranma and Shampoo together and hits Ranma. Ranmas decides to go to China where antidote is. Before he leaves he tells her “Someday soon you will remember me and I’ll be here waiting”. Shampoo has what he needs and encounters him on the way. She will give it to him if he kills the girl type Ranma,  he suggests just almost kill and Shampoo complies. Genma and Soun (Akanes Dad) beat him. Akane sees and tells them to stop hurting the weak. Ranma is doing it for her and says she’s un-cute Akanes memory triggers. He keeps on insulting her and she finally remembers and slaps him. Shampoo comes and tries to kill her. Ranma stops her tells her not to kill Akane. Ranma now realizes he has to tell his secret to Shampoo so Akane can be saved. Shampoo runs away after she finds out.
Manga volume 4 164-194

Episode 18: “I Am a Man! Ranma’s Going Back to China!?” – Ranma decides to go back to China This is basically a recap episode. The only thing worth in this episode is the last min lol.

Click here for Season 2


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