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Ranma ½ Season 2 “Anything-Goes Martial Arts” (1989-1990)

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Season 2

“Anything-Goes Martial Arts” (1989-1990)

This season wasn’t so bad. Not as great as season 1 but it did have its moments. I especially like episode 39 I gave it two hearts ♥♥. I really dislike Shampoo. In this season you can see Akane starting to feel something for Ranma due to her jealousy and the fact that she tries to help him out. Even Ranma with all these girls after him still discreetly puts Akane above anyone else. Back to episode 39 he admits that if he hated her it wouldn’t be so hard to kiss her. CUTE


Episode 19: “The Abduction of P-Chan” – P-Chan / Ryoga gets taken by Azusa at the ice rink. Akane goes to Ranma for help. Azusa and Mikado challenge Akane and Ranma to martial arts figure skating, the prize P-Chan. Before Mikado leaves he tries to give Akane a kiss. Ranma flicks a piece of food on his face and glares at him. Mikado now has a grudge against the boy Ranma. Ryoga turns into a guy and asks to be Akanes partner instead of Ranma but neither of them can skate. Ranma  turns female to skate so its less embarrassing and Akane tries to help Ranma. Azusa and Mikado come. Mikado saves girl Ranma from falling and for his repayment he steals a kiss from him.  P-chan, Akane and especially Ranma are extremely shocked. Ranma runs off crying and goes into a mans bath. He’s so mad he can’t believe it happened in front of Akane. He changes back to a guy and goes back to the ice rink.
Manga volume 3 109-145


Episode 20: “Close Call! The Dance of Death… On Ice!” -Boy Ranma kicks his ass but take a few blows himself. At home everyone hears about his unwanted kiss and he goes to sulk in the Dojo. Akane comes to aid his wounds and tells him it was his own fault. She would never leave herself open like he did. Ranma does this move when she is off her guard and they are in prime kissing position-CUTE. He realizes what he’s done and backs away. Akane says she wasn’t worried he didn’t have the guts to do it. She dares him and he goes for it. The family interrupts -as they are recording the whole thing.  They both are mortified and stop. On the day of the match Ranma goes to the men’s change room and Mikado tells Ranma he’s going to give Akane a kiss during the fight. The duel starts and Mikado tries to kiss her, she able to get away with Ranmas help. Akane and Ranma are able to get a good shot. Mikado tells Ranma he’s going to regret it. Ranma replies if you ever try and pull that stuff with Akane he’ll put his lady killing butt straight into a coffin. Akane is his Fiancée if Mikado touches her. Ranma will kill him.-CUTE Akane can’t believe he said that in front of everyone and Mikado decides he’s going to break them up.
Manga volume 3 145-192

Episode 21: “P-Chan Explodes! The Icy Fountain of Love!” – Akane wonders if Ranma is being sincere. Azusa and Mikado do the move “couple clever” which makes any couple encounter it break up. Akane is in danger but instead of breaking them up Ranma is able to save Akane. Ranma gets injured badly. He gets up but is in major pain. Akane tells him not to fight. P-chan changes to Ryoga and pours water on Ranma and tries to take him off the ice but accidently pairs up with him instead.  Azusa realizes Ryoga is P-chan. Mikado tries to hit Ryoga but Azusa stops him and Mikado has to leave the ice. Ranma and Ryoga win the ice cracks and cold water is gushing everywhere. Ryoga and Ranma start fighting end up outside near a pool. Akane looks for them, they are on a diving bored she goes up to stop them but falls off into the pool and she can’t swim. Both dive into the pool to save her. Ryoga turns into a pig but still saves Akane. Ranma tells her it wasn’t just P-chan it was Ryoga that saved her as well.
manga volume 3 193- volume 4 86

Episode 22: “Clash of the Delivery Girls! The Martial Arts Takeout Race” -Genma in his 20’s trades in Ranma his infant son to be the heir and fiancée of another dojo but Genma takes him back and runs away. One day years later the same family make it to the Tendo house to claim Ranma. Akane and that guys daughter have a contest whoever wins will get Ranma. Akane gets injured Ranma sees and becomes a girl and helps her. Akane wins and Ranma is saved.

Episode 23: “You Really Do Hate Cats!” – Shampoo sends Ranma a cat from China. The cat oddly hates Akane. When the cat sees Ranma it jumps on him and Ranma flips out. Ranma is scared of cats because of his cat-fu training. Tatewaki finds out Ranmas only weakness and sets a trap full of cats. Ranma gets surrounded by cats and looses it and turns into a cat himself. Ranma believes he’s a cat and runs all over Furinkan high doing cat-fu and acting like a cat. Akane runs after him. Genma comes and tries to calm him it doesn’t work. Ranma sees Akane and he  goes to pounce on her. He ends up in her lap purring like a cat. She tells him to get off but in his cat form he kiss’s her in front of everyone. Akane blushes and throws him off. Ranma returns to normal and doesn’t remember a thing.
Manga volume 5 37- 68

Episode 24: “This Ol’ Gal’s the Leader of the Amazon Tribe!”–  Everyone of Akanes “lovers” are after Ranma because of last episodes kiss.

The Old Ghoul/ Cologne/ Grandma

Ranma and Akane are kind of awkward around each other and Ranma apologizes even though he doesn’t remember. Akane thinks if he feels that way it could of been anyone. He tells her  it wasn’t like that. They argue and she slaps him. Ranma has a bath and Shampoos cat comes in.  Shampoo has gone to Jusenkyo and lands in the cat water when she hits Ranmas bath water she turns into her human form both of them are naked in the Bath <o_O>. Akane walks in and see them. Ranma goes to tell Akane that nothing happened, Akane tells him she doesn’t care and kicks him. Shampoo and her Grandmother (they call her the ghoul) have opened up a Ramen shop and are now living in Japan. MMm ramen. He’s will not marry Shampoo. Shampoo blames Ranma for her misfortune. Ranma chases the old ghoul and they fight. She does this attack on Ranma which makes him feel cold water as hot and Ranma can’t change back into a guy when he’s in girl form. She will give him the cure if he agrees to marry Shampoo.
Manga volume 5 69- 87

Episode 25: “Behold! The ‘Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire’ Technique” -Shampoo only likes the guy Ranma and tells him the cure is a pill and the ghoul has. Ranma fights her and loses. To get closer to the old ghoul he gets a job at the Ramen cafe and tries to get the pill from her. The old ghoul teaches Ranma the “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” technique if he can accomplish this he can get the pill. Ranma is having trouble with it. Akane takes Ranma to the fare to cheer him up. Akane tries to help a little boy catch a fish but she is failing. Ranma comes and helps and gathers all the fish. He realizes that he’s really fast and can finally do the “Chestnuts” technique. He’s able to get the pill but it isn’t the right pill and he remains a girl.

Episode 26: “Enter Mousse! The Fist of the White Swan”– They go to Dr. Tofu who is able to restore Ranma hot water problem temporarily. Ranma returns to a boy and goes to school. After school Mousse Shampoos child hood friend whose in love with her comes to win Shampoo back. For some reason Akane gets involved in the fight and whoever wins the fight gets Akane.??  Akane is ticked off at everyone, she doesn’t belong to anyone. Ranma gets stuck as a girl again and fights Mousse in disguise Ranma uses the Chestnuts technique and wins.

Episode 27: “Cool Running’s! The Race of the Snowmen”-Ranma is still a girl and the family goes skiing. Shampoo and the ghoul are there as well. Ranma tries to get the pill from the ghoul. The ghoul challenges him to a winter ski competition. The winner gets the pill and Shampoo. At one point Ranma is forced to choose between Akane and Shampoo. It looks like he’s going to kiss Akane but goes to beat up Soun. Both girls flip out and send Ranma down the hill. The ghoul and Ranma fight it out and and with Shampoos help when she changes into a cat he can defeat her with his cat-fist/cat-fu . When he needs to turn back  from his cat-fist Akane tells him to come towards her and he jumps on her lap and starts purring. The ghoul is impressed and gives him the pill and Ranma can turn into a boy again.

Episode 28: “Danger at the Tendo Dojo”The Dojo gets a challenge letter who ever looses gets the Dojo, Naturally Akane and Ranma should join forces to defend it but earlier they were quarreling about their unwanted arranged marriage so they are not getting along. Shampoo request that he goes on a date with her if he does she will give him instant Jusenkyo boy water. Only problem its on the exact day the Dojo guy is coming. Akane has to defend the Dojo herself and Ranma goes on the date with Shampoo.  Ranma is worried about Akane so Shampoo and Ranma check up on her before they resume their date. Meanwhile Akane is having trouble.  Akane is nearly defeated when Ranma comes in and saves her. They team up and defeat the guy. Shampoo comes and makes up a story that they kissed. Akane is upset but tells him thanks for the help. He gets the powder but it only last for a little while and is not permanent.

Episode 29: “Ranma Trains on Mt. Terror”-Ryoga challenges Ranma again. Before Ryoga meets up with Ranma he runs into the old Ghoul. She offers to train Ryoga but Ryoga refuses and fights Ranma but Ranma wins. Akane tells Ranma to stop picking on the weak and tells Ryoga to stay out of Ranmas way- Ranma has improved. Ryoga is upset and runs away he doesn’t want Akane to pity him the old ghoul renews her offer. Ranma and Genma go to the mountains so Ranma can train Akane tags along to cook- and we find out she can’t. The Ghoul and Ryoga are also training in the mountains. Akane bumps into Ryoga. Ryoga eats her food and tells her its good but Ranma  disagrees and insults Akane. Akane goes back with Ryoga to his camp ground. The ghoul trains him in a new technique.

Episode 30: “The Breaking Point!? Ryoga’s Great Revenge” Ryoga is learning the ‘Breaking Point” Technique. Genma tries to teach Ranma how to counter attack the breaking point. Ranma gets angry that Akane is with Ryoga. Akane is secretly worried about Ranma. Ryoga is able to master the ‘Breaking Point’ and Ranma the counter attack. Akane is used as bait during the fight whoever wins gets Akane. Ryoga has become extremely strong. Ranma has to use everything he has to beat Ryoga. Ryoga leaves but changes to a pig and Akane has P-Chan when they go home.

Episode 31: “The Abduction of Akane!”– Mousse comes back and steals Akane stuffed animal. They end up going to this Chinese circus and during one of the performances the stuffed animal appears and Akane throws Ranma to the stage to get it. We find out that Mousse gets turned into a duck when splashed with cold water. Mousse has brought water from Jusenkyo which can turn Ranma into a duck instead of a girl. Ranma barley escapes. Mousse sees Akane walking later that day and really abducts her. Ranma finds out and runs to rescue Akane.

Episode 32: “Ranma vs. Mousse! To Lose Is To Win” Ranma tries to save Akane but it seems to late Ranma runs to find her and finds a duck. He blames himself and runs home to quickly change her back. When he uses the hot water Akane doesn’t change back. Mousse finds the real Akane while the Tendo house hold thinks the duck is Akane and that Ranma needs to take responsibility. Ranma agrees and they begin a wedding ceremony. Akane comes back half way through the ceremony. Mousse challenges Ranma to another fight. If Ranma looses Shampoo will date with Mousse. Mousse fought a good fight and faints Shampoo picks him up as a duck and carries him home.

Episode 33 “Enter Happosai, the Lustful Lecher!” -Happosai is Soun and Genmas old Karate Master. He’s come back after years and reeks havoc in their lives. He’s a pervert and is always after Akane and her panties and the girls things at high school. He’s also after Ranmas…. girly bits” He always makes the boy Ranma look like a pervert

Episode 34: “Assault on the Girls’ Locker Room” -Ryoga finds a way to cure his “pig-ness”. Apparently there’s a spring of drown man in Japan. Ranma finds out and they go together. Happosai is reeking havoc in the girls locker room in Furinkan high. The spring is right near the girls locker room. Ranma tries to get in as a girl but that fails and he gets caught as a guy in girls gym clothes. Ryoga changes to a pig to distract the girls Akane see him and hugs him to her chest with her shirt off. P-Chan gets a nose bleed and Ranma comes in and slaps P-Chan and he gets kicked out. Ryoga doesn’t care about being a pig anymore and instead blocks Ranma from getting in. Ranma makes it in as a girl and tricks Ryoga. Akane comes in and exposes him. She gives him all the panties telling him that she’s disappointed in him. He explains that he’s not after the panties but the man spring. Akane almost finds out that Ryoga is P-Chan they find the spring but it doesn’t work. Instead they get an ancient pot.

Episode 35: “Kuno’s House of Gadgets! Guests Check In, But They Don’t Check Out” -They got to the old ghoul and she tells them there are other 2 pots and if they find them they can become normal. Ranma, Shampoo, Mousse and Ryoga go to find the pot. The next pot is in Tatewaki’s house. Akane follows Ranma into the house. They all meet up. Happosai gets it in the end and he stores his stolen women’s panties in it.

Episode 36: “Goodbye Girl-Type”– Ranma tries to get the pot from Happosai: With a few obstacles they get the pot and go find the last one. When you put the pots together it tells you were to find the ‘man’ water. Akane remembers the exact location and takes them. They make it to the top and water bubbles forth from the pots they jump in but it doesn’t work.

Sasuke Sarugakure

Episode 37: “It’s a Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain” -Akane has a cooking class and gives her cookies to Ranma. Kodachi comes and takes Akanes cookies away and replaces it with hers she runs away and Ranma chases her to get back Akanes cookies. Ranma trips and ends up on Kodachi. Sasuke (Tatewakis henchmen) takes a picture of their miss-hap. Ranma doesn’t get to try Akanes cookies so she’s doing it again and doing a bad job she gets cook books. On the way home she sees Ranma and Kodachi talking. Kodachi shows him the picture and Ranma has to eat all her cookies to get it. Kodachi has made copies and threatens Ranma. He goes to her house to put an end to it. Akane sees it gets mad and runs away. Ranma explains it was a misunderstanding and tells her to stop being jealous. She says she isn’t and storms away. Ranma says he’s going to eat the cookies this makes her happy he even compliments her cooking but Ranma gets sick.

Episode 38: “S.O.S.! The Wrath of Happosai” -Hopposai is getting in trouble because of his panty stealing. Ranma gets on Hopposais nerves. Ranma has to leave the house for a few days and Akane brings him some supplies he comes up with a plan with Akane. Nothing really gets resolved

♥♥Episode 39: “Kissing is Such Sweet Sorrow”-Akane accepts the role of Juliet, in previous years Akane  always took the male/strong  lead now she gets to be pretty girl, this means a lot to her .  Tatewaki and Happosai both join the drama club and defeat all the other possible Romeos. Ranma finds out if they win this competition they get to see China.  He decides to join as well. There is a competition to become Romeo. Akane is scared they will ruin it. The drama starts off with a battle between the three Romeos. Ranma makes his way to Akane and he becomes Romeo. Soun and Genma come and ruins the scene and try to force Ranma to kiss Akane. He doesn’t and the other Romeos kick him off. He turns into a girl takes Akane off the stage and starts playing the role of Juliet himself. Akane comes back and fights Tatewaki but Ranma kisses Tatewaki instead. Akane goes storming off Ranma chases her and he turns back into a boy. Sasuke sprays Akane and she faints. Ranma grabs her and takes her back to the stage. Its the kissing scene Akane is asleep on the bed and Ranma has to fess up and do it. His heart is beating and starts blushing he can’t do it. Akane wakes up and asks if he hates her that much. He tells her no if he hated her the kiss would be easy. She tells him to do it and they kiss. Unfortunately Akane put tape on his lips. On the way home Ranmas ticked about the tape. He tells her she’s un-cute..but he’s thinking she’s cute..CUTE… When they get home the seeing China part was actually a person not the place. (Sorry its so long I love this one)

Episode 40: “Bathhouse Battle! We’re in Some Hot Water Now” – Ranma has to bring Happosai to a bath house since the hot water tank is broken. Happosai keeps on trying to get over to the girls side because Akane and the girls are there. Happosai finally gets over but the girls are wearing bathing suites.

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