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Avatar: The last Air Bender Book 3

I couldn’t wait till I was done with the last season review. It seemed to have taken forever to finish it. But now I get to start on the 3rd season. Guys I really really really loving this series. Ok So here’s what I hope and expect of this season. They beat the fire lord lol. Aang and Katara make their feelings known for real this season. Zuko stops being a douchbag. Azula dies. Sokka ends up with Suki. Sokka and Katara get to see their dad. I hope at least for the last battle that the fight scene are epic and again I hope Sokka stays his quirky hilarious self.

Season 3 Book 3 Fire

Episode 1: “The Awakening” -Aang wakes up in a fire nation ship with an injury and bandages all over. He panics and tries to get off the ship when someone sees him. He runs out to the main deck and runs into Momo, Katara, Toph, Bato and Sokka. Katara runs and hugs him this all become a little much for him and Aang passes out. When he wakes up he asks why everyone is dressed like the fire nation and why are they on the ship. Katara tells him to take it easy he’s been out of it for a few weeks. She then adds she likes his hair. Aang is flabbergasted that he has hair. Katara’s dad comes and introduces himself and she acts kind of coldly to him. Aang wonders if she’s mad at him and she says she’s not. Aang starts hurting from his wounds and Katara takes him below to heal him. When he’s getting healed he has a vision of himself getting hurt as the Avatar and Katara hovering over his body. He realizes that he actually died and Katara brought him back. Katara’s not sure what she did Aang replies that she saved him. She tells him to rest. Sokka tells Aang about how he got to the fire-ship. After what happened they needed help and flew to their father’s ship. Their fathers crew captured a fire-ship and since then have made it their disguise. Aang wants to know what the next steps are. With out the earth king they can’t have a huge army. During the solar eclipse they are planning for a small group of friends and allies from across the earth kingdom. The eclipse isn’t only their advantage they have Aang and everyone across the earth thinks he’s dead. Aang doesn’t think its good news that everyone thinks he’s dead. At that moment a real fire-ship comes they discover that their ship is an imposter and a battle starts at sea. Aang really cant stand not being able to help but if he does the fire nation will know he’s alive. All of a sudden a sea serpent goes after the Fire Fleet and they are able to get away. Aang is in his room when the gang invites him out for dinner, but in order to conceal his identity he has to cover up the arrow on his head. Aang doesn’t want to go. Toph and Sokka leave while Katara stays. She knows why being a secret bothers him, he doesn’t want people to think he’s failed again. She guess’s right and tells him that he didn’t fail and the earth kingdom hasn’t fallen for good and they have their invasion plan. Aang gets angry and says he hates the invasion plan doesn’t want her or anyone else risking their lives to fix his mistakes. He asks Katara to leave. Aang needs to redeem himself and get his honor back. Later Katara goes to get him food but he’s gone. Katara runs to her dad in tears. Angry and upset that Aang just took off on a ridiculous notion of saving the world Alone. Her father tells her maybe that’s his way of being brave. She tells him it’s not brave its stupid and selfish and she knows the world needs him but they need him too how could he just leave them behind. The father realizes that she’s also talking about him as well they talk and reconcile. Aang is having trouble escaping with his injuries. When all looks lost Roku tells him that it wasn’t Aang’s fault it was himself and he inherited Roku’s problems and his mistakes at that moment Princess Yue from the moon tells him to not give up. Aang gets courage and makes it to a crescent deserted island in the fire nation. Sokka Toph and Katara find him passed out on the beach Katara runs up and hugs him. and they all have a group hug. Aang has a lot to do and they say they will give him their help. Aang takes his glider and burns he now knows that know one can know he’s alive.

Zuko has made his way on the boat Mai likes Zuko and kisses him. Zuko gets accepted back into the Fire Nation. Azula tells her father that Zuko killed the Avatar but they both know that the Avatar may not be dead. Zuko’s father accepts him back, but when he finds out that the Avatar is not dead Zuko will be shunned again maybe even worse.

Episode 2: “The Headband” -The Gang trades in their regular clothes for Fire nations clothes Katara’s is the prettiest as usual and Aang when Aang sees her he blushes. When Aang picked his clothes he didn’t realize that he was wearing a school uniform and while the others get food he gets taken by the authorities and sent to school. Aang gets picked on at school by one guy but generally is able to makes friends. When he gets back he tells the gang about how he’s attending school. Aang is learning a lot about the nation and persuades the gang to let him continue going to school. Aang finds out that they are a very proud nation and a strict. for one they aren’t allowed to dance and they even go as far as to change history to make their nation seem right. The bully tires to beat up Aang but Aang defeats him he gets in trouble and the principal asks to see his parents after school. Its a bit of a problem since Aang doesn’t have any. So Katara and Sokka dress up as his parents. Lol When they get home Sokka Katara think its not a good idea to go back. But Aang refuses he wants them to have a little fun they are the future of the fire kingdom so he decides to throw them a dance party. They hold it in their cave but no one wants to start dancing so Aang starts showing them all their heritage dances Katara is happy that Aang is having fun for a change. Aang grabs a girl from the crowd and starts dancing with her Sokka tells Katara that they look pretty good together Katara tell shim hmmm if that’s what you like. Everyone starts dancing. Aang asks Katara to dance and everyone watches them. Katara gets a little embarrassed but Aang tells her not to worry about them it’s just her and him right now. After the dancing the head master finds out and tries to shut it down. But all the students help Aang out and they are able to escape. Toph tells Aang he did a good job he say he doesn’t know it was just a dance party Katara leans over a pecks him on the cheek.

Zuko goes to secretly see his uncle. but his uncle wont talk to him. Zuko and Mai start dating and spending time together. Zuko goes and tries to get his uncle to help him with the Avatar but his uncle still wont say anything. Zuko meets some guy with a tattooed eye in the middle of his head in secret he tells him the Avatar is still alive and he wants the guy to kill him

Episode 3: “The Painted Lady” -They go to a fishing village located on a very polluted river, due to a factory dumping its refuse into he river the people are sick and cannot fish or get clean water. They meet and old man who tells them about a spirit whose suppose to look after the village, but she is just a legend now she hasn’t come for a very long time, but night that they arrive she comes. Appa gets sick and it delays their trip. Everyone in the village for the next two days are happy the spirit comes over and over. That night when everyone is sleeping Katara disguises herself as the spirit and brings everyone food. Aang sees her but doesn’t know its Katara and Katara runs away from him he chases her. Aang guesses that its Katara and they go together to take down the factory that’s causing the pollution. The guards come after the city and with the help of Aang and the gang she uses their powers to defeat the soldiers. They find out she’s a water bender but they actually don’t mind and they help the villagers clean the river.

Episode 4: “Sokka’s Master” -Sokka starts feeling kind of useless with all these water benders earth benders and Avatars to do the job. He feels like just the regular guy while the rest are so awesome none of them feel that way though. To cheer him up they go shopping..lol. Weapons shopping. He finally sees a sword he really likes and when he finds out who made it and goes to him to get him to teach him. Sokka wins his favor and he trains with him he progresses fast and gets to make his own sword. The other three are bored with out him Katara tries to make jokes like him and Aang guesses it doesn’t run in the family When Sokka comes back to get their help getting a certain type of metal for his sword. They use a meteorite to get the metal for his sword. Sokka tells him he’s from he water tribe and they have a duel. Sokka is mart and uses his surroundings even then he still looses but the man does not kill him sword play doesn’t belong to one nation the art belongs to all. Before he leaves the guy gives him a lotus tile.

Iroh in prison works out with out the guards noticing.

Episode 5: “The Beach” -Zuko’s Azula Mai and Ty Lee go on a mini vacation to ember island- where the island it reveals the true you. They get invited to a party hosted by a fire nation teen and they kind of act like normal Fire Bending teenagers (who are intent on killing the Avatar ya its weird). Zuko and Mai break up Zuko walks out of the party and has flash backs of his past on Ember Island. He goes back to his old house and sees photos and stuff from when he was a kid stuff. He finds out that he’s angry with himself even after his father and accepted him back home. While swimming Aang gets noticed as the Avatar and the guy that Zuko hires comes after Aang in the night. They get away but this guy can blow stuff up with his mind through the tattooed eye on the top of his forehead.

Episode 6: “The Avatar and the Fire lord” -Aang gets a vision ok Ruko telling him to meet him at his home on the Island Aang needs to know how the war began before he can end it. When they get to the island there is nothing there everything is covered in Ash. Aang performs Satori and meets Roku. Fire lord Zozan was Zuko’s great-grandfather. Ruko and Zozan were friends. They have the same birthday and held a huge party during the party the fire sages come and tell Roku he is the next Avatar. Zozan and Roku are very good friends. Ruko goes on his quest to master all the elements and meets Aang’s old guardian. He next goes to the water tribe and masters water bending. Last was the earth kingdom. It was 12 years before Zazan has seen Roku again and they remained friends. Ruko gets married to the girl he likes. Zozan has his own weird feelings about the future and expanding his nation the Avatar dislikes the ideas. Many years later Zozan and Roku meet again and fight it out Roku gives him a warning if he does anything out of line he will kill him. He only saves his life because of their past friendship. Many more years past and the island Roku was living on the volcano blew up Ruko tries to protect the island with his avatar powers Zozan comes to help the island but he breathes in some of the toxic gas and Zozan leaves him there to die.

Episode 7: “The Runaway” The tiff between Katara and Toph hasn’t really subsided. Toph starts scamming all the scammers in the fire villages. Katara thinks they should stop before someone suspects something is up. Sokka goes to buy a messenger hawk into he village and Toph has a wanted poster Toph hides it so Katara wont find out that she wasn’t but Katara finds it straightening up Toph’s stuff and acts like mother towards her. Toph tells her to stop acting like a mother she is not her mother and she can’t tell them what to do. Sokka tries to talk to Toph and explain why Katara is the way she is. Toph goes to apologize but they come up with the idea to get the reward money for giving in Toph in the end it was a trap and they trap Katara and Toph Aang and Sokka go looking for them. The guy that blows things up goes after them. Katara uses her sweat to break through the wood. Katara runs to Aang just before he gets hit they run away and leave.

Episode 8: “The Puppet master” -Around the fire one night Katara tells a scary story and everyone gets freaked out. Toph says she feels people moving and screaming in the mountains next to her. Sokka and Aang cling to Katara especially Aang. When an old lady comes out of no where and offers them to stay with her in her inn. When they get to the inn the old women tells then that staying in the woods could be dangerous when the full moon comes out people in the woods disappears. They also find out that the old woman is actually from the south water tribe the same tribe as Sokka and Katara. She tells them how she was stolen from her tribe when the fire nation came and destroyed all the water benders in the south pole. The old woman wants to teach Katara the old ways of southern water bending tradition. While the others try to figure out what’s going on with the disappearing people. On the full moon when their powers are strongest the old woman wants to teach Katara a special move. Aang and the others find out that its the old woman whose taking the villagers and they run to help Katara. She has made up her own technique called blood bending where she can control them. She starts using blood bending on Katara she’s crazy. But Katara is powerful and is able to fight back. When Aang and Sokka come the old woman uses blood bending against each other Sokka has is sword and is about to stab Aang with it but Katara blood bends the old woman the authorities get the old woman and Katara is upset she never wanted that power to begin with.

Zuko gets a anonymous note telling him how he has to find out about his great grandfathers demise. He finds a hidden message within the note and has to go to the Fire Temple where the Fire sages are. Zuko reads the same thing that Roku is telling Aang. except Zozan knew that the next avatar would be an air bender so he wiped out the air benders but thanks to Aang disappearing he has spent the rest of his life searching the Avatar. Zuko goes to Iroh to figure out what all this means. The reason Zuko is having trouble figuring out where he really belongs is because. His fathers great-grandfather was Zozan but his mothers great-grandfather was Avatar Roku. So that’s why he’s so messed up. Iroh tells him that it’s up to him to cleans the sins of the family and the fire nation he can help restore balance to the world. His story has a good influence on Aang and he understands about how there’s good and evil in everyone even the fire nation and their friendships Toph asks do you think friend ships can last in more than one life time. They all think its possible.

Episode 9: “Nightmares and Daydreams” -The gang meet up at the rendezvous spot to meet Katara and Sokka’s dad. they are 4 days early and Katara tells him to get plenty of

rest. When he sleeps he has weird dreams of fighting the fire lord and him being pant-less. He wakes up and starts practicing. Katara and the gang tell him he should take it easier. Aang tells them that his form is bad he’s sloppy and he doesn’t know any fire bending. The assure him its ok the eclipse will block fire bending out. He says he’s going to practice the rest of the day. He does it till night falls and when he goes to bed has another strange dream this time about him and the king and a math test. Katara sees him and makes him go to bed. He does and has another very strange dream. Aang is starting to slowly loose it. He’s so stressed about facing the Fire Lord. Katara takes him to be distressed by doing yoga. But he still freaks out. So he goes to Sokka and Sokka does a therapy session with him. But it doesn’t work. Toph tries to help him but that doesn’t work. That night he has a last dream where he sees Toph’s eyes are taken Sokka gets engulfed by rock and Katara gets surrounded by fire and he gets engulfed in Ice. Aang sees Zuko and Momo and everything get destroyed. He wakes up and decides to stay awake until the invasion. The next day Katara talks to him and tells him to have a nap. But Aang tells her he wont and staying up has given him time to think. He realized some big things what really matters him saving the world he’s doing it for the people he loves. She asks what is he saying he’s telling her he loves her. He kisses her and Katara asks what are they doing. He replies what are hearts have been telling us for a long long time. And dips her. lol. Then we realize it was all a day-dream. Katara asks what he was dreaming about and he says living under the sea. lol Aang is so tired he starts hearing Momo talk. He also hallucinates a fight between Momo and Appa lol. Katara Sokka and Toph make a bed for him the night before the fight and give him some much-needed encouragement. Katara tells him he smart brave and strong enough he falls asleep and has a good dream the fire lord having no pants on. Zuko feels like he doesn’t fit in with his father or his will.

Episode 10: “The Day of Black Sun Part 1: The Invasion” -The next day we find out that Aang’s 7th Chakra has been cut off when Azula hit him with lightening he can not get into the Avatar state. Katara and Sokka’s fathers ship comes with old friends Haru comes and his father, and even Toph’s old pro wrestling buddies. Even the air people who destroyed the temple comes. They made a new glider for Aang. Even Jets freedom guys come. (I’m pretty sure jet is dead). They go over the plans to invade the Fire nation and they start to ascend to gates. They use subs to get past the gates when they resurface Sokka Toph and Katara have to say good-bye to Aang. They all give him a hug and go back into the subs. Katara stays she tells him that hey have been through so many things together and she’s seen him grow up so much he’s not that goofy kid who they found in the ice burg anymore she’s really proud of him. He blushes and asks if everything will be different after today Katara tells him yes. He asks what if he doesn’t come back? She says don’t say that and Aang kiss’s her for real this time…dawwww… and flies away. They make it to the shores and a battle ensues.

Zuko decided to leave his family and Mai he doesn’t feel right and he’s going to make it right.

Aang makes it to the palace but no one is around. The fire lord is not there.

Episode 11: “The Day of Black Sun Part 2: The Eclipse” -Aang returns to the gang to tell them that he can’t find the fire lord. They feel that maybe he’s in a bunker they have 10 mins until the eclipse occurs so they go looking for him. They find a bunker in the middle of a volcano. On finding Azula she taunts them and wastes all their time. Sokka and Katara’s father urges them to leave with all the youngins and come back to rescue and fight when they are ready .They older will give themselves up as prisoners. They head to the western Air temple

Prince Zuko goes to face his father and we actually meet Zuko’s father. Zuko’s stands up to his father and tells his father what he really thinks. He wants to replace the fire nations war with peace and kindness. He’s going to join the Avatar his father taunts him with finding out what happened to his mother. His father tries to kill him but he reflects his electric shock. Zuko goes to get his uncle but his uncle already busted himself out. Zuko follows them Aang and the gang.

Episode 12: “The Western Air Temple” – Aang starts acting really strange in regards to planning for the next attack. Now the Solar eclipse has ended and he has no hope of ever defeating the Fire Lord. Zuko tries to find ways to tell the gang about how he wants to help but when he actually does none of them believe him except Toph. Toph goes to see him in the night but gets burnt when she startles Zuko and he attacked. The next day the guy that can blow up things with his mind has tracked Aang down and Toph can’t feel him because of her burnt feet. Just before the blow up guy is about to make his move Zuko saves the gang. Zuko gets pushed out-of-the-way and Sokka uses his boomerang to hit his head right on the tattooed eye and the man spontaneously combusts and goes down. Aang and the others have another talking to Zuko. Aang feels that Zuko is the man that’s suppose to train him. The last time Aang tried to learn fire bending he hurt Katara, but Aang feels Zuko realizes how powerful fire can be and use it responsibly. He believes its his destiny to help the Avatar. The only thing is Aang wants everyone approval before hand. Toph agrees, Sokka agrees but Katara tells Aang if its his choice she will go along with it. That night when Zuko stays Katara meets him in his chamber she tells him that he may have everyone else convinced of his transformation but they both know that he hasn’t done the right thing in the past. If he makes one step backwards one slip up, one reason she may think he might hurt Aang he wont have to worry about his destiny anymore.

Episode 13: “The Fire bending Masters” -While training Aang Zuko realizes when he is good he can’t use his bending powers. They figure out if they take him to the source of where they get their power the original benders he can get his power back. They go to this special temple where they hope they can trigger Zuko’s Fire Bending. When they get there they meet the ancient tribe and they have to bring a flame up to a top of a mountain where they meet the fire masters. If the masters don’t kill them they will learn the proper way to Fire Bend. Zuko is able to concur his fire bending and Aang is not scared about fire bending anymore. Ever since her hurt Katara He’s been scared to do it.

Episode 14: “The Boiling Rock, Part 1” Sokka asks Zuko where they keep prisoners in the fire nation. Zuko tells him and that night Sokka tries to leave but Zuko spots him. They go together to rescue Sokka and Katara’s father. On the way their they bond talking about past girls friends and such. Mai was Zuko’s and he didn’t want to drag her into his treachery. Sokka’s was Princess Yue and she turned into the moon. lol When he gets there they notice that his father isn’t there, but Suki is there. Zuko gets caught. With the help of a local prisoner they find away to escape but they wait it out they hear that some war prisoners are coming it may be Sokka’s father. it is Sokka’s father.

Episode 15: “The Boiling Rock, Part 2” Sokka is able to find his father and Zuko gets meet Mai . They get all the prisoners out and they start a riot. They get on the gondola but Azula tries to knock it down. and foil their escape plan. They try to cut the line but Mai saves them. Azula tries to get her but Ty Lee gets Azula and the both of them get captured. Sokka Zuko Suki, and their father go back to Aang and the other. with a form prison mate.

Episode 16: “The Southern Raiders” They wake up the next day to the fire nations fleets firing on them Aang closes the gates but the temples are old and rocks fall Zuko saves Katara from the falling rocks. They all escape but Zuko stands his ground he knows its Azula. Zuko falls and The gang save him. Later they camp and they all cheer for Zuko their hero except Katara. Katara leaves and Zuko follows her and asks what her problem is. She tells him that in Ba Sing Se he betrayed her. He betrayed all of them. He wants to make it up to her but can’t. Later walking to Sokka’s tent Zuko runs into Suki she says she wasn’t going anywhere but when Zuko makes it to Sokka’s tent He’s laying down seductively with a rose in his mouth. LOL. Anyways Zuko asks Sokka why his sister hates him he wants to know what she thinks of him. He wants to know what happened to her mother. Sokka tells him there was a raid and they lost their mother. It was the southern raiders Zuko finds out. He stays up all night and tells Katara that he knows who killed her mother the next morning. The next day her and him go on a quest to kill that man. Aang tries to dissuade her he doesn’t think its right. But Katara and Zuko go anyways. Katara and Zuko infiltrate the ship. She uses her blood bending on him but it’s not the right guy. The man gives him the name of the guy whose actually did it they go to get him. We find out that her mother saves Katara to protect her he was supposed to kill the last water bender. She’s in stance to kill him but doesn’t. Later Aang tells Katara He’s proud of her. She forgives Zuko and hugs him.

Episode 17: “The Ember Island Players” While Aang and Zuko are practicing Suki and Sokka go into a fire bending village where they see poster of a play about them. They go in disguise when they sit down Aang wants to sit next to Katara but Zuko beats him to it and Aang tries to explain but gives up he doesn’t want everyone to know He’s in love with Katara. The play begins and they really start to hate it. they butcher everything. Aang is played by a girl and it’s just really bad. For Zuko they even have is scar on the wrong side. Ok it just gets worse and worse. Toph is played by a guy a really big huge guy. There is this one part where Katara starts hitting on Zuko in the play. They kind of back away from each other the real ones. And and looks a little aloof. Then the play Zuko says I thought you were the avatars girl and the play Katara tells him that she’s thinks He’s just a friend like a brother. It gets kind of awkward and the real Aang leaves. After the play Katara goes to look for Aang since he hadn’t come back. She asks if He’s alright He’s not he hated the play and he feels bad for getting the chakra blocked he’d be in the Avatar state right now. Aang asks if what the play Katara said is what she really feels. She tells him that that was the actor that said that and it wasn’t her. He says you do feel like that though they kissed right before the invasion and he thought that they would be together but it isn’t like that they aren’t together. She doesn’t know. he wants to know. she feels they are in a war and other things to worry about it’s not the right time. He wants to know when the right time will be. she tells him she’s a little confused. he then kisses her again, and she kind of yells at him saying that she was confused and walks away. sad. When they get back the play only emphases the fact that Katara likes him as only a brother. The play goes on to their future and the finally battle where Zuko dies fighting Azula. and Aang dies as well by the hands of the fire lord. When they leave they all agree that it was a pretty bad play.

Episode 18: “Sozin’s Comet Part 1″ The Phoenix King” Aang and Zuko are practicing fighting but Aang isn’t exactly picking it up as quickly as Zuko would like. Aang wants a break so every goes to the beach. While Sokka makes a sand castle of Suki and Aang is looking at it Zuko ferociously attacks him with bombarding fire bolts. Katara and the others chase after them. After many many attacks Aang has enough and blasts Zuko. Aang wonders what He’s doing, Zuko says he doesn’t understand why he isn’t fighting before the commit. They all say because Aang is not ready. But Zuko knows that on the day of the commit all hell will break loose. Lord Ozai on the day of the commit will destroy all the earth Kingdom and take over the world. Aang is not prepared it’s really bad. but with all the benders they have they decided to do it together Air Wind Fire Water. Zuko teaches Aang how to redirect electricity. Zuko tells him he has to take the fire lords life before he takes Aang’s. They do a training camp involving a melon as the fire lord and Toph as the his henchmen. Everything goes smoothly until Aang goes for the blow but can’t kill the melon. He doesn’t want to kill he thinks there’s another way. IT goes against everything He’s learned with the monks. Sokka makes a joke about the universe and Aang looses he tells them they have no idea what kind of position he is in. Katara protests she does and they are just trying to help. when she can figure out how to beat the fire lord without taking his life she can let him know. Aang tries meditating but doesn’t see to be getting anywhere. Aang sleep walks / swims himself to an island that night. The next morning no one can find him they split up and look for him but to no avail. They get Zuko to find someone to track him. Meaning Ozai appoints his daughter the new Fire Lord. He brings Zuko to June the woman who tracked down Katara’s necklace. She’s the only person in the world that can track Aang. When Aang wakes up He’s on and Island in the middle of the ocean no where near the house he can’t see anything for miles and miles.

Episode 19: “Sozin’s Comet Part 2: The Old Masters” They use June to try to track him but Nylaa her tracking animal can’t smell him out. June tells them that if Nyla can’t smell him he doesn’t exsist.They wonder if he is dead but Nyla would be able to find him if he were dead. Zuko gets the idea to find his uncle and June tracks him to the earth kingdom in Ba Sin Se. Outside the city they meet Bumi the fire teacher and Pakku of the fire tribe, Chung Cho and Pie and dou. Zuko meets his uncle again and they have a touching reunion

Aang wanders the jungle He’s not in the spirit world. He decides to enter satori and communicate with Roku. Aang tells him that he doesn’t want to kill the fire lord even though everyone wants him too. Roku tells him he gave the last fire lord a chance and it backed fired. Aang will have to be decisive. He than asks Avatar Kyoshi and she tells him that she would destroy him. Aang asks the last water bender but he was a lazy one until he lost the woman he loved. Even the last air bender avatar tells Aang that selfless duty tells him to sacrifice his own spiritual needs and protect the world Aang recognizes that he has to kill the fire lord. Aang falls asleep on the little island the next day he wakes up and he sees land he realizes the whole island is moving. he dives into the water and sees huge hands flippers claw things gliding through the water. He goes to its face. The Lion turtle lifts him up and Aang asks him what he should do about the fire lord and killing him. The lion turtle gives him some words and gives him a power of some sort.

Fire lord Ozai starts when the commit comes into view. and Aang is waiting for him.

Episode 20: “Sozin’s Comet Part 3: Into the Inferno” Zuko is scared that Aang will not win against OZai. Azula is slowly going nuts as the day progresses towards her coronation and dismisses all her protectors the dieliee Azula goes as crazy as to cut her hair herself and sees her mother and breaks down. Suki Sokka and Toph make their way to the airship fleet with Ozai in the frontal air ship to take them out they make it on to one of them. They get one of the ships and get ready to take out the ships next to them. The lotus group regains the earth kingdom. Ozai starts using a fire blasts and Aang see and prepares for battle he attacks him with his earth bending first Aang tells him they don’t have to fight he has the power to end it hear and not fight. but Ozai tells him he has all the power in the world and throws his first hit. They start fighting. Toph Suki and Sokka see Aang has started the battle with Ozai their next objective is to take out the other airships They ram the ships into the other ships they jump out onto the top where Suki and Sokka and Toph get separated. Before Azula gets crowed Zuko shows up. They decide to have a battle to see who will become the next king. Aang is having a bit of trouble defeating the fire lord without killing him. Azula is having trouble defeating Zuko so she tries to hit Katara with lightening even though it’s a fight between the two of them. Zuko runs and takes the shot for Katara. Aang is getting hammered and he covers himself in rock while Ozai starts blasting him

Episode 21: “Sozin’s Comet Part 4: Avatar Aang” Sokka and Toph change a rudder but as they do that they fall and land on a small piece of metal before they plummet to their death. Suki comes and rescues’. Aang’s earth ball disintegrates he falls back and hits his back which causes his Chakra to open he turns into the Avatar state and starts kicking Ozais ass. The lotus flower group takes back Ba Sing Se. Katara tries running to Zuko but Azula starts attacking Katara. Katara comes up with a plan and traps Azula. She runs to Zuko and heals his wound. Azula starts going nut crying and spitting out electricity. Ozai tries fleeing from Aang but when Aang is in his Avatar state He’s just to good. Aang gets him and traps him but as he goes for the kill blow Aang takes over his body again and tells him he isn’t going to tend it like this Aang traps him again and grabs his head there is flashback to the lion turtle who gave him a power….he uses that power on ozai blue light starts coming out of Aang and red light starts coming-out of Ozai when it ends Aang tells him that he took away Ozais fire bending. The commit passes and Sokka Toph SUki and Aang all meet up and they realizes that he hasn’t killed the Fire Lord. Zuko is reunited with Mai. Sokka and Katara meet up with their father. Aang and Zuko are now friends and they go out to address all the nations. They tell them the war is finally over and they will begin the new era with love and peace. Zuko goes to see his father and asks where his mother is. At Irohs new tea house everyone is having a good time. Aang leaves to go outside, Katara follows him they look at each other Katara blushes and gives him a hug. Katara kisses Aang, now that all their hard ships are over her heart is telling her to be with Aang. The End

Wow I feel real sorry for Aang in this one. He’s just a little 12-year-old monk boy and that doesn’t want to eat meat and…..hes gotta save the whole fricken world. I really like how the series coincides to the beginning. This that are mentioned in season 1 are mentioned in season 2 and 3 and most things all have a purpose. So those silly little filler episodes you thought had nothing to do with the story (even though this series was very smooth sailing for the most part) are later very or semi important events. This season has out done it for me. I don’t know if it’s because I feel bonded to the characters now or that the story telling was just that good, but this season has definitely had an impact on what I think of the show. It’s really up their in my top 10 favorite Animes. Yes I am calling it an Anime just because it doesn’t come from Japan doesn’t mean that it’s not an Anime. It had every component to an Anime fighting love asian stuff lol. I personally think the animation improved in this season but I’m going to have to re watch the series again to see if I am mistaken. When I re watch the series I’ll write everyone’s proper names down too and maybe add some more pictures since the last few I put up had no slogans on them. Anyways watch it buy it love it. Thats all I am going to say its worth every penny and then some. Next review Video games and book of Avatar and the new Movie The last Aire Bender. Sayonara

By the way I am a total Kataang FAN! :)


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