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Summer Wars

So I had and extremely long night of Anime tonight (which was actually 3 days ago) first we watched Trigun-to be honest watched the first 11 episodes and I kind of hated it. Do you think its worth it to watch it till the end? Anyways my friend finally wanted to change shows which I thanked her kindly as the boys wanted to watch Trigun till the end -I was seriously going to crack if I had to watch another Trigun episode. We watched a movie, an Anime movie called Summer Wars. Its about a boy named Kenji Koiso who gets hired to be Natsuki Shinohara (a girl he’s crushing on) boyfriend for 4 days while visiting family for her 90 old grandma birthday party. Yes, I know your thinking not another love story, but this is where it gets interesting Kenji is a math genius and one night he gets an anonymous text with a bunch of numbers in it. He figures out the code and pattern and the next day in the news theirs a picture of him and warrant out for his arrest. He’s been wrongfully accused as a hacker to a mainstream virtual reality real life simulator as contradictory as it sounds lol. The A.I. Hacking program starts controlling things like traffic lights and gps. They find out what and who the hacker actually is. Himself and Natsuki’s family go on a virtual reality hunt for the Avatar hacker so they can save their real world when they find out the Avatar can intercept missiles and satellites.

I liked it, not my favorite but I liked it. It has its romance which as you probably know is my undoing lol. The animation was really well done loved the animation. Story line was entertaining and it had a little bit of everything for everyone, Sadness, love, family, saving the world, uniting people, death, humor, and high tech computer stuff. Maybe they should of focused on one or two main themes but they were trying to make this movie appeal to everyone and for the most part it was done well and mostly made sense to the story line. Worth a watch, watch it. Even though it wasn’t my favorite I’m giving it a 5/5 because it deserves it.


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