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Ranma ½ Season 5 “Martial Mayhem” (1991)

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Season 5

This season wasn’t bad they had a few cute episodes. A lot of filler episodes which I hate but what can you do. Ryoga my fav is hardly in any of them. But I suppose un announced Akane and Ranma are officially dating so thats kinda good I guess. Anyway its a good season not great just feels like a continuation of the last season nothing really new happens.

Episode 89: “Gimme That Pigtail” -Four men are on the search for the dragons whisker and apparently Ranma has it. Ranma is able to fight them off but he starts acting weird after he hears that they want the Dragons whisker and Akane notices. The four men try numerous schemes to get Ranma. Ranma explains to the family that the Dragon Whisker is in his hair and if it were to come off of him something messy would happen. At school Akane wonders why Ranma wont explain further about what will happen -she wants to help him. Ranma gets caught by the four men with paralysis powder and Akane sees him, she runs to help him, but its to late they have the Dragon Whisker. Akane manages to get the whisker back but when she returns it to Ranma he screams….”DON’T LOOK AT ME” and runs away. Akane runs after Ranma into the PE storage shed and thinks she sees Ranma sitting behind a piece of equipment. Then Akane notices something moving on the floor.

Episode 90: “When a Guy’s Pride and Joy is Gone” -Ranma begs Akane not to look and to go away. Ranma tells her the story when he was in China he ate a secret hair growth formula and now his hair wont stop growing unless he ties it with the Dragon whisker. Akane is able to stop his hair growing it by quickly braiding it a re-tying it with the dragons whisker. Hopposai and Genma hear about Ranma’s balding cure and on the way home Hopposai comes after Ranma, Ranma pushes Akane out-of-the-way from the Hopposai fire burst. Genma comes and saves Ranma from Happosai’s anger, but really Genma wants the dragon whisker for himself he gets it and Ranma’s hair starts growing again. When Ranma in girl form his hair stops growing. The Ghoul comes and tells Ranma if he doesn’t get it back in a week he’s going to run out of hair and be permanently bald. Genma can’t figure out how to make the whisker work so Hopposai steals it from Genma but he can’t figure it out how to use it either. Ranma goes after Hopposai using his long locks to defeat him but after a while Ranma’s hair stops growing he thinks he’s used all his hair up in battle but it’s just the effect of the formula has now worn off.

Episode 91: “Ryoga’s Proposal” -Ryoga helps the ghost cat and the ghost cat wants to repay him so he enters Ryoga’s body and returns to town. On entering town he sees Akane and Ranma, right away Ranma feels there’s something off with the way Ryoga is acting but Akane doesn’t believe him. They invite Ryoga to the house when he gets their Ryoga can’t help but play with Genma’s tail when he’s a Panda, at dinner he eats a lot of mashed up fish, after dinner he curls up in a cat-like ball and has a nap. Later when the family is watching TV Ryoga comes up behind Akane and asks her to marry him. The next morning Ryoga asks Akane if he can stay awhile. When Akane and Ranma are running to school she tells Ranma that Ryoga was acting really weird that morning. Rama replies in a jealous sarcastic tone. “I thought girls like being proposed too?” Akane is serious and she asks if he’s worried. Ranma replies “What? That you’ll pick him over me?” No she’s just worried about Ryoga. Ranma’s being a jerk and satirically asks if she didn’t like his proposal. Akane gets frustrated and hits him. The Ghost cat has a dream of him and Akane walking down the aisle. He wakes up thinking that once Ryoga gets Akane he will stay in Ryoga’s body. He falls back to sleep. There is another dream of Ryoga walking down the aisle with Akane and a disheveled Ranma in the back ground Ranma’s yelling “Akane!” Ryoga tells him that he can come visit anytime he wants at the Tendo Dojo as they leave Ranma’s yelling “Akane…please don’t leave me.” Ranma wakes up and says what an awful dream. Akane is on the roof top thinking about Ryoga, Ranma comes and asks if she’s thinking about Ryoga, he asks what is she going to do. Akane’s doesn’t know. Ranma says what ever she decides it has nothing to do with him but “if you could though, I ask, that you…..” and he doesn’t finish. Akane’s friends interrupt. When Akane gets home Ryoga jumps on her and asks her to be his bride she screams Ranma hears and runs towards the scream. He sees Ryoga on top of Akane. Ryoga goes to lunge at Ranma but Ranma hits him. Ranma realizes something is wrong Ryoga should have been able to take that punch that’s when the Ghost leaves his body. When Ryoga comes to the family starts naming all the things he did like eating cat food, running around on all fours and curling into a ball to sleep, using sand instead of a toilet and trying to kiss Akane and propose. lol. Ryoga feels faint he says when he proposes he’ll do it himself and gets rid of the cat.

Episode 92: “Genma Takes a Walk” -Genma and Soun get into a little bit of a tiff Genma leaves and drags Ranma with him. Genma doesn’t feed Ranma and at school Ranma’s stomach is growling crazy. Akane brings him some lunch. That night Akane is awake in her room and she hears noise outside her window someone jumps in she goes to hit him and its Ranma. He has something to tell her. He tells her to come closer and they accidently touch and both blush-CUTE. They conspire to get their fathers together when Ranma gets up he starts feeling faint and falls and accidently grabs her boob LOL. She kicks him out of the window haha. The next day Kodachi takes Ranma and his father to her house. Tatewaki tells Akane and Soun and stays with them. That night Ranma comes to Akane’s room again and whisper the place where their fathers should meet. They meet and start arguing. Than Ranma and Akane start arguing then Tatewaki comes out that only adds fuel to the fire. lol They both get a challenge letter and meet up after a little bit of a fighting they make up.

Episode 93: “The Gentle Art of Martial Tea Ceremony” -Girl Ranma gets taken by this tea ceremony martial artist guy to be his bride. Akane sees and follow him. He needs Ranma to be his bride but when he sees that Ranma is actually a guy he goes for Akane. He asks Akane to defeat his grandmother so he can marry who he wants, but Akane is horrible and Martial Arts tea ceremony. Ranma takes over and Contaro trains him the next day the fight commences. After the fight Contaro gives Ranma some paralysis powder. He decides he’s going to marry Akane but Akane wont go with him and Contaro is able to marry who he wants. I think it was kind of unclear.

Episode 94: “And the Challenger is… A Girl?!” -A good old days martial artist little girl comes and challenges Akane. Akane looses. The family all wants Ranma to avenge Akane and take back the Dojo. Akane wants to win it without any ones help. Ryoga sees what happens and on the way to avenge Akane he meets Ranma they find the good old days martial artists group. Ranma asks about a rematch with Akane. Akane finds a way to defeat them and she wins it all by herself again.

Episode 95: “Hot Springs Battle Royale!” -Akane wins a trip to a hot spring resort. At the resort they are holding a contest, whoever wins gets to choose a hot spring of their choice anywhere in the world. Akane attempts to tell Ranma, if he wins he use the prize to go to Jusenkyo, but before she is able to explain that part to him, their parents butt in thinking that Akane was asking him to the hot spring for a romantic get away and not the obstacle course, after Ranma hears that he doesn’t even listen to the rest of what Akane had to say and he point-blank refuses. Akane later decides she’s going to give it to Ranma so he can go by himself but right before she tells him Shampoo comes in with her ticket she explains the plan to him and he accepts. Mousse comes to look for Shampoo but runs into Akane they decide to go together. Ryoga gets a ticket as well and as practices what he’s going to say to Akane he accidently says it in front of Ukyo and Ukyo accepts. At the race Ranma sees Akane with Mousse and he’s a little taken aback by it. Then everyone sees Ukyo and Ryoga. It’s a three-legged race and Mousse + Akane and Ranma + Shampoo are already in the lead. Ukyo + Ryoga are lost lol. Ranma and Mousse start fighting on the rapids Shampoo asks if Ranma is jealous and he says a tom boy wouldn’t make him jealous. Akane gets mad and hits him. Ryoga and Ukyo catch up. Ukyo starts fighting Shampoo and Ryoga starts fighting Mousse. Ranma takes Akane and they partner up themselves. He tells her that they make a good team and if he picked her they would have won by now. He asks for forgiveness and then he adds “Ranma, forget the cute type you need the brute strength of an Akane” This ticks her off and she goes off by herself, even though that wasn’t what he meant. Ranma hears Akane scream ahead and sees that she is getting sucked in by a sand trap. Ranma comes to help her but she doesn’t want it. Ranma tells her she’s making a big deal about nothing and he wants her…(help) She interrupts him, she tells him that it’s not her that he wants its her brute strength. They both get trapped by the sand and Akane realizes he’s not winning because of her she picks him up and throws him out. Ranma realizes what a jerk he’s been  and that she’s been trying to explain what the prize was the whole entire time. He goes back he over hears Akane talking to her self she just wanted Ranma to win he trip. He tells her if its true why is she trying so hard to make him angry. He apologizes and then Mousse and passes them. Akane saves Ranma instead this time and they decide to team up to beat him. Akane and Ranma surpass them but Ryoga and Ukyo out of no where pop out and win just before Ranma and Akane make it to the finish line. In the end Ryoga gets lost and never makes it to Jusenkyu.

Episode 96: “Me is Kuno’s Daddy, Me is” -We find out that the principal is Kuno’s daddy.

Episode 97: “The Matriarch Takes a Stand” -Centaro from the martial arts tea comes to Akane for help, his grandmother takes a stand, and for some reason its bad. Akane decides to help him and Ranma comes to tag along. Centaro finds out that the old women of the clan asked him to bring a girl so they can use her as a human sacrifice. When Centoro hears this he tells the older woman who Ranma is the girl to be sacrificed and not Akane -so that Akane will be safe. Ranma gets drugged and split up from Akane. Akane gets drugged as well and when she wakes up she tries to figure out where Ranma is. Centaro is still after Akane she hits him and she goes off by herself to find Ranma. Centaro constantly tries to stop her but in the end she finds Ranma he was just helping Centaros grandmother.

Episode 98: “A Leotard is a Girl’s Burden” -At the house Ranma is asking Akane for some help with his home work. She turns around to tell him no but trips instead. Ranma catches her and she blushes. Kodachi bursts out of the water and explains that she needs help from Ranma and Akane. Some boys are trying to take over the gymnastics martial arts at her school. Akane’s school gets targeted as well so they decided to help. Ranma will do it in his girl form. When they go to fight Kodachi takes Ranma in boy form saying that the Ranma in girl form will help out Akane but we all know that if you take the boy Ranma you’ve taken the girl one too.

Episode 99: “The Mixed-Bath Horror!” -The family including Ryoga go to a run down hot spring. There’s some strange things happening there. Ranma senses something in the water first and the next day Akane encounters something strange again. Ranma and Ryoga go to investigate and when Akane goes to help them they are nowhere to be seen. Akane gets abducted by the young master of hot spring Ranma and Ryoga have to save Akane.

Episode 100: “The Frogman’s Curse!” -Akane has a weird dream about Ranma disappearing. The next day Genma Shampoo and Ryoga all get abducted. They find out that they were taken by the frog hermit. That night the Frog hermit goes after Ranma and Akane and wants to change them into frogs. Ranma has a dream about Akane leaving him because he turned into a frog. Akane come running in while he’s having a bath and asks him why he was crying. He doesn’t think its very funny. Mousse comes in and Ranma puts him into the water to turn him into a man they argue and stand up but …and der ya Akane sees it all. Anyways they crouch down again and Mousse tells them he knows where the others are. They go and Ranma gets caught he’s about to get splashed with the Jusenkyo frog water but Akane throws herself in front of the water and gets splashed, she doesn’t turn in to a frog. The frog hermit was lying about the water he had.

Episode 101: “Revenge! Raging Okonomiyaki…!” -Ukyo starts loosing business to the crape king. She goes into training to make the best okonomyaki ever. She gets the golden okonomyaki thing from an Oknomyaki Monk and Ranma and Akane take over her shop to bring in revenue for her. Her training has paid off and she is able to beat the Crape King.

The girls at school oogaling over Ranma

♥♥Episode 102: “Ranma the Lady-Killer” -Ukyo and Shampoo are still after Ranma. Shampoo uses a cat to get a date with Ranma when Ukyo sees she grabs the cat and uses it too. The cat jumps in the air and scratches Ranma in the face at home Akane fix’s Ranma and tell him that he’s pathetic letting people fight over him. She puts a band-aid on his nose and all of a sudden he starts telling her that she’s really nice and cute. Akane doesn’t know what to think when they are interrupted by their fathers. They both escape and Ranma wonders what he was doing, was he serious, he meant to be serious. When he hears Kasumi calling him he runs grabs her hand he wonders what’s going on. Everyone starts thinking he’s a player. He sees three girls walking and starts talking with them. Akane is happy about what happened between her and Ranma. Shampoo and Ukyo see Ranma flirting with the 3 girls, he takes Shampoo out on a date and Ukyo tries to break them apart. He then goes out with Ukyo. Akane hears about his playboy-ness and goes to check it out he even starts hitting on Nabiki. Akane slaps him and goes home, Ranma gets left in the Dojo to be punished. Hopposai goes to check up on him and sees that there is a bandage on his nose it has some mystical power that makes Ranma fall in love with any girl he sees. Ukyo and Shampoo find out and run to get marriage licenses’. Akane goes to him in the Dojo and asks him if he’s in love with someone else. He’s about to tell her that he thinks she’s cute but Shampoo comes back and takes Ranma. Ukyo and Akane follow them to a construction building. Ukyo and Shampoo try to get him to sign their marriage licenses when Akane wants them to think about how Ranma feels. Shampoo and Ukyo fight and accidently hit Akane off the building Ranma runs and jumps off and gets in front of Akane their fall is broken by some construction wood and they land mostly safely on the ground except Ranma seems a little hurt. Akane is huddled over his body and starts crying, he asks if she’s ok and tells her that she’s cute when she cries. He then says it must be because of the bandage his heart is beating like crazy. Shampoo and Ukyo point out that the band-aid fell off minutes ago they get up from on top of one another and sit acting shy and blushing. On the way home the whole family is waiting for them ready to pounce on Ranma and Akane and they get grounded.

Episo9de 103: “Shogi Showdown” -Battle shogi starts going down when Genma starts cheating and a man wants to beat Genma using martial arts Shogi. The family teams up and they have a Shogi fight but when his wife comes back he gives up and goes home.

Episode 104: “Sasuke’s ‘Mission: Improbable'” -Sasuke almost gets kicked out of the Kuno house the only way he can come back to the house is to get girl Ranma to go on a date with Tatewaki, with Hopposai help he’s able to get them together and Tatewaki is happy and he gets to stay.

Episode 105: “Bonjour, Furinkan!” -It’s an eating martial arts battle. Soun promised his daughters as fiancée’s back in the day for food. Not knowing that he would have three girls Monsieur Picolet has come to claim his three brides Kasumi, Nabiki and Akane were Souns. Ranma decides he will become Picolet bride but if he beats him they contract is off between the Tendo girls (including Ranma) and Picolet. He must live in the mansion and of Martial arts battle training Akane gets a job at the mansion to help our Ranma. She also discovers the Parlay Foie Gras if he can master that he will be able to win.

Episode 106: “Dinner at Ringside!” -Ranma practices the Parlay Foie Gras if he can’t beat Picolet he will have to marry him. He wins and they are all able to leave.

Episode 107: “Swimming with Psychos” -Akane learns to swim from the principal but his teaching methods are ridiculous. There is a cute part were Akane is about to give up but Ranma wont let her. Anyways she kind of gets how to swim in the end by use of blow up water toys.

Episode 108: “Ryoga, Run Into the Sunset” -Ryoga is back and on one of his adventures he ends up on a farm and helps them out with some local cowboy motor bike gang members picking on the farm family members. The girl thinks that Ryoga’s name is Joe. Joe is the rumored man who saves people in the town. The girl Anna falls in love with him. Ryoga at first wants to leave but then he decides to help out for a while on the farm. The gang kidnaps Anna and Ryoga has to save her Ryoga leaves her heart-broken by telling her that he’s in love with Akane lol I love Ryoga the romantic tortured soul.

Episode 109: “Into the Darkness” -While waiting for Kasumi’s soup to be ready for lunch Happosai falls asleep-dreaming about girls and panties. Ranma sees Hoposai asleep and soon he falls asleep as well -he dreams about kicking Haposais butt. Akane sees them and falls asleep as well -Akane has a dream about Ranma loving her food and saying how great she is when goes to make him more food Ranma and Akane get stuck in Happosai’s dream with girls and panties and Ranma gets permanently changed into a girl. They try to run away from his dream and run into Nabikis dream -she fell asleep as well. Nabiki dream is in cahoots with Happosai’s dream and her dream just leads them back to his. Nabiki tells them the only way to get out of the dream is to make Happosai faint in the dream. Genma and Soun eventually fall asleep as well and get caught in the dream. They get into a big fight and thank goodness for Kasumi she wakes them up to have lunch.

Episode 110: “Nabiki, Ranma’s New Fiancée!” -Nabiki has taken most of Akane’s clothes and Ranma used her favorite towel to clean the dojo. Akane gets mad at them both and she goes to work out to let go of her frustration. The family makes Ranma apologize to Akane but when he does she wont listen, Nabiki comes and makes the situation worse. Akane gets mad and destroys the balcony they are on she is able to land but remembers that Nabiki can’t, fortunately Ranma was able to grab her. Akane is upset for some reason and slaps Ranma and tells him to be Nabikis fiancée. Nabiki agrees and Akane tells her it’s all good. Later that night Akane goes to Nabikis room to apologizes and hears Ranma and Nabiki talking. She first over hears Nabiki telling Ranma that he’s still in love with Akane and he should apologize, but when he denies it Nabiki starts telling him that she’s been in love with him for a long time. Akane hears and believes her. The next day Nabiki starts acting all lovey dovey towards Ranma. At school Ranma tries to tell her that he doesn’t love her back but when he does she starts selling all his pictures including his girl form pictures. Akane is upset a little bit and Nabiki finds her on the way home upset. Nabiki explains that she was joking about the whole thing. But at home they are still putting on the whole marriage act thing. The next day she goes as far as to ask Ranma for a kiss. Akane finally realizes that she is toying with Ranma after all. Ranma figures it out too and he asks Nabiki out on a date, but Nabiki decides to let Akane go instead without telling Ranma that Akane is showing up. Ranma is ready for Nabiki ready to kill her he tells himself that he’s going to thank her for ruining the rest of his life. Nabikiki finds out about Ranma’s plan and tires to help out Akane. before Nabiki can help Akane Ranma spots her and chases her  to this maze and Akane follows them Ranma accidently grabs Akane and before he realizes its her he tells her he loves her x3 and that they will be together for ever. When he realizes its Akane he turns beat red and blows a head gasket. He tries to explain to Akane that he bought roses to get back and Nabiki. Akane tells him that she’s tired of everything, they should just get engaged again. and he gives her a bouquet for flowers.

Episode 111: “Case of the Missing Takoyaki!” someone’s eaten all the Takoyaki and there is a big family mystery case as to who ate them all. Totally understandable because Tokoyaki is amazing. Sasuke was watching in on them the whole time and it seems everyone had a Takoyaki ball.

Episode 112: “Ranma Versus Shadow Ranma!” -Ranma gets incense that helps him train against himself. The only problem is that the Shadow Ranma keeps looking in on Akane in the bath, eating all the food and destroying Happosai’s collection. Ranma is getting blamed for it all but he figures out that it must be the shadow that night he stays awake waiting for it. The Shadow goes to Akane’s room and peeks on her while she’s sleeping. Ranma starts fighting the Shadow Ranma and his having trouble so Akane tries but the Shadow Ranma only holds Akane and does not fight her. Nabiki figures out that the Shadow Ranma is the real Ranma’s actual true desires -something that he wanted to do but would never. Nabiki tells the shadow that if he doesn’t let Akane go she wont like him anymore. The shadow stops and Nabiki tells Akane to tell off the shadow she tells the Shadow that he gives her the creeps and she will never be with him, and he’s ugly…he’s off his guard and this is where Ranma comes and kicks him back to being his own shadow.  She shadow was in love with Akane. The shadow showed what Ranma’s real desires were. Aww ( I used the Japanese sub version for this because ibetter than the English. The English didn’t make clear that they were his desires they said it was his alter ego which I don’t know why they didn’t have it the original way) like it . The shadow Ranma was way to honest and pure with himself and that’s why he was off his guard, he was afraid to be hated by Akane.

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