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Anime Evolution 2010 Vancouver

So third years a charm right? Vancouver’s annual Anime Evolution is just around the corner. I must attend this year. All previous years either personal issues popped up or financial issues. Maybe I should explain what exactly Anime Evolution is.

What is it? Anime Evolution is like any other convention that involves geeks, cosplay and Anime. lol. But if you want the actual on site Definition “It is a three-day cultural event celebrating Asian culture, with an emphasis on Japanese animation and gaming.” This year it is being held at UBC (University of British Columbia) and is run by a volunteer staff who are unpaid in Vancouver B.C. Canada.

The Convention started in 1998 as 1 day Japanese animation public viewing by SFU (Simon Fraser University) Altered Reality Club (ARC). Slowly over the years they expanded into a 3 day convention. In 2003 the local campus event went to a fully public convention and joined forces with other local anime clubs: “the Vancouver Japanese Animation Society (VJAS), the Vancouver Sleep is for Wimps Anime Team (VSWAT), and the UBC Anime Club.” The attendance grew from 300 to 1,200+ with last years attendance over 5,000.

“We are proud to be supported by the efforts of local fan organizations in the Vancouver area, as well as industry and other groups in North America and Japan. We are also committed to giving back to the community and our charity of choice has been the SFU Food bank since 1999 along with the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation since 2005.”

As I work with children on a daily biases in line with BC Children’s Hospital and is a pervious BCCH patient myself, I love the fact that something as amazing and fun as the Anime Evolution will give back some of its profits to our local community.

Now that you know all about this exciting annual event in B.C. I hope all of you Vancouverites with your Canadian flags and rain boots, dressed in your best Sailor Moon/ Ranma/ Nurto cosplay will be willing and ready to meet, expand, and most importantly have fun with other Anime/Manga gaming fans.

Something’s to look forward to during the 3 day convention from Friday, August 13 to Sunday, August 15:

  1. Guest appearances, of course you can’t have an Anime convention with out artists, voice actors and creators. Some of my favorites are going to be their including Johnny Yong Bosch; Black Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, major voice acting role was Vash the Stampede in Trigun and a voice actor for many video games, Chloe Chan; a local Vancouverite and graduate from the design program at Capilano University, best known for her work on the shounen-ai webcomic Honeydew Syndrome, her Alias is Nuu online; Richard Ian Cox; another Vancouverite, he’s been a voice actor for Inuyasha and Ranma ½, Mega Man, Gundum Seed, Gundam 00, Care Bears…and so much more including T.V. Series such as “Breaker High”, as well as guest starring roles on “Stargate: SG1″, “Stargate: Atlantis”. He’s got to be one of my favs! Camilla d’Errico She’s a Vancouverite as well and I also believe she’s Italian (whoot whoot) visual artist influenced by manga. Did an issue graphic novel for Avril Lavigne. Nina Matsumoto; alias of “space coyote” A local and a word press blogger. Occasionally she pencils for Bongo Comics (Simpson Comics, Bart Simpson Comics). And has just finished the new prequel of The Last Air bender, an upcoming film by M. Night Shyamalan Adam Sheehan;, representing FUNimation as Marketing Mange. I’m not going to lie there’s a lot more guests but these are the main ones I would love to meet half of them live in the city as well.
  2. Come for the music. Canadians in the last few years seem to be exploding onto the mainstream music industry with our alternative, folk, rock, indie music-ish style. Some bands are local and will be playing during the Anime Convention; The Beautiful Losers, Locus, Eyeshine, EVE, The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets.
  3. Some events to try out. The Gauntlet– a gaming event. Anime Jeopardy– test your knowledge for fun and prizes. Discussions-4chan Panel, Anime Debate, How to Survive an Anime, Pokémon Theories: Comas, Rivals and the Apocalypse, Robot Unicorn Attack: The Panel, Shopping in Tokyo: A Guide for Otaku, So You Wanna Be a Hero, Kid?, Studio Ghibli Panel, The Lolita Survival Guide, Touhou Project. Games– Restricted Rock Paper Scissors, Who’s Line is it Anime? Workshops-Vocaloid 101. Other-Analyzing cosplay, Cosplay café, Lolita Fashion Show, Authentic Tea Ceremony. Field events (Field events are available, weather permitting.)-Assassin and Target Game, Hetalia Olympics.
  4. Contests: AE 2011 Mascot Contest-design our mascot for 2011! AMV Contest-make an Anime Music Video? Anime Idol-Sing and perform! Cosplay Contest-Costume and acting skills. Fan-fiction contest-self explanatory fan-fiction contest. Fanwork Olympics-new contest for both writers and artists.
    YouTube Commercial Contest Make a commercial to help promote Anime Evolution.

I tired to give you just the basic outline of what you will find at this convention. I don’t know about you but I’m really excited. Anime Evolution, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom festival, and Summer night Market are three of my Asian inspired favorite things to do during the spring/ summer months.

You may be wondering well this is all great and dandy but I don’t live in Vancouver, I can’t go. It’s not that much money if your close to the border, come on up to Canada for a weekend. You can find cheap hotels or rent a place. I’ve got hotels in Vancouver for a weekend before less than 200 for 3 days and they were pretty nice. Also there are many simple healthy and not so healthy places to eat in Vancouver which are not overly priced. The website provides hotel information and flight information. Click here for website.

I hope this year I will be able to attend and nothing gets in the way. :)



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