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Ranma ½ : Big Trouble in Nekonron China

This Movies Air Date in Japan was in between Episode 118 ” Ryoga Inherits the Soatome School?” and Episode 119 “Tendo Family Goes to the Amusement Park!” Ranma’s voice goes back to little childish Ranma which is kind of confusing but lol its ok. This was pretty good I liked it. Same as usual though Akane gets kidnaped and Ranma and his friends and family go to save her nothing out of the ordinary here.

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It’s just a typical day at the Tendo house hold Ranma trying to keep Happosai from taking Akane’s panties. Akane thinking Ranma is a pervert. Ranma chases Happosai Akane chases Ranma, they run into Ryoga and he gets splashed and turned into a P-Chan he starts chasing them. Ranma runs into shampoo, she starts chasing Ranma. Ranma gets turned into a girl Tatewaki sees her and starts chasing them as well. Mousse sees Shampoo running after Ranma and joins in. The boy in the mail box whose in love with Ukyo takes her store sign and follows the procession of people following Ranma their fore Ukyo follows the boy in the mail box. Azula and her partner join in as well as Kodachi and her father. Just about everyone you can think of including a big baby, the 4 bald guys, a the big ghost cat, and the Gambling king. Yup just the usual.

A huge burst of black smoke and red lightning comes up from behind them and sends everyone (the main characters Ranma, Akane, Shampoo, Mousse, Ryoga, Happosai) flying into the Tendo house. The black smoke and lightning is actually a girl and her elephant from China. Her name is Lychee and she throws a scroll at Happosai which Akane picks up. All of a sudden a boat from the sky comes and when the master of the ship sees Akane with the scroll he grabs her. His name is Kirin from the impeccable school of the 7 lucky gods martial arts. Lychee has been waiting for him to come and claim her but since he saw Akane with the scroll he has taken her instead. Ranma goes after Akane but gets defeated by Kirin and they leave.

Happosai tells them a story of how he was involved with the scroll and how Lychee got involved. Ranma, Ryoga, Mouse, Shampoo, Genma, Happosai, and Soun decided to go to save Akane at main land China using Tatewaki’s boat but it’s really to small and they flip they see Lychee’s boat in the middle of the ocean and swim to it. Lychee reluctantly lets them get on the boat.

Meanwhile Akane finds out that the person who posses the scroll is meant to marry Kirin. She punches him and gets sent to a prison cell. All they giver her to eat is rice and pickles. She hopes Ranma is coming for her. The next day he has Akane for breakfast and all she’s eaten so far is pickled items. Kirin tells her that if she is going to marry him she has to conform to their eating habits Akane wont eat it and she’s super hungry. That night Akane has a plan. she makes some food and sets trap with all the pickled goods on ship on a trap door. She sets the alarm off and Kirin and his posse go to check it out. She wants him to try eating other things she made a whole bunch of items. Kirin actually does try some since he’s Akane’s Fiancée now. He absolutely loves it, but he starts feeling weak his metabolism can only digest pickles and rice. The switch is accidently pushed and Akane falls with the pickles out of the bottom of ship. Kirin goes to save her. She lands near Lychee’s boat. Ranma and Lychee jump in to save them, and Kirin boats gather them up with a huge net. The others use Happosai and rope to get on to the outside of the ship.

When Kirin wakes up he tells Ranma that Akane is his bride. Ranma gets defensive and tells Kirin that there’s no way he’s going to let Akane become his bride. Kirin wants to know why he needs his permission. He tells Kirin that Akane is his Fiancée. He thinks he’s lying because Ranma is in his woman’s form. He tells them that it doesn’t matter he will not let him take her if he does they will all die from Akane’s cooking. Akane gets angry and smashes Ranma. Kirin is still feeling sick from eating Akane’s food and Akane helps him. The others get caught and Kirin’s crew dumps Ranma, Lychee, and the others into the sea. Only Happosai holds on with the rope and Ranma Lychee and the elephant hide out under the boat holding on to the rope.

Akane looks after Kirin and apologizes for making him sick. He tells her it’s all right she did that all for him. No one has cared for him so much before and he asks her to come to him willingly. She tells him that she can’t, he can’t believe that the guy he bested is the one she loves. She goes to slap him but he stops it and tells she tells him that Ranma will be back and coming settle the score. He tells her he’ll be back for Kirin but not for Akane. She was born to be with Kirin and he will make certain that it remains that way. He tries to kiss her but she wont. He tells her that once Ranma is beaten he wants her to come to him on her own free will. She agrees and he tells her to prepare herself for the ceremony.

The boat makes its way to Kirin’s homestead. Ranma and Lychee fall off just short of his house. Ranma finds Kirin and Akane’s wedding invite which will be happening at sundown if Ranma doesn’t show up. He gets mad and makes his way up the mountain he has to beat the 7 gods before he reaches the top he has trouble and even starts to drip some blood. His family and friends catch up to Ranma and Lychee and help him defeat the 7 gods. He’s finally makes it to the top where the wedding is slowly proceeding. They are about to join the two scrolls (which means they are bound wedded to each other). When Ryoga and her family and friends burst in, but no Ranma. Kirin knocks them all out, and Akane fears that Ranma may not be coming, when she hears Ranma’s voice tears come to her eyes. Kirin and Ranma have a battle. Ranma is having trouble beating him, and he realizes that Kirin is using his chopsticks to win. Akane pleads with Kirin to stop. Ranma tells her not to butt in on a guys fight. She tells him that she’s worried about him. He tells her that she’s an Idiot, if he quits now how will he get her back. Ranma is able to use a special technique using water but there’s a big water gush and everyone gets swept up in it. Ranma is trying to find Akane but Kirin gets to her first in the water. Lychee goes for the scroll. When Kirin realizes the scroll is missing he goes after it to and let’s go of Akane. Ranma gets a hold of Akane and Lychee and Kirin meet each other near the abandoned scroll. Akane is passed out, when she wakes up she tells Ranma thank you. Kirin and Lychee join the two pieces of the scroll together. HE gives up on Akane and tells Ranma that he was the one that saved her in the water and that he’s the one worthy of her heart.

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