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Ranma ½ Season 6 “Random Rhapsody” (1991-1992)

Season 6

Well I think Season 6 is my favorite. It probably wont be everyones favorite I just like it cause there are so many cute episodes. The only thing I have to complain about is ….not enough Ryoga episodes.

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Click here for Ranma ½ : Big Trouble in Nekonron China

Episode 113: “Dear Daddy… Love, Kodachi!” – Kodachi finally meets her father: Tatewaki who can’t stand his father hats that he’s taken over all his roles as head of the house hold. Tatewaki gets really angry when he realizes his father has taken over Kodachi parent teacher interview- something that he’s done up until now. They have a fight and all of the sudden the principal decides to go back to island and Tatewaki gets to take his sister to the parent teacher conference.

Episode 114: “Enter Gosunkugi, The New Rival!?” -Akane has prepared lunch for the whole family and Ranma wont take the lunch to school. There’s a new creepy guy at the school named Gosunkugi. While chasing Ranma on the way to school, Akane runs into him and they become friends. He tries to offer her a voodoo doll but she doesn’t accept it. Gosunkugi ends up in Ranma and Akane class and at lunch when Akane tries to give Ranma the lunch she made, he wont accept it so she gives it to Gosunkugi, but Ranma wont let him have it either-cute. Akane and Ranma argue over the food and it spills all over Gosunkugi. Akane gets upset and runs out. Gosunkugi is mad at Ranma and realizes that Akane is betrothed to Ranma he plans on saving her from him. Gosunkugi believes he has powers and he tries to use them to break them apart. On the way home Ranma tries to apologize to Akane but she wont listen. He grabs her and she wonders what’s going on he then points out a huge hole the Gosunkugi has dug. At home they order take out and Akane realizes that no one wants to eat her cooking and she stops making lunches for everyone. On the way to school Ranma notices that Akane was looking at cooking books. Gosunkugi is still trying to get Ranma but is failing. Ranma decides he’s going to tell the truth about Akane’s cooking to Gosunkugi, but Akane over hears. She hits him and tells him that she knows her food is bad that’s why she’s practicing. On the way home he buys the book that Akane was looking at for cooking. Gosunkugi invites Ranma and Tatewaki to the roof and he himself dresses up as Akane. He was trying to make them fight but it back fired and Gosunkugi gets hurt. In the nurses room Akane gives Gosunkugi the lunch she made for Ranma and Ranma gives him some antacid pills.

Episode 115: “Ranma’s Calligraphy Challenge” -Ranma is teasing Akane and as he climbs a tree he finds a letter. The letter is addressed to Akane and it involves a passionate love letter no one can read it but Sotatsu a wander man who knows Martial arts Calligraphy. The letter was written by Tatewaki and he wants to train him. Ranma wants to challenge Sotatsu but he wont fight Ranma until he is able to write kanji better. Ranma practices over and over again to write proper Kanji but he still fails. Even Ryoga get beat by the kanji guy. Ranma tries again and finally gets accepted. They fight even though his hand writing still sucks.

Episode 116: “The Secret Don of Furinkan High” -Ranma finds an abandon secondary school store. Where an old man named Toromasa works the principal has tried to shut down the shop by not bringing it business ( I thought the principal was going back to Hawaii?) Ranma, Akane and Tatewaki help him from an angry mob at the school. The principal and Toromasa have a show down, Toromasa wins because he has the principals old report card. So he gets to stay.

Episode 117: “Back to the Way We Were… Please!” -Ranma Ryoga and Mousse get instant man powder from Jusenkyo but there’s only one bag that has the man power. All three boys get different types of bags not knowing which one is which. Shampoo gets all the bags for Ranma by tricking the other boys and goes to tell Ranma. Meanwhile Ranma’s not sure if he wants to use the bag. Akane tells him to give it a try it doesn’t matter what he turns into he will always be Ranma inside…and he’ll always be (Akane’s Fiancée) but Shampoo comes in and tells Ranma that she has all three packets before she can say it. The boys go into the mountain and are able to bond but the next day due to lurking suspicions they spill all of the man water from fighting.

Episode 118: “Ryoga Inherits the Saotome School?” -Genma gets mad at Ranma. He runs into Ryoga and decides to let Ryoga to take over the Saotome school. Ryoga at first doesn’t want to but later finds himself at the Tendo house. Genma assumes he wants the job so that night while eating dinner Genma announces he’s the new heir to the Anything Goes School. Nabiki makes the point of Akane’s engagement Akane gets ticked but it doesn’t seem to phase Ranma. They all think that Ryoga will now marry Akane. Akane gets up and leaves angry. Later Ranma acts indifferent about the whole situation. Akane can’t sleep that night and is looking for milk in the fridge. Ranma comes down and startles her they talk for a brief second and when he realizes Akane has no milk he goes to get her some at the corner store. On the way back he over hears Genma and Ryoga talking about the school and taking over and such. At school Akane and Ranma see Ryoga practicing all day with Genma. Ranma and Akane go to Ukyo for Oknomyaki even Ukyo has found out about Ryoga taking over. She suggests the Ranma stay with her for a while and Ranma agrees this makes Akane angry, but really he’s staying there to gain his strength to fight Ryoga or something. They actually have a battle and Ryoga is keeping his own throughout the fight. We actually find out this all went down because Genma was mad when Ranma ate his sweets. In the end Ranma gets his title back.

Episode 119: “Tendo Family Goes to the Amusement Park!” -Dr. Tofu invites Kasumi to the amusement park but Kasumi invites the whole family except Happosai. Shampoo is working there. Happosai has stowed away in the lunch bag and ate all the lunch. They have no money because they used it up on the games so they decided to go into a go kart race where they can win a free a dinner. Dr. Tofu doesn’t join but tries to help Kasumi. Ryoga is here to help Akane, and Akane wants to win to give it to Dr. Tofu and Kasumi. Ranma wants to win it for himself, but there a girl named Rinko who wins every go kart race. Mousse is in it to get Ranma. Ryoga gets lost Soun and Genma suck. Ranma and Rinko are tied in first. Akane is all over the place. Shampoo tries to get Akane. Everyone crashes except Nabiki and Kasumi. Kasumi wins and invites everyone for dinner.

Episode 120: “The Case of the Furinkan Stalker!” -There seems to be a stalker on the or near Furinkan school grounds they all think that its Ranma, someone is posing as him. On the way home Akane gets attacked by the stalker but she stands her ground he runs away and disappears. We actually see that its Gosunkugi. Ranma finds out about what happened and wants to figure out who it is. Ranma catches Gosunkugi in the act.

Episode 121: “The Date-Monster of Watermelon Island” -The gang go on a trip and see Kuno he’s passed out and when he wakes up he has amnesia. He keeps hitting on Akane and when Ranma tries to save her he uses his new kendo skills to defeat him. They bring him to a water melon island and they are able to regain his memory there.

Episode 122: “The Demon from Jusenkyo – Part 1” -There’s a new bad guy whose after Akane. Ranma tries to fight him off but he takes Akane away. Ranma must trade Happosai for Akane. Pantyhose taro is after Happosai because Happosai named him Pantyhose taro as a baby- and Chinese law says only the person whose named the baby can legally change the name. Ryoga, Shampoo and Mousse all help Ranma get Akane back. Shampoo plans on getting rid of Akane and Mousse plans on killing Ranma. Ryoga and Ranma are the only true hearted men actually fighting to save Akane and that’s why they are my fav. :P Ranma is worried about Akane he tries and fights hard to get her back. Akane tries to befriend Pantyhose taro…

Episode 123: “The Demon from Jusenkyo – Part 2” -Akane is trapped in a cave and Shampoo comes to kill her but she hits a trap on water and turns into cat. Mousse Ryoga get turned into their counter parts as well. Ranma is the only one left who hasn’t changed yet. Ranma fights him but looses. Ranma and Ryoga find a hot spring and change back. They bring some hot water. Akane sees Ryoga and Ryoga passes her the water to give to Ranma. Pantyhose Taro throws the pot over a cliff before Akane can give the pot to Ranma. Akane runs for it she falls of the cliff as well. Ranma grabs her they fall together on the way down he changes back into a guy and they land safely. They change shampoo back in human form, they all want a piece of Pantyhose Taro. Happosai comes out of no where and protects Akane. Pantyhose wants Hopposai to change his name, he takes Happosai and they go off into the sunset where he can get Happosai to change his name.

Episode 124: “The Missing Matriarch of Martial Arts Tea!” -Sentaro is back he needs some help his grandmother has been captured so he asks Akane and Ranma- naturally. In actuality the grandmother is just trying to arrange his marriage with their rival martial arts tea ceremony clan.

♥♥♥ Episode 125: “A Xmas Without Ranma” -One of my absolute favorites. Akane and Ranma are out Christmas shopping for the family. Ranma asks her what she wants for Christmas and she replies with a list of items. He tells her would be broke if he bought all the things she wanted. Ranma runs over Mousse’s present for Shampoo and they fight Akane doesn’t want to wait around all day for it to finish so she goes home with out him. She waits for a long time and he’s not home so she goes out to look for him. She meets all these people who have run into him. Shampoo, Ukyo and Kadachi are looking for him as well end up fighting over who is going to spend Christmas with him and Akane tells them that Ranma is going to be spending Christmas with her. On the way home Ranma is waiting for Akane and he’s bought everything that she wants. He remembered everything that she told him. When they get back there’s a lovely Christmas feast with everyone Kodachi, Tatewaki, Ryoga/P-Chan, Shampoo, Mousse, Ukyo, the two families, Ranma and Akane…its so cute i love it

Episode 126: “A Cold Day in Furinkan” -Ranma puts his cold hands on Akane’s cheeks and its freezing. Ryoga gets attacked by from a monster thing and they find him outside the house. When Akane and Ranma go to investigate it they find a huge foot print and a little girl. They bring the girl home and when she gets inside the whole house turns really cold. Water can’t heat up and there no heat at all. When the little girl comes too she tells Akane and Ranma about Nu the snow monster. Ranma goes to find it and he does. Akane runs back to tell the others that Ranma needs help. Ryoga is awake and helps Ranma. When Genma and Soun go to leave Kasumi interrupts them the girl has disappeared. Ryoga meets up with Ranma and they go to destroy the monster together they defeat him but the girl uses a flute to re awaken him but he’s actually good and he’s not evil. She turns into a beautiful woman and disappears.

♥♥♥ Episode 127: “Akane Goes to Hospital!” -Gosunkugi is taking pictures of Akane during gymnastics class. All the boys want a picture and when Ranma sees them and finds out what Gosunkugi is doing he tries to make him stop he gets them to stop but Akane misses her jump from the commotion and gets admitted to Dr. Tofu’s clinic with a fractured leg and has to stay at the clinic for a few days. Soun, Nabiki, Kasumi, and Genma come to see her right away. Akane is expecting Ranma to come but he doesn’t. He’s actually outside the window looking in, he tells himself he will come back later when they are gone. Akane is upset. Ranma knows she’s going to be mad so he goes to see her. He tells her that he’s sorry for what happened. She says it’s ok and asks what happened. He tells her about Gosunkugi. She says nothing. He then adds that he’s not jealous or anything he just…she looks at him and asks sweetly…”you just”. He’s set back a bit, his heart starts beating fast and….bam he wakes up from his day dream thinking he can’t go in like that. He then thinks about going in all casual. He happily and carelessly goes in and tells her sorry. She then proceeds  to do all the talking and says when he didn’t let someone else take the pictures of her it was like him telling her that he loves her and it was worth breaking her leg for it. He gets overwhelmed with emotion and reaches in for a kiss. CUTE. He wakes up from his dream and anyway he tries to go in it’s going to look like he’s in love with her. As soon as he makes that realization  Dr. Tofu hears something outside but Ranma disappears before he is seen. The next day Tatewaki, Sasuke, Nabiki, Ukyo, Shampoo, Gosunkugi and some Classmates come bearing gifts Kodachi even brought her a gift brought by Tatewaki, Kasumi comes and invites everyone to their house for dinner and when they are all out of the room Ranma hiding outside the room with flowers now tries to enter, but chickens out and leaves the flowers outside her door. At the house everyone is having a good time. Kasumi asks Ranma to bring spare clothes to Akane. Akane is pretty mad at Ranma for not coming so she has written things on her cast like “Stupid Ranma” He comes in through the window they have a brief civilized almost sweet conversation until he tries to get closer to her. She tells him not to come closer (due to her cast). Ranma gets mad and tells her that the next time some guy tries to take pervy pictures of her he’s just going to let him this gets her angry and she tells him to leave. Ryoga even makes it to see Akane but he arrives as P-chan. Dr. Tofu shows her pictures of some old pictures Akane when she was young and she discovers Kasumi’s pictures. He treasures the pictures of the one he loves. The next day everyone gets invited to the Tendo’s house again for dinner and fun. Ranma gets the phone and its Akane she tells him that she’s getting out a day early, and not to inconvenience the family. Ranma doesn’t tell anyone and the next day he meets her outside the clinic to take her home with a huge I messed up apology banner for Akane. He also gives her the pictures he’s been saving of Akane just a few moments before she fractured her foot. She realizes that he’s held on to the picture the whole time (remember Dr. Tofu and the Kasumi thing). Everyone from the party sees them having their moment. When Ranma sees everyone he grabs Akane puts her on his back and starts running away he isn’t going to stay for that. Ranma notices her foot with stupid Ranma on it and Akane covers his eyes and he trips while he’s running…its so CUTE>

Episode 128: “Curse of the Scribbled Panda” -The family goes to a festival were Ranma and Genma disrupt cursed scrolls. The scrolls bring out 2 scary Chinese monsters and one cute panda doodle. The panda doodle will only go back if she is able to go on a date. Ranma is the chosen target. Ranma flirts with her takes her around the festival goes on rides. Akane gets jealous and eventually they go back when Ranma kisses the doodle panda.

Episode 129: “Legend of the Lucky Panda!” -Genma ends up on an isolated island near Japan with alternate Ranma, Akane, Family, and friends. Tatewaki replica is in love with the Akane replica and to save Genma as a panda and her dad she agrees to marry Tatewaki. Replica Ranma wont let that happen and is able to stop the wedding. Genma proposes that they get together by joining their hands together. In modern day Furinkian Japan Genma see the real Ranma and Akane and he joins their hands together as well.

Episode 130: “Mystery of the Marauding Octopus Pot!” -Ranma, Soun, and Genma go to a small town where a octopus pot is reeking havoc, when they arrive they find out its actually Happosai trying to help a sick young maiden.

Episode 131: “Ukyo’s Secret Sauce – Part 1” -When Ranma was young he split all of Ukyo’s secret sauce and never told her. In an attempt to hide it he made his own sauce in place of Ukyo’s. After 10 years Ukyo tries the sauce and its disgusting. Ukyo gets majorly depressed about it and the Tendo’s invite her over to stay until she recovers. Ukyo starts acting like Ranma and herself are together, Nabiki comes up with a plan and tells Ukyo that Ranma and Akane are actually not engaged they are married.

Episode 132: “Ukyo’s Secret Sauce – Part 2” -Ranma and Akane go along with the marriage plan they even go as far as sleeping in the same room as each other. Ranma has a hard time falling asleep in the same room and Akane his heart is beating loudly, and he can’t change into a girl since Nabiki wont let him. Akane is sleeping peacefully and Ranma goes to peak at her. Out of know where Akane in her sleep grabs Ranma and hugs him thinking its P-Chan his heart beat goes up much faster. Ranma is finally able to get out of Akane’s grips with out waking her up and slaps his face. Ranma needs to find away to get Ukyo out of the house fast. Ukyo vows to never make another Okonomyaki again, but is having a hard time and keeps trying to fry everything. Ukyo sorta still acts like she’s a wife to Ranma and Ranma tries to find a way to dump her by being the worst husband in the world. Ukyo cooks dinner and Ranma flips up the table to knock it over but everyone grabs a plate and his plan fails. He tries to leave Ukyo to see his mistress and goes to see Akane lol. Ukyo wants him to choose between her and Akane, but so he doesn’t have to answer he decides he’s going to eat all the Ukyo’s sauce which will make up for all that he’s done.

Episode 133: “A Teenage Ghost Story” – There’s a ghost that pops up who used to attend Furinkian she lost something in the hills of Furinkan Ranma and Akane go to find it.

Epsidose 134: “Gosunkugi’s Paper Dolls of Love” – Gosunkugi gets these magic paper dolls. When you write on them and stick them on someone’s back they will do whatever you want them to do. He decides to make Akane go on a date with him but Ranma hears about his plan and he tries to disrupt Gosunkugi before he goes on the date with Akane. That night Ranma goes to Akane’s room to get the Paper Doll from her clothes but she asks him to leave. He tires again in the morning but he still can’t get it. When Gosunkugi makes it to school he’s so excited for his date. Unfortunately he wrote Akane have a date with me tomorrow…and tomorrow never comes. Ranma tells him he’s pretty stupid but he has one last one, he runs outside to put in on Akane and Ranma chases him. He writes on it for Akane not to hate him. Ranma can’t believe he would put that and he later realizes her should have wrote for Akane to fall in love with him.

♥♥ Episode 135: “Akane’s Unfathomable Heart” -A little boy comes into Ranma and Akane’s life telling them that he is Ryogas friend. He has a little bit of a crush on Akane. He also has the ability to read everyone’s minds. He can read Ranmas thoughts except for this one secret that no one knows about and he can’t read any of Akane’s thoughts. The boy gets on Ranmas nerves and they start a duel on the roof. Akane goes up to stop them but they all trip and fall Ranma grabs on to the roofs edge with his one free hand while his other is holding the boy and Akane is hanging from his neck. The boy all of the sudden is able to tell what Ranmas secret is and what Akane is thinking. He never really tells them or us what they are thinking, but you guess that when they are in danger their true feelings come out and the boy can tell that they love each other and want to protect one another.

Episode 136: “Master and Student… Forever!?” -Happosai gets mad at Ranma for stopping his panty raiding and at night Happosai gives him a pill that makes gives Happosai the power to control Ranma. Only to realises after he’s given Ranma the pill that they are actually permanently stuck together. The family find a way to get Happosai off Ranma and it involves Genma and Soun and the boys at school dressing up as girls.

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