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The Last Air Bender Movie -Rant Love or Hate?

Hello my little  Water, Earth, Air, Fire Benders and Avatar lovers. That was corny. So What did I think of  “The last Air Bender”? To be honest it wasn’t that bad. The movie was beautiful to watch howere there are some negatives so lets get that out of the way.

The Negative:

The acting could have been a little bit better. Everyone lacked in their acting, but to be honest it didn’t take away from the movie since really there wasn’t enough character development to make it bad. Then again maybe if they had more character development it may have may have made the characters more loveable. I don’t know.

There was so little of Sokka that he didn’t have time to be funny. Nor did the guy playing him, when he was supposed to be funny, did a good job trying to make him funny, its like he never watched the anime.  There is one part where he urges Earth Benders to help Aang, Katara and himself fight. You laugh but its more of a pity laugh just because you want to laugh for Sokka so badly.

Katara’s character lacked passion and that motherly quality she had in the anime. I still think it popped out once in a while but VERY subtly. They don’t make Katara out to be as much of a kick ass girl as she was in the anime. Only at the end does she do something cool….but not even to the likes of where I would have thought proper.

Zuko’s character I liked -if not every other sentence was ” I need to regain my honor”. Even Zuko had his funny moments in the anime…here he didn’t. Even still he definitely carried this movie.

You get a pretty good story for Aang, rushed a little but you get a story at least. The one thing I find lacking in Aangs characters was his fun, loving and soft monk/ boy like innocence. You were confused what type of personality he really has. They had the courage part and the lack of confidence in himself but not the funny quirky loving Aang we all grew to love. Sokka Katara and Aang don’t have the camaraderie they did in the Anime. They might as well not of even been traveling with Aang. They had hardly influence over Aang -in my mind and since their travel time together was so choppy and so rushed you never get the true feeling of their new formed “family” circle. Hence why Sokka isn’t funny…and Katara is …just kind of boring for a lack of a better word.

The Romance between Katara and Aang was nonexistent. You find hardly a connection between her and Aang except for maybe when he looked at her in the beginning. They had a perfect opportunity at a lake scene where Katara is teaching him water bending and she touches him to perfect his form for some sort of “romance” to happen at least on Aang’s part, but they didn’t use it.  I kind of got the feeling Katara actually likes him (it was a very small feeling) and he’s more concerned about being the Avatar which is fine but Katara is part of his drive to be the Avatar -which if hes onlt concerned about being the Avatar and no Katara it will lead to some big issues in the next two movies. I was not happy “puppy romance” that should have been between them just wasn’t there.

I get why they did montage of the gang freeing the little Earth Kingdom villages but could they of not showed more togetherness of Sokka Katara and Aang showing that they are best friends and family and supporting each other. Katara and Aang are good fighting compliments and with Sokka for back up they make a pretty amazing trio. You just don’t get that here. I get it they can’t fit 20+ episodes in an hour and half movie,  but still it would have been nice to see something other than that.

One of my biggest pet peeves is them changing the pronunciation of their names. Sokka, Aang, Iroh to Soakka, Ung, and….errm…I don’t know even know how to sound the way that one was spelled. EErioh. Or something like that. Apparently this is one of the major “personal changes” M. Night Shamlamadingdong made. Since his name as a child was always mispronounced he felt like changing the name would make it more politically and culturally correct for his own sake…well (nerd talk guys) M night you may have changed the whole source fire bending thing instead of energy…and I was ok with it. You may have made the movie choppy and no character development to fit in all the episodes, and you may, you may have also change the races to fit your own preference ok! FINE!. But to change the names of characters young kids and adults have grown to love  and grown attached to is stabbing fans in the back. It’s true most “hard-core” fans will take offence but really who else then Hard core fans is going to watch this movie. If it wasn’t for the hard-core fans the show would have been canceled and you wouldn’t have been able to make your millions of dollars off of your poor rendition of it. Ok getting a little heated…but for the most part only 3 names were changed but they were in such big characters that it just feels like M Shamalamadingdong was stupid and HE didn’t know how to pronounce the REAL character names. This is not HIS stories this was someone else’s that HE wanted to take over. I’ve seen lots of movies from books and did they ever changed their names NO.

LOL As I was writing this I realized something…maybe he changed them so that would be his main flaw in the movie. He realizes true “hard-core” fans would be picking apart this movie left and right analyzing every little detail, but to add something major like a name change would put all the other minor flaws into a small minimal category. Does that make sense? He took the heat off the other subjects by creating a bigger one that didn’t take away from his initial image. Kind of like when you hurt yourself like bumping your toe and you complain about it and someone says I could punch you in the face and you’ll forget about the pain in your toe. M night just punched all of us in the face! Anyway if M nights kids actually watch the show I wonder what they think about dads movie. Apparently they got him into the anime so they obviously watched it.

The movie should have been longer, just maybe half an hour longer, then they could have added in more character development scenes. Leading into the story line which was a bit patchy -it could have been a bit smoother but still not to bad. If they can fit a book like Lord Of The Rings into a 3 part movie with a lot of the major details LOTR has, I’m pretty sure they could have don’t the same with this one.

Not enough Appa enough said and oh ya not a lot of bonding time on Appa.

Lets get into the things I liked about this movie.

The positive:

A lot actually. It was Visually beautiful. Just the actual sets whether they were computer generated or not I really liked them. The special effects looked really good, I don’t know much about how I should describe them, but it was really something to watch.

If you’ve never watched Anime you really don’t have to worry about knowing what’s going on the story gives you a good basic outline in the beginning and has the story progresses they reveal to you the major points you need to know. You might not really get the characters as much as someone who has watched the shows, but it suffices to a degree for the movie.

Aang and Zuko play their roles really well. I liked their character development I think they maybe went a tad to far with Zuko’s and not enough with the others. They combined some episodes with other episodes together which didn’t really take a way from the story and was understandable. Princess Yue who basically had as much on-screen time as Sokka and Katara’s probably the most smoothest role, her story isn’t choppy and since  she not a main character she got a sufficient amount of time to explain her role in the story.

The bending looked really good and as well as the martial arts parts that went along with it. You can tell a lot of the actors have some real talent.

All together this story is good, the scenes were beautiful as well as the effects and if it were just that one reason I would recommend this movie. M Night stayed with the general plot and theme of the movie but does it need work ya I think it does, the writing a little awkward at times and a few messed up scenes. Even with all the ranting I did I still like it. I’m giving it a 7/10 maybe it should be a 6 but really to me it wasn’t that bad I was intrigued, engaged, happy and excited watching it the whole way through loved the look. Oh ya the characters race didn’t get in the way of the actual story either. I thought it might but it didn’t take away from the movie at all. If you know the anime go to the movie with low expectations like I did. You might find it a bit more exciting than you anticipated. But don’t see it in 3D the effects were awful.

To be honest M night can do his own things in his own movies, but this movie should have been made to make people happy and not mad. So many people are so upset about the changes and to be honest do the fans not have say? This is as much their movie as it is his. Would this movie even got made with out their viewing support? You can’t change a good thing – or more like you shouldn’t. I’d like someone to butcher one of his movies like the 6th sense maybe change the characters names around  Dr. Malcolm Crowe, to something like Dr. Meerkerm Cow…just to be culturally diverse right? Going back to the whole issue about the name thing. This is an imaginary world, there is NO SUCH THING AS 195 countries with their different languages, different cultures, and their different pronunciations. In this Avatar world there’s only 4 nations FIRE, WATER, EARTH,  and AIR, They all speak the same language and they all pronounce the name the same way. Aang, Sokka, Iroh is how this imaginary world pronounced their names, THEN THAT’S HOW HE SHOULD HAVE PRONOUNCED IT. DAMN IT.  To me M nights just being prejudice by changing these imaginary people, places, and things… BOOYA Take that M NIGHT SHAMALAMA DING DONG.

The ONLY REAL other thing that I hated about this movie was well the people in the audience. Some were well-kept clean and hygienically acceptable. But others meaning the 5 in front of us were smelly, long hair, WoW, grease balls that stunk the entire time. If your clean usually thank you! If not before you see the movie please for the consideration of others have a shower put some deodorant on even between your ass cheeks if you have too no one wants to smell your 2 week old unwashed -sitting-at-your-computer-days-on-end  stinky body for an hour and half. Thank you!


7 responses

  1. jessica

    so there is going to be another 2 movies? if there is do u think there willbe more of a relationship between aang and katara? because in the first season of the series there was only the moment at the beggining when they look at eachother so a lot still needs to happen.

    July 3, 2010 at 8:59 am

    • I’m not 100% sure. But they can’t stop the movie just at the siege of the Northern Water tribe, that would be pointless. In the last scene you see Ozai talking to Azula telingl her to chase down Zuko and the Avatar. So my guess is they most likely they will be making another movie. It just wouldn’t make sense. To answer the question about romance between Aang and Katara there were a lot more instances then just the first glance especially on Aang’s part. Like the fortuneteller episode when Aang makes her a necklace and when he over hears she will marrying a great bender. Even during that episodes Katara actually realizes that Aang and her may be potential lovers.

      I got to say one thing to if M Night changes the love plot to a Zuko + Katara… love. I’ll be so ticked!

      July 3, 2010 at 1:06 pm

      • Nice write up! I heard M Night wants to go ahead and do #2, so we’ll see how that pans out. Sorry to hear that you had some WoW nerds sitting in front of you stinking up the joint, that would have drove me insane lol

        July 6, 2010 at 7:41 am

      • i agree with both of you and i really hope they actually do more of a romance with aang and katara in the next film because i just didnt see enough of it in the first one. besides in the first one, it actually didnt even seem like aang liked katara. oh and btw, i will also be VERY ticked off!!! if they make zuko and katara couples.

        December 13, 2010 at 6:34 pm

      • I finally figured out how to reply to this comment! LOL. They need to do more of a romance between Aang and Katara. Katara is one of Aangs drives to become the Avatar. Like when in his dream he tells Katara that hes going to beat Ozai for her because he loves her. Has anyone heard of them starting to film the 2nd book yet??

        March 18, 2011 at 6:38 am

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  3. The movie left me hanging and wanted me to see the next sequel of the movie. It’s not great nor ugly.

    July 23, 2010 at 10:51 pm

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