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Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Nickelodeon in May 2010 has announced that a mini series, a sequel if you will, to the last Air Bender… in May I was just getting out of the series and finished watching all three season. I had no idea this was going on. Before the actual M night Shamalam The last air Bender disaster movie came out more information was leaked. The new show is called Avatar: The legend of Korra. The series will be released sometime in 2011.

75 years after Aangs Avatar adventure Korra is the next Avatar from the Southern Water Tribe. Korra is “a rebellious girl who is hotheaded, independent and “ready to take on the world”. Apparently Korra is looking for Tenzin, Aang and Kataras child to teach her the last element which is Airbending. She heads to a placed called Republic City, all four nations live in this one city after 75 years things have changed in the Avatar world but the creators tried to keep the same feel as the original Avatar. “Here Korra must deal with rampant crime and an anti-bender revolt.”

“The show will be darker and more mature than the original show, though the creators are not trying to target a new audience (saying the original was filled with adult themes), with more mature themes, but will also try to balance it out with a similar sense of fun and adventure of the original series.”


Note: PLEASE note that the below “confirmations” delivered to you by many Avatar fansites are NOT confirmed as of yet. DO NOT take most of the information here as a fact. Also, DO NOT edit things interpreted as “fact” into this article. Furthermore, do not add in “question is” and speculation debates.

These storyline elements remain unconfirmed.

  • Aang is featured in the series in the Spirit World, as Roku and past Avatars were to Aang in the Last Airbender.
    • This seems likely because Aang commented that no-one except a previous Avatar can really teach, or at least offer guidance to, the current Avatar about their duties beyond Bending. This reinforced an earlier statement from Gyatso to Aang that once Aang could enter the Air Temple Sanctuary he would meet someone who would help him become a better Avatar, when he finally entered the Sanctuary it contained only statues of all the previous Avatars.
    • If Aang’s own experiences are any guide, Aang would seem the most likely past Avatar to speak to Korra. Aang immediately felt a strong connection with a statue of Roku, instinctively knowing Roku’s name and that Roku was his previous self, and Roku appeared to Aang more regularly then any other of his previous selves.
  • This tweet shows that there will be a character named Meelo in the series.[13] The tweet also says there will be a character named Wei Bei.[14]
  • There is also a rumor that there will be flashbacks of the original series. This may be part of what was implied when DiMartino mentioned that there was a “definite link” between the old series and this one.
  • Flashbacks in the new series may pertain to what the group did after The War, such as Zuko searching for his mother, the rebuilding of the Air Temples, the newly rebuilt Southern Water Tribe, if Kuei was restored to his throne, and Ba Sing Se after the Order of the White Lotus saved it from the Fire Nation.
  • Flashbacks may also give insight on the development of Republic City, since a metropolis so large had to gain more people in more than 75 years.
    • Republic City may have been a smaller nation in the original Avatar series.
      • During the original no mention was made of a nation other then the traditional four.
    • It is possible the physical city existed during the original series, perhaps with a different name and as part of another nation, and has grown in the 75 years since.
      • However nothing about the city’s history has been confirmed.
  • This series might be a mini series with 12 episodes. It might also be released during Fall of next year.[15]
  • Andrea Romano, the voice casting director of Avatar The Last Airbender and presently working on Legend of Korra, has stated that the generation of the original cast of characters has died off and will not be in the show. However she has not ruled out the possibility that previous characters may appear in flashbacks.
    • She also said that the show takes place 75 years into the future.
  • As mentioned, the cabbage merchant will
  • not appear but “his legacy will be present in some form.”
  • What I think:

    I’m so excited. I found this out today and my day just got 10 times better! Lets start off with the first Fact of the show.

    75 Years in the future-it kinda sucks because Katara and Aang Sokka Toph Zuko wont be around anymore. We grew to love those characters. I’d like to see Aang and Katara grow older fall in love have babies…you know all that. But I also understand that there story is over the defeated the fire lord other than them living theirs lives what more could they really do with those characters to develop a story line with then.

    Korra from the southern water tribe-a girl, which is cool but whatever I don’t really care if it’s a boy a or a girl. Shes got boobs so shes not 12 like Aang was I suppose she’s at the avatar age of 16. I get why the creators did it because of the huge female audiance so whatevs and for the Southern water tribe its understandable since it was next on the element cycle.

    Tenzin, Aang and Kataras child- This is so exciting for all you Zutara fans screw you ya I said…lol. Katang all the way…yes they had sex and had a baby named Tenzin.

    Republic City- I dont really care about the cities untill I actually watch the series.

    more mature and darker- DIDN”T I call this. I already said  the series should be more mature and a bit darker! If you think they had excellent ratings already I bet this will sky-rocket their ratings through the roof. Plus the actual main character should be the age of 16 or more there for she’s not a child and doing childish things like Aang.

    As for the Rumors

    Aang feature in the Spirit World- We get to see him adult like so this is cool I wanna see how the artists will draw him in adult form will he be teen like mid 20’s 40′ 80’s I dunno. Hopefully they show Katara and their family.

    Meelo & Wei Bei- I don’t care who they are just let them be funny or something

    Flashbacks fo the original series-I hope it happens like how the article mentions between Zuko and the mother situation and what the gang does after the ware, their lives the rebuilding of the Air Temples and the development of Republic city.

    Being a mini series Will really really suck! because  this just means we wont have many episodes to look forward too and savor each one it’ll be over in a flash. There will be no such things as seasons lets hope this changes, but I hight doubt it.

    The voice actors -i don’t care its 75 years into the future by this time lets hope Aangs voice has changed.

    The cabbage merchant- whatevs lol I don’t really care.

    Most of this information was from http://avatar.wikia.com and if I am mistaken about anything please inform me

    Fans are already drawing what Korra might look like.


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