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Ranma Forever Season 7 (1992)

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Love Ranma fricken Love Ranma. Even though this isn’t the best season I still love it. I know this took me a while to update I was super busy. I still am super busy, but I’m on holiday so I have ample amounts of time to waste YAY. Plus I kinda rewatched Avatar, cause I love it and lots and lots of period dramas, and I read a ton of books.

Episode 137:“Tatewaki Kuno, Substitute Principal”-The Principal makes Tatewaki in charge of the school as a substitute principal while he is gone on vacation. Gosunkugi wants to join Tatewaki’s force Nabiki joins for the money. He enforced to many strict rules and Ranma keeps on getting in breaking all of them. Akane comes up with a plan. Nabiki helps out the school by setting Ranma up with a secret plan.

Episode 138:“Ranma’s Greatest Challenge!?”-Happosai arranges a training competition for Ranma that revolves around the game Kick the can. Akane is worried about Ranma , if he looses he can’t carry on the “Anything Goes School of Martial Arts”. But Ranma wins.

Episode 139: “Nihao! Jusenkyo Guide”The Jusenkyo guide comes to Japan to find the connecting Japanese water spring to China’s Jusenkyo’s spring. It just so happens that the Japan spring is right in the Tendo’s Koi pond. Mousse, Ryoga, and Shampoo hear about it. Genma and Soun will make Akane and Ranma marry once he’s turned into a full fledged man. Ryoga decides he will confess his love to Akane, Mousse thinks he will finally be able to be with Shampoo, Shampoo thinks once she’s no longer a cat Ranma will love her. When the Jusenkyo guide does some ritual that’s suppose to make the water connect, Ryoga accidently trips one of the sacred ropes and no one is able to change back. The next time they will be able to do it is 1000 years from now and the Jusenkyo guide leaves. They all forget to ask him to take them with him back to China.

Episode 140: “Pick-a-Peck o’ Happosai” -Kasumi gets cards from the Kuno’s school Bazaar and they posses Happosai. Ranma and Akane find a way to get Happosai back to his old self by destroying the cards.

Episode 141: “From the Depths of Despair – Part 1”-Ryoga gets a new technique that uses his depression and despair energy to turn it and use it against his appointment. He is able to beat Ranma for the first time. Ranma goes to great strengths to try and learn it. He tries to learn it from the old ghoul but she tells him that he doesn’t have what it takes to handle it and tells him to give it up. Ranma has visions of the Tendo family wanting Ryoga to be the savior and protector of the family. While no one wants Ranma to do anything because he’s a weakling. Ranma finds out his secret. Ryoga comes and they have a battle of the most depressed.. nothing gets resolved and they decided to battle it out in a weeks time.

Episode 142: “From the Depths of Despair – Part 2”-Ranma and Ryoga go into training to become master of the “Lion Roar Shot”. Ranma comes up with a new move that’s more suited to him and not being depressed. Ryoga gets Akane to tell him that she hates him which makes him ultra depressed and when they have a battle Ryoga is winning again. Akane figures out why Ryoga wanted her to say that she hated him and during the fight she tells Ryoga that she’s likes him, but as a friend. This makes him even more depressed then usual. Ranma figures it out and uses Ryoga’s own power against himself.

Episode 143: “Shampoo’s Cursed Kiss” -Shampoo gets imprisoned by the Ghost cat and put under a curse. Shampoo makes a deal with the ghost cat if Ranma kisses her he has to let her go. With the help from Akane and Mousse he finds a way to get past all the cats and traps just before shampoo turns into a cat herself and he is able to rescue her.

Episode 144: “Run Away With Me, Ranma!”– An old mans dying wish is to see his beloved coco…who looks just like Ranma. Ranma starts getting freaky dreams consecutively for nights on end about him as a girl and this “boy” kissing him/her. He doesn’t want to sleep but he finds out there is an old man that would like Ranma to date with him and they go on a date.

♥♥♥Episode 145: “Let’s Go to the Mushroom Temple” -The Tendo’s, Saotome, Tatewaki, Ryoga and Mousse go to a mushroom temple. Ranma and Akane are the only ones that don’t get sick from a poison mushroom and the go up the mountain to get a cure for the rest of the family. When they leave the mushroom expert gives the family something to get better but realizes that Akane and Ranma ate the mushroom of love. Now Ranma and Akane are deeply in love. Ryoga and Tatewaki want to know what the cure is and they leave to get the mushroom at the top of the mountain that can cure it. Genma and Soun are super happy about their children’s new love. Mousse goes to try and stop Tatewaki and Ryoga from getting in the way of Ranma and Akane love. Half way up the mountain we see Ranma and Akane holding hands and hugging from the top of the mountain and they see the rest of them chasing after them. When Ranma and Akane make it to the top Ranma asks Akane to marry him when they get back down the mountain. But the boys get in the way Ranma and Akane escape and boys chase after them. They get into a confrontation and they escape again and they end up going back to the mushroom temple with the antidote. Nabiki spills the beans that they are only in love because of the mushroom and they take the antidote to prove that they are really in love…in the end they turn back the way they act originally.

Episode 146: “The Cradle from Hell”-Ranma exceeds his father in strength Genma goes into hiding to train with Soun to defeat Ranma. Genma challenges him to a match a week later so Ranma goes into training as well. When they have their match Ranma starts off strong but Genma has a secret weapon. He uses the cradle from hell. Rubbing his unshaven beard up against Ranma’s skin and holding him in a hugging position

Episode 147: “Madame St. Paul’s Cry for Help” -Madame St. Paul is having problems with Picolet Chardin they suspect him of being a vampire and they ask Ranma for help. Ranma and Akane go there to investigate. Ranma goes in girl form and gets trapped by Picolet and Akane saves him.

Episode 148: “Meet You in the Milky Way” -Ranma and Akane are looking at stars when they see two stars called Ori and Kengu……. when they look again they have fallen from the sky. Ranma and Akane go and investigate and meet the fallen star Princess Ori. She’s there for a bit of vacation and decides to stay for a while. She tires cooking and cleaning but sucks at it all. Ranma tells Akane that she could her twin. Meanwhile while the Akane and Ori are out Genma and Soun get beaten by a mysterious guy. Ranma challenges him and gets beaten too he has a pet Moo-chan. We find out that its actually Kengu. Ori explains that they had an arranged marriage they were in love but she forced him to be strong and he left her and started training to be stronger however since he hasn’t come back Ori father wants her to marry another. Ranma and Kengu fight if Ranma wins he has to go back to the Milky way galaxy but if he fails he has to be Moo-Chan’s servant. Ranma Wins and they go back and get married. Apparently it was all a dream when Akane fell off the balcony Ranma piggy backs her inside.

♥♥Episode 149: “Wretched Rice Cakes Of Love”– Akane gets a recipe called fortune telling with cherry blossom rice cakes” if she gets a man to eat them and they have cherry blossoms on their faces her and that man will be destined for each other. Akane doesn’t believe it at first but tries to get Ranma to try it. Ranma doesn’t want to so she chases him and throws them at him but Ryoga ingests it instead. Ryoga gets a bunch cherry blossoms on his face so they all think that Ryoga is suppose to marry Akane. Ranma seems indifferent about it and is Happy for Akane and Ryoga, but later that night Ranma takes one of Akane’s Rice cakes with out her noticing but everyone else interrupts him. so he goes under the house. But he’s sees Akane and Ryoga talking Ryoga goes away and Ranma comes out and tells her he’s going to try the rice cake. he takes a bite but Akane doesn’t want to see and pushes him and he’s goes flying into Ryoga’s ink. Ranma runs home to check his face but its covered in black ink. Ryoga taunts Ranma about himself marrying Akane and they get into a fight Ryoga turns into P-chan and they fight some more. When Akane stops them and Ranma turns around he has cherry blossoms on his face. Ranma realizes that that the marks aren’t cherry blossoms but P-chan’s foot prints on his face and Ryoga’s were P-chan’s as well. Ranma doesn’t bother telling Akane.

Episode 150: “The Horrible Happo Mold-Burst”-Hopposai uses mold burst a martial arts move with mold on Ranma and he gets help from the old Ghoul and Shampoo and he’s able to defeat him after Kasumi finds the mold spray.

Episode 151: “The Kuno Sibling Scandal”-Tatewaki and Kodachi his sister get into a tiff and it takes Ranma to intervene to get them to stop.

Episode 152: “Battle for the Golden Tea Set”-Sentaro comes back and needs Ranma’s and Akane’s help so he can marry his beloved.

Episode 153: “Gosunkugi’s Summer Affair”-A ghost girls comes back and Gosunkugi falls in love with her…but she only has a little while to spend with Gosunkugi.

Episode 154:“Battle for Miss Beachside”-Its a day at the beach and the whole family goes. All the girls go into a swim suite competition so whoever wins will make Ranma lunch.

♥♥Episode 155: “Bring It On! Love as a Cheerleader – Part 1” The Furinkan team loses to another schools team because of cheerleaders from Seisyun High helping their team cheat. Furinkan loses and Akane cries. Mariko the main cheerleader falls in love with Tatewaki. Tatewaki wants the “pigtailed girl” to cheer for him, but Mariko wants to do the job. Ranma wants to get Mariko back for making Akane cry so he says he’s going to cheer for Tatewaki instead (in girl form obvs). Akane over hears. Ranma goes into training to be a cheerleader but Mariko tells him that cheerleading is Love the only way he can actually win against Mariko is to cheer for Tatewaki if Ranma loves him. Ranma doesn’t think he can do it more like he doesn’t know how he’s going to fall in love with Tatewaki. Ranma and Akane have a heart to heart talk. Akane asks how he’s going to be able to beat Mariko. He tells her she’s not sure but not to question him. She thinks this its stupid and doesn’t understand why he’s doing it. He gets angry and yells “Who do you think I’m doing this for? Akane asks “your doing this for me? and Ranma goes stupid …oops booboo. He covers it up by turning himself into a girl and saying its to protect the “anything goes schools” name.

♥♥Episode 156: Bring It On! Love as a Cheerleader – Part 2″– Ranma tries his hardest but keeps failing in trying to show his love for Tatewaki. Akane decides to join in the competition too and not tell Ranma. Ranma even goes out a date with Tatewaki. Ranma and Mariko start to fight cheerleader style at the kendo tournament the one they are suppose to be cheer battling for Tatewaki. Ranma just can’t do it. During the game there is a mysterious guy from Seisyun High that keeps winning against the Furinkan team, its a little weird since Mariko poised her Seisyun team before hand. The kendo Seisyun guy from starts beating up Tatewaki and Markio sees and tries to hit him. Ranma stops her and starts cheering for the the Seisyun guy. Mariko starts battling Ranma and the masked Seisyun Kendo guy saves Ranma. Mariko traps the masked Kendo guy and Ranma saves him. Ranma then grabs him and says how they are head over heels in love. The kendo guy pushes him away and you can see his face turn red under the mask. Mariko actually hits the masked man and his helmet comes off. Ranma runs over and tells him to get up and tells him that she really loves him. When He does get up we realize its Akane and he turns stone stiff! While stiff Genma comes and changes him from girl to boy and from boy to girl, in front of the whole school. Ranma comes too and tells Akane that he’s ONLY doing this to win the martial arts cheerleading match. Akane transforms into a cheerleader and kicks Tatewaki and he falls and loses. But Mariko takes Tatewaki lifeless body and uses it to fight if he’s not down the match isn’t over. They pin down Akane and Ranma comes and saves her. Mariko loses and tells Ranma and Akane that the love they share is stronger then Tatewaki’s and hers. The whole school starts talking about Ranma in love with Akane. and he turns stiff again.

Episode 157:“The Musical Instruments of Destruction”-Tatewaki finds a drum and something magical/disastrous starts happening . Meanwhile Kodatchi finds a lute and something mysterious starts happening as well. Weird powers are being admitted from it. Tatewaki uses its power irresponsibly and Kodatchi gives her lute to her father. Tatewaki and his father fight it out. Ranma gets caught in the cross fire. The only way to stop the instruments is to use a sound louder then the instruments. Kodatchi comforts Ranma at an opportune moment when he’s thrown to the side and Akane gets angry and yells Ranma you jerk. and the instruments stop there reign of destruction and blow up.

♥♥Episode 158: “A Ninja’s Dog is Black and White”– Ryoga saves a dog on his journey. Ryoga told the dog that he wrote down his feelings in a letter so that someday he could give it to Akane. The dog actually delivers the letter unknown to Ryoga. Akane reads it and sees that its a love letter. The family wonders who it can be. Ryoga figures it out and run off to Akane’s house to get back the letter. Even Ranma wonders who the letter is from. Akane writes a reply and gives it to the dog. The dog goes looking for Ryoga. Sasuke asks Ranma to get the dog and the reply letter. Ranma is determined to find out who the dog will bring the letter too. The dog gets in trouble and Ryoga sees and saves him with Ranma looks on. Ryoga starts reading the letter and Ranma shows himself they talk about the letter. Ryoga is confident that Akane has accepted his feelings. He reads out the letter and it reads she can’t return his feelings, she is in love with someone already, she didn’t mean to hurt him, but she wanted him to know the truth. This crushes Ryoga but Ranma realizes that Ryoga forgot to sign his name so Ryoga thinks it might be him that she’s in love with and he leaves and the dog goes with him.

Episode 159: “The Tendo Dragon Legend”-Ranma is begging Akane for help with homework. Akane asks why she should help him he starts by saying because you and I are….. never mind. She walks off angry. While arguing they find a seahorse. Dr. Tofu comes and they go to investigate it they invite him back to the house where he turns into a blundering fool because of Kasumi. There’s a typhoon and someone comes breaks in. Akane goes to her room and the frog hermit he comes out and attacks her. Just in time Ranma grabs Akane and saves her while Dr.Tofu takes out the frog hermit hitting all his vital pressure points so he can’t move. They actually invite him into the house for dinner afterwards lol. He manages to take Ranma’s fish to the pond outside and later Dr. Tofu finds out that the little fish is actually a baby dragon. So now Akane Ranma and Dr. Tofu go to the pond to grab it and save it. If the frog man lets it grow he’s going to kill it and eat it which will extend his life for another 100 years. They manage to kick out the frog hermit just when the typhoon is hitting its peak the dragon reaches his full dragon adulthood, it flies off into the sky.

Episode 160: “Boy Meets Mom – Part 1″-Tendo and Saotome family go to visit their mothers grave site. Ranma asks Akane if he remembers her mother. Akane asks Ranma but he doesn’t know and Genma wont tell him. Ranma gets saved by a kind woman when he falls in the river. When he gets home Genma comes and grabs Ranma tells him they need to leave. They capture Genma and find out that a woman named Nodoka wants to come and see her. She’s actually Ranma’s mother. Akane wonders why Ranma is down about his mother coming. Ranma wants to go in and see his mother but Genma stops him and turns him into a girl before she sees him. Nodoka said if Ranma is not a man amongst men they will commit Seppuku. So that’s why Genma wants to keep Ranma away. He’s not a man amongst men he’s a half woman half man against men. Nodoka stays there and almost sees Ranma in his boy form

Episode 161: “Boy Meets Mom – Part 2: Someday, Somehow…”– Again Ranma almost gets hit with hot soup in front of Nodoka but he saves it. Nabiki tries to get Ranma to tell the truth to his mother. That night Ranma sleeps with his mother in girl form and sees his mother crying. Nodoka leaves the next day and Akane runs after her telling her that Ranma will meet her in the park on Sunday. So Ranma goes but Genma tries to stop him. He does for a short while but Akane comes and forces Genma to stop. Ranma comes running up but Genma takes Nodoka around town while Akane and Ranma look for her. Anyways more things happen where she almost finds out that Ranma is a boy girl. Ranma then decides he’s not going to meet her in his guy form. When she leaves she gets caught it huge hot water gush and Ranma in the boy form saves her. She sees and then faints, it rains he turns back into a girl. Nodoka sees Girl Ranma, and she says that she thought she saw Ranma and he was a man amongst men.

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