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Lets watch Meteor Showers

I’ve been meaning to put this up forever!  Just never got around to it. For the second season I will not be doing a run down of each episode I’ll just be giving my opinion of the series.  The second season (the last time I checked is not completely subbed so I will not be watching it yet.
  • Title: 流星雨
  • English Title: Meteor Shower/ Liu Xing Yu
  • Genre: Romance, comedy, inspirational
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Related TV series: Meteor Garden, Hana Yori Dango, Boys Before Flowers

Season 1

  • Title: 一起来看流星雨 / Yi Qi Lai Kan Liu Xing Yu
  • English Title: Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower
  • Episodes: 36
  • Broadcast Period: 2009-Aug-08 to 2009-Aug-29
  • Broadcast Time: 22:00 – 24:00
Episode 1: Chu Yu Xun gets accepted in Alistun College. While reminiscing about college, Murong Yun Hai with a broken leg runs in to her on her bike while in a taxi. They don’t hit it off so well. Later Chu Yuxun finds out that Yunhai is a new student in the same school as well. Yunhai who is forced to attend college by his family challenges Shangguan Rui Qian to a basketball tournament. The loser has to call the first girl he sees a Pig.Shangguan Rui Qian loses and the first girl he sees is Chu Yuxun. He tells her “she’s a pig and they have a bit confrontation and they leave leave (Chu Yuxun was having problems with the 3 boys Shangguan Rui Qian, Ye Shuo, and Duanmu Lei earlier.  They leave and she is left to deal with Yunhai. She out wits’ him and he gets angry, while she leaves him hanging.

Episode 2: Shangguan, Shuo, and Duanmu, hire a detective to do some investigation work on Yun Hai. They found out he’s good at everything. Yun Hai continues to keep bothering Yuxun whether its on purpose or not. He always manages to get her in trouble. Yun Hai and the “boys” now realize hat they all have a common goal. To try and get kicked out of college but can’t due to their families, so they form a friendship. Lili,  is getting scammed by Bruce Lee in the cafeteria, when the now 4 boy’s drop in and see this, even after they warned him before to stop scamming people. They  start harassing Bruce Lee but Lili and Yuxun don’t believe them so Yuxun interferes.

Episode 3: The boys expose Bruce Lee but Yuxun doesn’t believe them. the boys start to beat up Bruce Lee and Yuxun intervenes by punching Yun Hai. Duanmu explains to Yuxun that Bruce Lee really is a scammer. Yun Hai tells Yuxun that he doesn’t hit women but he will remember this and all four walk away. Yuxun and Yun Hai keep butting heads especially when Shangguan changes Yun Hai’s blank note book for Yuxun nicely filled out complete note book. She finds out and exposes Yun Hai in front of his dad. Later in the cafeteria Yun Hai calls her a hippo -big mouth. All the boys bug her but Duanmu. Yuxun gets a job to help pay for her tuition and gets hired at the martial arts hall. Yun Hai is frustrated and unknowingly goes there to practice and starts sparring Yuxun, he tells her he wont fight her but she doesn’t back down and fight. They spin around and then she looks up at him with big angry eyes and he looks at her for a few moments (we can only assume he thought she was cute) comes to his senses and pushes her away and walks away. She jumps on his back. Yuxun gets fired because of Yun Hai but when she leaves Yun Hai tells the manager to higher her on as a staff member/janitor instead. The boys continue to harass her about being the first working class girl in school, and she announces to everyone that she declares war on the boys. Yun Hai excepts the challenge, telling her that if he wins she will leave Alicetun and if she win he will beg for forgiveness. Everyone goes against Yuxun in school even her friend Lili. No one make war with the boys. A bad prank happens to Yuxun and she goes to the roof top to find Duanu he sort of comforts her. A new young teacher, Yu Xin, comes and helps her clean herself after Duanmu is done talking to her. Later Duanmu goes to the girls who have done this prank to Yuxun and tells them leave her alone or else…Yuxun sees a “bum” scamming people in the streets and decides to teach him a lesson.

Episode 4:  Yuxun catches up the to scammers and kicks their bums. Yun Hai finds a way to kick her out of school if she uses violence she will have to leave. He tries taunting, and she’s about to punch him but Duanmu hints not to and just falls short of his face. Yuxun then tricks him by giving him three questions if he gets them right she will leave the school. He can’t answer the last question he gets mad and walks away. She thinks Duanmu likes her and she starts to like him. He actually likes the young music teacher, Yu Xin and they become friends.  Xiao Yu, one of Yuxun close out of school friends, and Shangguan become friends when Xiao Yu visits Yuxun at her new janitor/staff member job. The piano teacher Yu Xin doesn’t seem interested in Duamu but he persistent and Shou has problems with his older brother, Ye Mian.

Episode 5: Yuxun tries to get to know Duamu better. At work just before closing at the martial arts recreation centre the boys show up and stay till very late bothering Yuxun. She falls asleep and they tamper with her homework. In class Yun Hai gives her original presentation and she calls him out on it. She humiliates him in front of the class but also offends everyone else. Yun Hai tells her that he’s going to get her back by beating her on the next test. He tries to study but fails and resorts to cheating using a pen camera and earphone so his friends can tell him the answers. During the test Yun Hai decides not to use the pen and throws it but it lands on Yuxun. The teacher sees and catches her cheating. Yun Hai’s dad finds out what really happened and Yuxun gets excused. Shen Han Feng, Yun Hai’s mother finds out that her daughter Murong Yun Duo is dating someone lower in the company and doesn’t approve.

Episode 6: Han Feng doesn’t want Yun Duo dating Lin Xiao Li  and voices her concern. Yun Duo moves out of the house. At school there’s a big ball/ dance party happening and Shangguan and and Shuo bug Yuxun about not having a dress. Duanmu asks her to the dance and is not joking. Yuxun is so happy she’s in a day dream when Yun Hai comes up and scares her she accidently crashes into a huge vase and has to run 10 laps as punishment. Yun Hai tells the teacher that its to much but Yuxun tells him she’s going to do it anyways. She starts running the laps her uncle tries to persuade her to stop but can’t. Meanwhile Yun Hai is standing on the bleachers watching her run. He looks cast down and guilty. He did try pleading to the teacher. He claims he’s there to watch her for fun. It starts to rain and Yun Hai comes down from the bleachers and tries to persuade her to stop running but she doesn’t listen, he gets angry and starts walking away. Duanmu comes and brings and umbrella and forcefully makes Yuxun stop. She stops and cries. Yun Hai sees and then it zooms up on his fist clenching. When Duanmu gets her inside the class room he asks if she remembers him.

Episode 7: Yuxun and Duanmu were childhood friends, she recognized him. He tells her he’s been protecting her since he recognized her from years ago. She realizes that he doesn’t like her and that he has someone else in mind, however they do become closer friends. Yun  Hai gives Duanmu a lecture about his earlier conduct with Yuxun and says not to protect her Duanmu doesn’t really listen to him and walks off. Yun Hai asks Lili to come out of the class, she thinks he’s going to invite her to the ball but in fact he wants Yuxun mobile number. Yuxun gets a text with some encouraging words -soo cute- We see Yun Hai looking at his phone repeating the phrase “reply back, reply back” At home Yuxun faints gets sick and stays home from school the next day. Yun Hai finds out about her condition and goes to see her but leaves before she can talk to him. She sees him pull away from their tea shop. She goes to school and she sees Yun Hai. In class he realizes that she is still not feeling well and tries giving her some medicine. Yun Hai borrowed the medicine from Duanmu. Shangguanand Shuo bet that he’s in love with her but he doesn’t know how to love. Yuxun goes to work and afterwards sees a dress in her locker it doesn’t say who its from she assume its Duanmu since he invited her to the dance. At the ball Yun Hai brings his sister Yun Duo. Yun Hai is looking for Yuxun and when he turns around he sees her and stares at her. He walks over to her and tells her she looks a bit better. Duanmu says she looks beautiful. Yun Duo recognizes the dress she’s wearing it was hers own. Yun Hai took it and gave it to Yuxun with out his sister knowing. In the end Yuxun gets mad at Yun Hai he tries to make it up to her but outside they get into a huge tiff and he’s left wondering why his sincere efforts aren’t getting rewarded. Meanwhile Duanmu is getting his grove on with Yu Xin. Yuxun leaves and gets changed and returns the dress to Yun Hai. Yun Hai and her fight more. Later Yun Duo tells him to apologize, to Yuxun.

Episode 8: The next morning Yun Hai finds an opportunity to apologize to Yuxun. She does not accept. Yuxun decided to try and give up on Duanmu. The boys start talking about relationships and being with an older woman is fine. But Yun Hai believes being with someone younger will give men a feeling to want to protect them. The boys bring up the fact the Yuxun is younger. Yun Duo comes in and she sneakily makes Yun Hai admit that he likes Yuxun. Yun Hai buys Yuxun a car so that its easier to get to her job, home and school, but she doesn’t want it and tells him that he’s never respected her and she walks away. Yun Hai only trying to say he’s sorry. Yun Hai goes to her family shop and decides to show a true apology he will drink one of every flavor of milk tea the offer. He’ll only stop if she forgives him. She does forgive him, but is still frustrated about it, but he’s extremely happy. Yuxun is still likes Duanmu. Yu Xin the teacher is actually going to be leaving for London very soon. Yuxun gets tricked by those two evil girls who played a prank on her and she waiting all night for Duanmu, she gets in trouble, but with all the drama happening between her and Yun Hai and herself and Duanmu and just the fact that everyone in school is mean she says she’s going to quit instead.

Episode 9: Yuxun hands in her resignation notice but no one is in the princeabples office so she just leaves it there. Yunhai finds the letter and takes it and rips it up. The next day Yunhai looks for Yuxun he can’t find her and is getting in a bad moon. Yunhai realises that with out Yuxun there he has no life everything is boring. Shanngguan trys to tell him not to hide his feeling he deny’s he has any but you can plainly see he does. Duo Er’s boyfriend has ruind a report that her monther has made to test his capability. So hes probably going to get fired and break it off with Duo Er. Yunhai is doing nothing with his friends while they are bowling so he goes to look for Yuxun. He finds her stuggingly trying to put up a birds house he offers to help. To thank him he wants her to come back to school. Her uncle begs Lei to to pursaude her to come back as well and its happens very easily.  Yuxun gets back to school, Yunhai sees and he tells her that he was the only who took the letter which made her leaving unofficial.  When she leaves Yunhai asks if they think she has a thing for him Xiaoyu and Shangguan went to see a movie with eachother and lei finds out Yu Xiu has a boyfriend and now starts confiding in Yuxun.

Episode 10:  Yunhai comes to the roof top and gets mighty jelous seeing Lei and Yuxun in a heart to heart talk. Yunhai tells her that she likes him and she makes sure that he knows she doesn’t and it wasn’t him that made her come back to school. He gets super angry ands if she likes Lei. She gets upset runs away. Lei sorta explains whats going on and put in that maybe Yunhai likes Yuxun. He denies it but makes sure that Lei doesn’t like her and they start talking about her childhood. He stars bugging her about being chubby as a child she gets angry so he tells her something from his past. When she leaves Shanngguan points out that they are very much a like. Yunhai tries to come up with a plan to make Yuxun his girlfriend. He asks her out but she thinks hes joking. She tells him that theres no chance. He also adds the he realises that Lei and her are just friends and that he doesn’t like her. This makes Yuxun very angry and said and she tells him she will never like him ever. and she runs away. Lei wants to tell Yuxin something but she wont listen so he grabs Yuxun hand and takes her on a date sort of. They have a moment. Yunhai is putting a decal on his car that looks like a weed resprestened by Yuxun name. his sister gives him the idea to get her to help with her homework. Duo Er goes to Aliceton and talks to Yuxun and being his tutor and explains his persona. He does ask her and takes her to his car to review the homework. He reads a pomen he wrote about her we can assume, but they hear a cat and they try to find an owner for it. Dou Er goes to a party to network meet potentials and sees Shou there he grabs her and they run off together.

Episode 11: They go to the amuzment park and theres her old boyfriend and he gets mad at her and them and the whole situation.  Yu Xin has a birthday on an island here she thinks Yunhai is kind of cute when shes childish, but couldn’t never accept if Du Mu is around. The boys rigged a the dance partners so Yuxun and Yunhai could dance together. WHen she realises hes gonna dance with her but an accident occurs and she turns and accident’y kisses him. She runs away and he chases her she threats that shes gonna jump off the dock she does and he jumps in after her even though he doesn’t know how to swim. Yuxun saves him and pulls him to the shore and preforms CPR on him he wakes up smiling, they both say never to repeat what happend that night.  Yuxin takes her to change her clothes when she gets back to the party Yuxun tells her not to leave for Lei sake. Lei comes and inturputs them Yuxin is going to leave anyways.  Yuxun the next day tries to pursude him to go to Yuxin in London. He does after she tells him that Yuxin doesn’t really have a boyfriend. Get back home Yuxun finds a home for the kitten, Yunhai and Yuxun get stuck on the island when delivering bag the new owner of the cat left. They have to wait for the nest fiary the next mornig. They go to the beach where Yuxun get injured.

Episode12: Yunhai carries her around to look for ahospital there she realises that she may actually kind of like him. They can’t find one thats open so he brings her back to the beach where he makes a fire and then he falls and faints because he has a fever then he kisses her.  In the morning she finds his jacket on her and they go back to the mainland to attend schoo. At school Shaunggaun and Shou bug them about being alone together the whole night. Its goes to moments between Lei x Yunxin and Yunhai x Yuxun. When Yunhai and Yuxun go to visit the cat on the way home he tells her shes pretty when she smiles and asks her if they should start dating. Before she can anser the phone rings and its Duamu Lei calling to tell her hes coming back.

Episode 13:  When Lei returns he sees Yuxun with Yunhai and Shaungguan an Shou and Lei finds out that Yunhai will be or is dating Yuxun. They go golfing and Lei tells Yuxun that hes done with Yuxin whiles Yuxun is comforting him Yunhai comes up and punches him. Shaungguan and Shou get Yunhai off of him and he walks away. Lei says that he just announced the Yuxun and himself are dating. Yunhai confronts Lei and Yuxun with Shangguan and Shou watching. Yuxun chooses Lei and Lei chooses Yuxun and Yunhai tells Lei he hopes he doesn’t regeret his disicion. He takes her on a date the next day but they dont click. Later that week Yunhai and Lei decided to have a compitition at rock climbing if Lei loses he has to get kicked out of school.

Episode 14: The next day Yunhai and Lei have the compition. Lei loses and Yunhai tells him to leave the school by next weel.  Duo Er finds out what her brother is up to and she makes them have a fair compition this one involves Chu Yuxun Lei on one team Yunhai, Shaunngaun and SHou on another team for basket ball. At night After practising all day Yuxun goes home to see Yunhai waiting for her. SHe tells him shes been practicing very hard he just listens looking sad, and then he grabs her and hugs her. and Asks do you hate me that much? Yuxun doesn’t want to push him away. and ask tell me you like me is it really that hard? and goes in for a kiss yuxun is a in a day dream untill she realises and pushes him away. He asks do you hate me that much? you like him that much? and then she says sorry and he runs away. Yuxun and Lei practice hard to try and beat them.

Episode 15: Yunhai sees them practising. They go to the compition but Yunhai doesn’t show up. At home Yunhai asks Do Er to book a flight back to australia for him. Yuxun uncle looses all the family money so she needs to get a second  job and she starts working fo Duo Ers exboyfriend.  Lei makes his peace with Yuxun and Yunhai tells Lei not to tell about him going to Australia. but the next day Lei does anyways. Beofre Yunhai leaves he sends a text msg to Yuxun saying he hopes she will be forver happy. Yuxun tries calling back but he doesn’t answer she wantst to know who it is. She cals Yunhais phone but he still wont answer the next day Yuhai is at the airport with his friends saying good bye.

Episode 16: Right when he leaves we see Yuxun come but she doesn’t make it and he leaves. And the rest of the F4 and Yuxun goes home. Lei comes to dinner with Yuxun family during dinner they hear a report that Yunhais flight has gone missing. No one knows where it is and everyone is extremly worried. Alone outside Yuxun thinks about Yunhai and how he could maybe be dead.

Episode 17: She sees a shooting star and prays that hes still alive. When all of sudden he appears. He didn’t bored the plane because she didn’t come to see him off. He kinda flirts with her and she sorta flirts back but she tells him that they should be good friend they get into an argument about how she wont like him and why shes still with Lei. He knows that deep down she really likes him she just can’t see it yet. He leaves and goes back home. The next day Yuxun in babysitting and has to cancel on her and Leis date but Yunhai comes and he takes them both to an amusment park. Lei sees Yuxin and they go to coffee but on the way to coffee Yunhai Yuxun and the kid are coming back from the amusment park and they meet. Her uncle get yunhai to pay for all the plants they have to pay off so debt and Yuxun finds out and gets mad at them both. Lei takes her shopping with Shaungguan and her friend. She needs to find another job so Lei hooks her up with one.

Episode 18: Lei found work for her at a resturant. He takes her to a the western restuarnt where she will be working to get used to the surroundings. WHile they are sitting they see yunhai. He comes up and tells Lei he wants to talk to Yuxun alone he wants to give her money that her uncle can repay back, but she doesn’t want to take it. He leaves angry. He gets work at the resturant with her. He messes up a lot, but he has a goal and nothing will deter him from it.

Episode 19: Lei decides to take Teakwando lessons with Yuxun but he doesn’t really like it.  While at a music store Yuxun and Lei run into Yuxin Lei and Yuxin talk and Yuxun gets upset and leaves and goes to work.  She gives yunhai a ride home. Lei decides to give up on Teakwando. Shaunnguan and Shou ask Yuxun to fill in Yunhais shift at work that evening. When Yuxun gets to work she is asked to wear a new uniform a dress and be a special waitres for a special guest. The special guest in Yunhai, and hes invited her to dinner to thank her. She likes it but she can’t accept it and leaves. So she decides that hes going to study hard and beat Yuxun for the next test. He doesn’t makre it first place but the teacher does say hes improved quite a bit. But Yunhai is not happy he wants to beat Yuxun. Yunhais father gets trapped in an avalanche so Yunhai goes to save him. in a few days he comes back

Episode 20: Shou gets rejected by Dou Er. Well Long Geng does research on Yuxun. She thinks she is after Yunhais and the Mourongs money. So she goes to pay off the uncle so Yunhai and Yuxun cannot see eachother. The uncle accepts. When Yuxun finds out she gets angrey she comes and throws the money to yunhai. Yuxin gets hurt and Lei goes to see her she tries to chase after him but he regects her. Shuangguan gets dumped by his friend and her xiao yu comes and helps pay for the lunch he can’t afford. Yunhai is giving Yuxun this cold shoulder because of the money situcaiton she was

Episode 21: Long Feng invites Yuxun to Yunhais brithday party where Long Feng asks her to be her God daughter. Yunhai is not happy about it and niether is Yuxun and she makes it know that Yuxun is dating Duanmu family. She even goes as fat to give her an heirloom. Yunhai can see that Yuxun is upset and he grabs her and pulls her away. When he comes back he ask what his mom is doing. he tries to explain that she doesn’t want his money. She doesn’t listen he then tells her he Loves Yuxun and it has nothing to do with her. Lei tells Long Feng to stop her meddleing. Yuxun makes Yunhai cookies for ruining his birthday party. Shou Lee her boss trys to help her realise her true feelings for Yunhai. They meet up and she gives him the cookies.  He speachless for a time. They fight over the cookie and they have a moment. Then Lei pops up and takes her away. Yunhai and Lei stop talking to eachother because of what happend. Shou is having troublw with his brother. Yunhai is really in love with Yuxun Lei has a talk with him and says hes givin up not because he wants to but because h eknows Yuxun likes Yunhai but if anything happens he wants her back. They all become chummy again. Lei breaks up with her and leaves her on the side of the road and Yunhai picks her up. He says he likes her and to be his girl friend. He insists that he give her an answer. But they leave anyways. Later she feels her heart beating really fast. The next day he asks her again she can’t answer and they agree to give it a weeks time. WHen she gets hom someone is going to tear down the store she has mother. Dou Feng goes to talk with Yuxun they bought the store and was going to close it down. Yuxun declares war agains her mother and when Yunahi hears he surpised and super happy. Yunhai picks her up he has a surprise for her.

Episode 22: He buys the family a teashop to make up for his mother closeing their shop. While setting up the shop Dou Feng comes and starts making trouble. To make up for the money Yunhai spent she has to work as a maid in the Murong household. His dad is impressed by Yuxun and later he makes her job only helping Yunhai at his home work. The mom does give Yuxun a hard time. Shou brother cuts off his credit cards.

Episode 23: Doun Mu gives Yunhai encouragment to confess again and on a night off he takes Yuxun to look at stars and he asks them to really start going steady. He gives her a neckless she accepts him as her boyfriend for a trail period of two months. Shaun and Xiaoyu arrange a date for Yunhai and Yuxun at a hotel. His mother interupts. Xiaoyus father loses his job because Dou Feng finds out that she instigated the date at the hotel. Dou Feng pursaedes Yuxun to break up with Yunhai. Later that night Yunhai goes to see Yuxun at her house. There she officially gives it to him hard he does not take it very well. He leaves upset goes home his mother acts like she didn’t have anything to do with it and her son confides in her. Yuxun now hates Lei.

Epsidoe 24: Xiaoyu knows that Yuxun broke up with Yunhai because of her. Shuan is going to take Xiaoyu out for coffee Yuxun begs her not to tell him incase Yunhai finds out. Dou Er comes to talk to Yuxun and make sense of what happend. Yuxun uncle sells the neckles Yunhai gave her. Yunhai wants to return back the necklace.

Episode 25: Daunmu buys the necklace and gives it to Yuxun at that moment Yunhai comes he wants to have a talk with her about what happend before he leaves but he sees her with Daunmu and all hell breaks loose. Yunhai leaves for Australia and Shanguan and Xiayu are have probelms with their friendship. Yunhais friends find out what really happend between Yuxun Yunhai and his mother.

Episode 26: Ye Shou decideds to leave school. Yuxun misses Yunhai she declares to Lei and the world that she will forget Yunhai. At that moment in australia Yunhai wakes up from his sleep breathing heavy like he heard her and his phone rings its his sister. We assume when hes done talkign to her he finially looks at the e-mails. At school Yunhai shows up and asks if it was his mother that made her break up with him. She tries to ignore it and run away but he grabs her and tells her that hes been living in a nightmare since they broke up and he starts shakeing her. Saying Stuff like what do you think I’m made of why do you do this to me blah blah… Lei comes to rescue her from yunhais grip. Lei tries to talk some sense into Yunhai. Yunhai goes to check in with his mother who keeps leing to him further. Telling him that Lei and Yunxun are dating again so Yunhai goes to beat up Lei. They become enemys again. Daun Mu Tells her that he wants to go back to protecting her. At the end we see Youshou get taken by the police because of what he did the Dou Feng

Episode 27: Shaungguan Duanmu and Yuxun go to ask Yunhai to ask his mother to get him out of prision, but he refuses. SO they go to speak to his mother but as she goes on to her Yunhai turns up and tells her to shut up and leave she and the boys leave. But Yunhai later tells his mother he thinks they should just drop ouShou charges but she wont. Yunhai goes to confront Ye SHou about what happend and ends up punching him Han Feng comes and she has no choice but to let Ye Shou go before he sues Yunhai. SO yunhai has actually saved him. Yunhai wants to go back to Aliceton when he does he starts ignoring Yuxun. Ye Shou tels Dou Er what her mother did to Yuxun to break up with Yunhai. At school Yuxun tries to secretly help him out in his presute to study. Theres a new girled the his mother tries to set him up with named Vincey

Episode 28: He takes Viny to the amusment park, she cant handel the rides like Yuxun. Vincey wants to see Yunhai school. Ther Yuxun sees Vincey and Yunhai together this makes Yuxun jealous and she walks away heart broken. Vinvey goes back to american and Yunhais dad finds out what Han Feng did and tells Yunhai. Yunhai goes to find Yuxun, he asks if she likes Duan Mu she tells him at first she liked him. he miss understands and gets angry. His father comes up with a plan to get Yuxun and Yunhai in a play together as the star leads.

Episode 29: Yunhai at first doesn’t want to take the lead but does it because Yuxun will be the female lead. When Yuxun finds out shes been picked to play the female lead she tries to get out but is forced. She shows up to the hersal but tells them all that shes quitting. Yunhai runs after and asks if its him. She says yes its because Vincey kissed him later that night he realises that Yuxun is jealous of Vincey, this makes him happy. He tries to explain to Yuxun that she was a classemate from elemntary school. But Yuxun has too much of a big head to listen. He gets into a huge fight with his mom and leaves the house. Yuxun finds out.

Episode 30: Yunhai mother cuts off credit cards his sister helps him out for the time being. Yuxun tries to give him the necklace he gave her back so he can have some money to live off of. But he throws it in the pool. Dounmu gets it for her and Yunhai thinks they are back together again. Meanwhile the Mourong family is getting for a stockmarket scandel.

Episode 31:Xioli wasa cause for theMourongs investigation, but feels regret for causes this revenge.Yunhai manages to go home to help out and his father has to go to prision till they can clear the Mourtongs name. Yunhai goes to work to provide for his family. At school Yuxun tries to help him with his study by telling him which books he should read, but he doesn’t listen she asks if hes still mad about the necklace. Hes not hes mad about how she always compaires him to Duanmu and how hes going to prove hes better then him. Han Feng is so stressed by everything she passes out and goes to the hospital. We see Yunhai leave the hospital angry and Do Er with yuxun following him.

Episode 32: Yunhai beats up Xiao Li Dou Er and Yuxun get him off of him. Yunhai goes outside and Yuxun follows him he cries and Yuxun goes to wipe the tear off his face he grabs her hand and they have a moment. Xiao Li wants to beg the famiyl for forgiveness. Yunhai makes a best with Xiao Li in regares to racing whoever wins will get waht they want forgiveness or to leave the family alone. Yuxun is having a birthday party and is iffy about inviting Yunhai but Yunhai is hiding in the bushes at her shop and when she forgets her phone he over hears her conversation with Doun Mu Li about how they can only be friens. Yuxun invites him to the brithday party. When Yunhai leaves while closing up the shope Yuxun and Duanmu Li hear Yunhai yell stop. A woman is injured and Yunhai and Yuxun go to chase down the car that hit the woman. Duanmuli passes out at the site of blood.

Episode 33:Yunhai and Yuxun cut off the van and beat up the guys inside Yunhai gets hit with a bat atrying to protect Yuxun and goes uncioncious the men flee the police chase after them. Yuxun is crying over Yunhais unconcious body. Dunmu pulls up and they put him in the car to take him to emerg. In the car he wakes up to Yuxun telling him that she will never fight with him again and listen to everything he has to say if he wakes up. Yunhai asks Duanmu to take them back to the car there he make Yuxun pick between himself and Duanmu Yuxun picks Yunhai finaly. When Duanmu drives off he grabs Yuxun tells her he felt fortunate whens he cried for him and they make out. He drops her off at home and after a cute moment. SHe has a dream about Yunhai falling of the bride. The next day he takes her on a date to look for stuff for her brithday. There he announces that he loves her and calls her Mrs. Mourong. She accept and they kiss and everything is good. The next day is her party so he buys her a present but he is still is having terrible head problems. He ses Xiai Li and he gets him to race with him. Yunhai wins.

Epispde 34: Yunhai wins, but as he makes his way to Yuxun party she calls him worndering where he is. WHen he hangs up he has another head episode and crashes into a tree. Hes taken to emerg where his family friends a Yuxun are all with him. The mother blaims her for his misfortune. Duan Mu takes Yuxun away since they mother is being unreasonble. For some reason Vincy comes back. The only person that can fix Yunhai is Duanmu father and Han feng begs him to call his father. On the day of the surgery Yuxun beleives his mother wont want her there so she goes to a temple to pray. At the temple Duan Mu and Yuxun get a call saying that Yunhai surgery was a success. Unfortunatlly Yunhai can only remember his family and Vincey he can’t remember his friends and the Dr. said they shouldn’t try and force him to remember it could cause problems to his brain.

Episode 35: His mom makes Yunhai beleive that Vency is his real girlfriend. She begs Yuxun to leave them alone and if his momery comes back she will let them be together. Yuxun agrees relectantly. Yunhai keeps having flashbacks of a girl and his time with Yuxun but can’t recall who it is or very vage events that had happend. He goes home and Vincey is around him a lot. His sister trys to help him out without jolting his momery to much. The boys come up with a plan to bring Yunhai to Yuxun tea shop he remembers vagely being there before but Vinecy gets him to leave before he remember more. Yuxun gets drunk that night cause shes super upset DuanMu takes her to a hotel room he doesn’t want to break her mums heart. and Shaunguan wnats to do Xiaoyu and make her his offical girlfriend but falls asleep.

Episode 36: Yuxun wakes up with a hang over Duanmu was with her up all night. He tells her to forget Yunhai and he will help her get over him but she can’t. Han Feng sugest that Vency take Yunhai back to america so they can live together. Vency is packing Yunhai things and sees a cell phone he bought for Yuxun and starts reading the texts. Vency and Dou Er have a talking too Vency wants to know who that girl in the phone is Dou Er explain to Vincey what Yuxun is to Yunhai and what Yunhai is to Yuxun, and tries to make her realise that he really doesnt love her. Shianguan tells her that he likes her and says hes never been kissed before so Xiayu kisses him on the lips and they continue to kiss after she tells him those lips are hers. That teacher comes and helps Lei with the piano i guess they have a moment its not clear. He tells her he could die for her but he has to live for Yuxun since shes in so much pain because of Yunhai.  Yunhai tells his mother he doesn’t want to leave because hes confused and he tells her that something in China is holding him there and if he goes to America he will regret it forever. his heart feels heavy but his mother still tells him its best if he leaves. Yeu Shou and Do Er have a moment with a present he gave her it has a big pearl in it he tells her he wants them to be together.  Do Er is touched  he asks if her heart is ready now…and she sorta doesn’t say anything but nods and very slowly they go in for a kiss. Vincey decides to tear up his ticket so that he can find what hes lookign for here. So his friends help him find a way to Yuxun. They reinacted the scene the first episode where they first met. Yuxun is on her back starts riding up the street, Duanmu is driving. Douanmu goes to hit the bike and she does what she did last time. Yunhai tells duanmu to swerve out of the way. they hit Yuxun, He kinda remember hitting someone from the past. He sees her and they start having the same fight they did in the first season. He sorta remembers saying the before. Then she starts calling him a pig to jolt his memory. WE think he remembers since he starts remember all their moments. He says this feelign its so familiar like something was missing in my heart. have we known eachother for a long time? Whats your name? She cries. and everyone is happy.

Likes: Very different from other versions, but very similar, his mother actually has feelings in this version. so recent that they are talking about the swine flu. The kiss scene the girl actualy kisses him its not like Korean dramas like bof where the guy just barely grazes her lips and hes the only one that half puckers up the girl just standing there silently with her lips unpressed unmoved like she doesn’twant it..we all know she does…so stupid..anyways this one even tho more action on the girl part would be good. but its way better then the others so cute..and they dont just kiss once or twice through the series they accidently kiss twice…and they actually make out once he actually tries to kiss her once and she rejects and then she kisses him on the cheek.  when they are actually together they plan to kiss..its just so refreshing…

Dislikes: Some of their voices are very winey and high pitched. it takes a long time for anything to happen between the two of them, but i guess i like it better because it shows that he realy thought about it before likeing her. It takes way to long for them to get together and then they rush it at the end with no clear understanding of what really is suppose to happen.


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