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Ranma Forever Season 7 (1992)

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Love Ranma fricken Love Ranma. Even though this isn’t the best season I still love it. I know this took me a while to update I was super busy. I still am super busy, but I’m on holiday so I have ample amounts of time to waste YAY. Plus I kinda rewatched Avatar, cause I love it and lots and lots of period dramas, and I read a ton of books.

Episode 137:“Tatewaki Kuno, Substitute Principal”-The Principal makes Tatewaki in charge of the school as a substitute principal while he is gone on vacation. Gosunkugi wants to join Tatewaki’s force Nabiki joins for the money. He enforced to many strict rules and Ranma keeps on getting in breaking all of them. Akane comes up with a plan. Nabiki helps out the school by setting Ranma up with a secret plan.

Episode 138:“Ranma’s Greatest Challenge!?”-Happosai arranges a training competition for Ranma that revolves around the game Kick the can. Akane is worried about Ranma , if he looses he can’t carry on the “Anything Goes School of Martial Arts”. But Ranma wins.

Episode 139: “Nihao! Jusenkyo Guide”The Jusenkyo guide comes to Japan to find the connecting Japanese water spring to China’s Jusenkyo’s spring. It just so happens that the Japan spring is right in the Tendo’s Koi pond. Mousse, Ryoga, and Shampoo hear about it. Genma and Soun will make Akane and Ranma marry once he’s turned into a full fledged man. Ryoga decides he will confess his love to Akane, Mousse thinks he will finally be able to be with Shampoo, Shampoo thinks once she’s no longer a cat Ranma will love her. When the Jusenkyo guide does some ritual that’s suppose to make the water connect, Ryoga accidently trips one of the sacred ropes and no one is able to change back. The next time they will be able to do it is 1000 years from now and the Jusenkyo guide leaves. They all forget to ask him to take them with him back to China.

Episode 140: “Pick-a-Peck o’ Happosai” -Kasumi gets cards from the Kuno’s school Bazaar and they posses Happosai. Ranma and Akane find a way to get Happosai back to his old self by destroying the cards.

Episode 141: “From the Depths of Despair – Part 1”-Ryoga gets a new technique that uses his depression and despair energy to turn it and use it against his appointment. He is able to beat Ranma for the first time. Ranma goes to great strengths to try and learn it. He tries to learn it from the old ghoul but she tells him that he doesn’t have what it takes to handle it and tells him to give it up. Ranma has visions of the Tendo family wanting Ryoga to be the savior and protector of the family. While no one wants Ranma to do anything because he’s a weakling. Ranma finds out his secret. Ryoga comes and they have a battle of the most depressed.. nothing gets resolved and they decided to battle it out in a weeks time.



Sailor Moon Season 1 English/ Japanese

So I know its been forever, but I’m finally done the first season of Sailor Moon in English and Japanese.

Sailor Moon has always been one of my favorite child hood memories. The English version airing September 11, 1995 on YTV in Canada. This was an instant hit with me. I loved it, I was 10 and this really started my obsession with Anime…

So what’s sailor moon about. Long ago, Princes Serena from the moon kingdom fell in love with Prince Darien from the earth. It was a peaceful time until Queen Beryl and her followers Decide to take over the moon Kingdom. Darien protects Princess Serena, but he gets captured by queen Beryl as she wants him for her own Dark Kingdom. Serena follows him and they both end up getting captured by queen Beryl. Queen Serenity sees her daughter and her friends being captured and decides to used the Imperium silver crystal to transfer her daughter, Prince Darien, the sailor soldiers; Mercury, Venus, mars, Jupiter, and her two cat companions; Luna and  Artemis to a new time so they can live again. to do this she has to trap also queen Beryl and her followers. Using this power queen Serenity faints and we assume she dies. Everyone gets transferred to modern day Tokyo. Where Serena a clumsy dumb, cry baby, who acts nothing like a princess becomes sailor moon, when Luna finds her and tells her queen Beryl has risen again. Slowly she and the sailor scouts Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter and tuxedo mask prince  Darien are all awakened to fight against the revived evil.

Some Major Differences between the Japanese and English version.

1. The names Serena is Usagi in the Japanese, personally I like it better. Also her name is Princess Serenity. Not Princess Serena. Darien’s name is Mamoru, I like this better as well. His Prince name is Endymion. Its ok I guess. Litas name is Makoto.

2. English version they changed Serena’s voice to much, and its wayyyyyy annoying. I really like the Japanese voice actor Kotono Mitsuishi, but honestly if she were the voice actor in English I think it would be annoying. The first girl in the first ep had the best voice to Serena in the English version. Darien’s voice is annoying too! Mamoru so much better.

3. They say die a lot in the Japanese version and I think I only heard it once in the English version.

4. They cut a so many sense out in the English version. Some scene that don’t even matter and others like the the last episode which is actually two ep in Japanese.

5. There is five episodes that they never aired in English, ep2. “Punish Them! The House of Fortune is the Monster Mansion”, ep 5. “A Monster’s Scent! Chanela Steals Love”, ep 6. “Protect the Melody of Love! Usagi is a Cupid”, ep 20 “The Summer! The Ocean! Our Youth! And a Ghost, Too”, ep 42. “Sailor Venus’ Past, Minako’s Tragic Love”. Not to mention the last episode 40, which is actually ep 45 and 46 in Japanese together.

6. Ep 18 22 in Japanese. they cut a out the best scene where Tuxedo Mask is dancing with Serena and they fall off the Balcony, the English version pretend that they got back onto the balcony and ran down stairs but really they both fell off the balcony and landed using and umbrella. WHY DID THEY REMOVE THAT, That was the bestest part ever!.

6. The last episode in Japanese Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars die protecting Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon wants to give up but gets a vision of her friends that gives her courage and she continues on. She gets taken to Queen Beryl and there Prince Endymion tries to destroy her he strangles her electrocutes her, and kicks her she gets him back but soon after dies in sailor moons arms after protecting her from queen Beryl blows. Queen Beryl disappears as Prince Endymion has hit her before he goes goes down. You have scene where Usagi is about to kiss Endimyon but doesn’t She then faces Beryl and realizes that she’s going to have to destroy herself with the crystal to defeat Beryl. She does everyone is dead including usagi, but usagis dream to become a normal girl gets made into a reality due to the crystal and they are all reborn in their same lives with out a memory of their battle with queen Beryl and Queen matali, which is called the Negaforce in the english version.

Got to say the last ep was SOOOOO much better in Japanese if you haven’t watched sailor moon in Japanese yet do yourself a favor and watch it now! 10/10/// 100/100 soo good!

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Nickelodeon in May 2010 has announced that a mini series, a sequel if you will, to the last Air Bender… in May I was just getting out of the series and finished watching all three season. I had no idea this was going on. Before the actual M night Shamalam The last air Bender disaster movie came out more information was leaked. The new show is called Avatar: The legend of Korra. The series will be released sometime in 2011.

75 years after Aangs Avatar adventure Korra is the next Avatar from the Southern Water Tribe. Korra is “a rebellious girl who is hotheaded, independent and “ready to take on the world”. Apparently Korra is looking for Tenzin, Aang and Kataras child to teach her the last element which is Airbending. She heads to a placed called Republic City, all four nations live in this one city after 75 years things have changed in the Avatar world but the creators tried to keep the same feel as the original Avatar. “Here Korra must deal with rampant crime and an anti-bender revolt.”

“The show will be darker and more mature than the original show, though the creators are not trying to target a new audience (saying the original was filled with adult themes), with more mature themes, but will also try to balance it out with a similar sense of fun and adventure of the original series.”


Ranma ½ Season 6 “Random Rhapsody” (1991-1992)

Season 6

Well I think Season 6 is my favorite. It probably wont be everyones favorite I just like it cause there are so many cute episodes. The only thing I have to complain about is ….not enough Ryoga episodes.

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Episode 113: “Dear Daddy… Love, Kodachi!” – Kodachi finally meets her father: Tatewaki who can’t stand his father hats that he’s taken over all his roles as head of the house hold. Tatewaki gets really angry when he realizes his father has taken over Kodachi parent teacher interview- something that he’s done up until now. They have a fight and all of the sudden the principal decides to go back to island and Tatewaki gets to take his sister to the parent teacher conference.

Episode 114: “Enter Gosunkugi, The New Rival!?” -Akane has prepared lunch for the whole family and Ranma wont take the lunch to school. There’s a new creepy guy at the school named Gosunkugi. While chasing Ranma on the way to school, Akane runs into him and they become friends. He tries to offer her a voodoo doll but she doesn’t accept it. Gosunkugi ends up in Ranma and Akane class and at lunch when Akane tries to give Ranma the lunch she made, he wont accept it so she gives it to Gosunkugi, but Ranma wont let him have it either-cute. Akane and Ranma argue over the food and it spills all over Gosunkugi. Akane gets upset and runs out. Gosunkugi is mad at Ranma and realizes that Akane is betrothed to Ranma he plans on saving her from him. Gosunkugi believes he has powers and he tries to use them to break them apart. On the way home Ranma tries to apologize to Akane but she wont listen. He grabs her and she wonders what’s going on he then points out a huge hole the Gosunkugi has dug. At home they order take out and Akane realizes that no one wants to eat her cooking and she stops making lunches for everyone. On the way to school Ranma notices that Akane was looking at cooking books. Gosunkugi is still trying to get Ranma but is failing. Ranma decides he’s going to tell the truth about Akane’s cooking to Gosunkugi, but Akane over hears. She hits him and tells him that she knows her food is bad that’s why she’s practicing. On the way home he buys the book that Akane was looking at for cooking. Gosunkugi invites Ranma and Tatewaki to the roof and he himself dresses up as Akane. He was trying to make them fight but it back fired and Gosunkugi gets hurt. In the nurses room Akane gives Gosunkugi the lunch she made for Ranma and Ranma gives him some antacid pills.


Ranma ½ : Big Trouble in Nekonron China

This Movies Air Date in Japan was in between Episode 118 ” Ryoga Inherits the Soatome School?” and Episode 119 “Tendo Family Goes to the Amusement Park!” Ranma’s voice goes back to little childish Ranma which is kind of confusing but lol its ok. This was pretty good I liked it. Same as usual though Akane gets kidnaped and Ranma and his friends and family go to save her nothing out of the ordinary here.

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It’s just a typical day at the Tendo house hold Ranma trying to keep Happosai from taking Akane’s panties. Akane thinking Ranma is a pervert. Ranma chases Happosai Akane chases Ranma, they run into Ryoga and he gets splashed and turned into a P-Chan he starts chasing them. Ranma runs into shampoo, she starts chasing Ranma. Ranma gets turned into a girl Tatewaki sees her and starts chasing them as well. Mousse sees Shampoo running after Ranma and joins in. The boy in the mail box whose in love with Ukyo takes her store sign and follows the procession of people following Ranma their fore Ukyo follows the boy in the mail box. Azula and her partner join in as well as Kodachi and her father. Just about everyone you can think of including a big baby, the 4 bald guys, a the big ghost cat, and the Gambling king. Yup just the usual.

A huge burst of black smoke and red lightning comes up from behind them and sends everyone (the main characters Ranma, Akane, Shampoo, Mousse, Ryoga, Happosai) flying into the Tendo house. The black smoke and lightning is actually a girl and her elephant from China. Her name is Lychee and she throws a scroll at Happosai which Akane picks up. All of a sudden a boat from the sky comes and when the master of the ship sees Akane with the scroll he grabs her. His name is Kirin from the impeccable school of the 7 lucky gods martial arts. Lychee has been waiting for him to come and claim her but since he saw Akane with the scroll he has taken her instead. Ranma goes after Akane but gets defeated by Kirin and they leave.


Anime Evolution 2010 Vancouver

So third years a charm right? Vancouver’s annual Anime Evolution is just around the corner. I must attend this year. All previous years either personal issues popped up or financial issues. Maybe I should explain what exactly Anime Evolution is.

What is it? Anime Evolution is like any other convention that involves geeks, cosplay and Anime. lol. But if you want the actual on site Definition “It is a three-day cultural event celebrating Asian culture, with an emphasis on Japanese animation and gaming.” This year it is being held at UBC (University of British Columbia) and is run by a volunteer staff who are unpaid in Vancouver B.C. Canada.

The Convention started in 1998 as 1 day Japanese animation public viewing by SFU (Simon Fraser University) Altered Reality Club (ARC). Slowly over the years they expanded into a 3 day convention. In 2003 the local campus event went to a fully public convention and joined forces with other local anime clubs: “the Vancouver Japanese Animation Society (VJAS), the Vancouver Sleep is for Wimps Anime Team (VSWAT), and the UBC Anime Club.” The attendance grew from 300 to 1,200+ with last years attendance over 5,000.

“We are proud to be supported by the efforts of local fan organizations in the Vancouver area, as well as industry and other groups in North America and Japan. We are also committed to giving back to the community and our charity of choice has been the SFU Food bank since 1999 along with the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation since 2005.”

As I work with children on a daily biases in line with BC Children’s Hospital and is a pervious BCCH patient myself, I love the fact that something as amazing and fun as the Anime Evolution will give back some of its profits to our local community.

Now that you know all about this exciting annual event in B.C. I hope all of you Vancouverites with your Canadian flags and rain boots, dressed in your best Sailor Moon/ Ranma/ Nurto cosplay will be willing and ready to meet, expand, and most importantly have fun with other Anime/Manga gaming fans.


Ranma ½ Season 5 “Martial Mayhem” (1991)

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Season 5

This season wasn’t bad they had a few cute episodes. A lot of filler episodes which I hate but what can you do. Ryoga my fav is hardly in any of them. But I suppose un announced Akane and Ranma are officially dating so thats kinda good I guess. Anyway its a good season not great just feels like a continuation of the last season nothing really new happens.

Episode 89: “Gimme That Pigtail” -Four men are on the search for the dragons whisker and apparently Ranma has it. Ranma is able to fight them off but he starts acting weird after he hears that they want the Dragons whisker and Akane notices. The four men try numerous schemes to get Ranma. Ranma explains to the family that the Dragon Whisker is in his hair and if it were to come off of him something messy would happen. At school Akane wonders why Ranma wont explain further about what will happen -she wants to help him. Ranma gets caught by the four men with paralysis powder and Akane sees him, she runs to help him, but its to late they have the Dragon Whisker. Akane manages to get the whisker back but when she returns it to Ranma he screams….”DON’T LOOK AT ME” and runs away. Akane runs after Ranma into the PE storage shed and thinks she sees Ranma sitting behind a piece of equipment. Then Akane notices something moving on the floor.

Episode 90: “When a Guy’s Pride and Joy is Gone” -Ranma begs Akane not to look and to go away. Ranma tells her the story when he was in China he ate a secret hair growth formula and now his hair wont stop growing unless he ties it with the Dragon whisker. Akane is able to stop his hair growing it by quickly braiding it a re-tying it with the dragons whisker. Hopposai and Genma hear about Ranma’s balding cure and on the way home Hopposai comes after Ranma, Ranma pushes Akane out-of-the-way from the Hopposai fire burst. Genma comes and saves Ranma from Happosai’s anger, but really Genma wants the dragon whisker for himself he gets it and Ranma’s hair starts growing again. When Ranma in girl form his hair stops growing. The Ghoul comes and tells Ranma if he doesn’t get it back in a week he’s going to run out of hair and be permanently bald. Genma can’t figure out how to make the whisker work so Hopposai steals it from Genma but he can’t figure it out how to use it either. Ranma goes after Hopposai using his long locks to defeat him but after a while Ranma’s hair stops growing he thinks he’s used all his hair up in battle but it’s just the effect of the formula has now worn off.


Summer Wars

So I had and extremely long night of Anime tonight (which was actually 3 days ago) first we watched Trigun-to be honest watched the first 11 episodes and I kind of hated it. Do you think its worth it to watch it till the end? Anyways my friend finally wanted to change shows which I thanked her kindly as the boys wanted to watch Trigun till the end -I was seriously going to crack if I had to watch another Trigun episode. We watched a movie, an Anime movie called Summer Wars. Its about a boy named Kenji Koiso who gets hired to be Natsuki Shinohara (a girl he’s crushing on) boyfriend for 4 days while visiting family for her 90 old grandma birthday party. Yes, I know your thinking not another love story, but this is where it gets interesting Kenji is a math genius and one night he gets an anonymous text with a bunch of numbers in it. He figures out the code and pattern and the next day in the news theirs a picture of him and warrant out for his arrest. He’s been wrongfully accused as a hacker to a mainstream virtual reality real life simulator as contradictory as it sounds lol. The A.I. Hacking program starts controlling things like traffic lights and gps. They find out what and who the hacker actually is. Himself and Natsuki’s family go on a virtual reality hunt for the Avatar hacker so they can save their real world when they find out the Avatar can intercept missiles and satellites.

I liked it, not my favorite but I liked it. It has its romance which as you probably know is my undoing lol. The animation was really well done loved the animation. Story line was entertaining and it had a little bit of everything for everyone, Sadness, love, family, saving the world, uniting people, death, humor, and high tech computer stuff. Maybe they should of focused on one or two main themes but they were trying to make this movie appeal to everyone and for the most part it was done well and mostly made sense to the story line. Worth a watch, watch it. Even though it wasn’t my favorite I’m giving it a 5/5 because it deserves it.

Avatar: The last Air Bender Book 3

I couldn’t wait till I was done with the last season review. It seemed to have taken forever to finish it. But now I get to start on the 3rd season. Guys I really really really loving this series. Ok So here’s what I hope and expect of this season. They beat the fire lord lol. Aang and Katara make their feelings known for real this season. Zuko stops being a douchbag. Azula dies. Sokka ends up with Suki. Sokka and Katara get to see their dad. I hope at least for the last battle that the fight scene are epic and again I hope Sokka stays his quirky hilarious self.

Season 3 Book 3 Fire

Episode 1: “The Awakening” -Aang wakes up in a fire nation ship with an injury and bandages all over. He panics and tries to get off the ship when someone sees him. He runs out to the main deck and runs into Momo, Katara, Toph, Bato and Sokka. Katara runs and hugs him this all become a little much for him and Aang passes out. When he wakes up he asks why everyone is dressed like the fire nation and why are they on the ship. Katara tells him to take it easy he’s been out of it for a few weeks. She then adds she likes his hair. Aang is flabbergasted that he has hair. Katara’s dad comes and introduces himself and she acts kind of coldly to him. Aang wonders if she’s mad at him and she says she’s not. Aang starts hurting from his wounds and Katara takes him below to heal him. When he’s getting healed he has a vision of himself getting hurt as the Avatar and Katara hovering over his body. He realizes that he actually died and Katara brought him back. Katara’s not sure what she did Aang replies that she saved him. She tells him to rest. Sokka tells Aang about how he got to the fire-ship. After what happened they needed help and flew to their father’s ship. Their fathers crew captured a fire-ship and since then have made it their disguise. Aang wants to know what the next steps are. With out the earth king they can’t have a huge army. During the solar eclipse they are planning for a small group of friends and allies from across the earth kingdom. The eclipse isn’t only their advantage they have Aang and everyone across the earth thinks he’s dead. Aang doesn’t think its good news that everyone thinks he’s dead. At that moment a real fire-ship comes they discover that their ship is an imposter and a battle starts at sea. Aang really cant stand not being able to help but if he does the fire nation will know he’s alive. All of a sudden a sea serpent goes after the Fire Fleet and they are able to get away. Aang is in his room when the gang invites him out for dinner, but in order to conceal his identity he has to cover up the arrow on his head. Aang doesn’t want to go. Toph and Sokka leave while Katara stays. She knows why being a secret bothers him, he doesn’t want people to think he’s failed again. She guess’s right and tells him that he didn’t fail and the earth kingdom hasn’t fallen for good and they have their invasion plan. Aang gets angry and says he hates the invasion plan doesn’t want her or anyone else risking their lives to fix his mistakes. He asks Katara to leave. Aang needs to redeem himself and get his honor back. Later Katara goes to get him food but he’s gone. Katara runs to her dad in tears. Angry and upset that Aang just took off on a ridiculous notion of saving the world Alone. Her father tells her maybe that’s his way of being brave. She tells him it’s not brave its stupid and selfish and she knows the world needs him but they need him too how could he just leave them behind. The father realizes that she’s also talking about him as well they talk and reconcile. Aang is having trouble escaping with his injuries. When all looks lost Roku tells him that it wasn’t Aang’s fault it was himself and he inherited Roku’s problems and his mistakes at that moment Princess Yue from the moon tells him to not give up. Aang gets courage and makes it to a crescent deserted island in the fire nation. Sokka Toph and Katara find him passed out on the beach Katara runs up and hugs him. and they all have a group hug. Aang has a lot to do and they say they will give him their help. Aang takes his glider and burns he now knows that know one can know he’s alive.

Zuko has made his way on the boat Mai likes Zuko and kisses him. Zuko gets accepted back into the Fire Nation. Azula tells her father that Zuko killed the Avatar but they both know that the Avatar may not be dead. Zuko’s father accepts him back, but when he finds out that the Avatar is not dead Zuko will be shunned again maybe even worse.


Avatar: The Last Air Bender Book 2 Earth

Before I watch the next Season here are a few things I hope will happen. More excitement and more episodes revolving around his goal. I hope Katara and Aang can begin at least to appreciate each other more maybe fall in love a little bit. I hope that they involve prince Zuko and he’s not chasing after them the whole entire time. I just hope Sokka stays the way he is hilarious and I hope Aang can grow up a little. Yes he’s 12 but he also has to save the world. Oh and I hope Sokka and Katara can be a little bit nicer to Aang they seem kind of bitchy sometimes to him he’s a little boy for crying out loud.

Season 2 Book 2 Earth

Episode 1: “The Avatar State” -Katara Sokka and Aang make it to the Earth kingdoms military base to get an escort to Omashu. The general thinks Aang is powerful enough now when he’s in his Avatar state. Aang can’t control his Avatar state and is apprehensive to it on with out controlling it. The General guilt’s Aang into trying to bring it about. Katara is concerned about Aang and tells him at the Air Temple when he saw the skeletons of his old friends and turned into the Avatar state. She saw him get so upset that he wasn’t himself. She wants him to understand that the people who love him and watch him be in that much rage and pain is really scary. he’s glad that he told her but he has no choice. Katara tells him she will not watch him do it. That night Aang has a dream and it changes his mind about the Avatar state. The General still tries to make him change and uses Katara to bring it on. Aang gets really angry when he sees Katara in danger he turns into the Avatar state and destroys the training courtyard. All of a sudden he goes into Satori and Avatar Roku explains that the Avatar state is a defense mechanism designed to empower him with the skills and knowledge of all the pervious Avatars. The glowing is the combination of all his past lives focusing their energy to his body, he is the most powerful in his Avatar state but also the most vulnerable. If he dies in Avatar state the Avatar cycle will be broken and Avatars will cease to exist. Aang turns back to normal and leaves the military base. Meanwhile Zuko’s sister Azula has come to take him home she says their father needs him and regrets his decision. Iroh thinks there’s something up with the sudden change of heart but Zuko is just to happy to realize. The next day they go to bored the ship to take them home but Azula is actually there to take them home as prisoners.  Zuko is now being hunted by the Fire Nation. Zuko and his uncle decided to part ways with the Fire nation.

Episode 2: “The Cave of Two Lovers” -While Aang and Katara are practicing Water Bending a group of carefree traveling bards or in my words they meet these weed loving hippies who inform them about a secret short cut tunnel called “The Cave of Two Lovers” that will lead them straight to Omashu. The Tunnels have a curse  the old song involving the caves says whoever believes in love can get through the caves alive. With the fire nation just behind them, Aang sneaks a quick glance at Katara and says they should go through. In the cave there’s a cave in and Aang, Katara and Appa get separated from the rest. They find a tomb in the middle of the tunnel where the learn the story of the two lovers who created the tunnels. “Love is brightest in the dark” with a picture of the two lovers kissing. Katara comes up with a crazy idea that if love is the way out maybe if they kiss they could find the way. Aang is a little shocked by her sudden idea. Katara knows its crazy and gives up. Aang repeats it again “us kissing?!” Katara starts laughing saying “could you imagine”. Aang tells her that he defiantly wouldn’t want to kiss her. Katara gets kind of ticked and to make the situation better ..or worse Aang tells her that he’d rather kiss her then die ….as a compliment. lol. Katara walks away. And Aang wonders what’s wrong with him. The light goes out and Aang and Katara are about to see if the kiss works, but the cave roof fills with light it points to the way out. Aang tries to tell her something but Katara goes running out towards the exit. Sokka and the weed loving hippies get out using some badgers and they all end up outside of Omashu. Omashu has been taken over by the fire nation. Zuko and Iroh get help from an earth family. Zuko understand that he’s not the only one that has suffered but they take their horse in the end.

Episode 3: “Return to Omashu “ -The fire nation has taken over Omashu so they gang discreetly gets into the city using the Sewage system but they cannot find Bumi. The gang get everyone of the earth benders out of the city but Aang search the city for Bumi.  The new fire Governors baby boy gets caught up with the exit of earth benders. Aang decides to trade the baby in for Bumi. The day of the trade Azula Mai and Ty Lee show up to capture Aang. Aang is able to get Bumi, but he does not want to be saved he’s waiting of an opportune time- an opportune time to use his earth bending skills in the city. He tells Aang to find the Earth Bending Master, but Aang has no idea who it could be.

Episode 4: “The Swamp” -When the gang is flying over a swamp Aang hears the swamp calling to him. A tornado comes and Sokka Aang Appa and Katara get separated from each other. While separated they see visions of things the desire. (Kind of reminds me of Star Wars when Luke is training with Yoda in the swap on Dagobah and see Darth Vader. Lol.) Sokka see Princess Yue, Katara sees her mother and Aang sees a little girl with a flying bird dog and he follows her. The girl leads him straight to Katara and Sokka they realize that they were all led to the middle of the swamp where a huge monster comes out and a man is controlling it. The man explains about the swamp and their vision. Aang vision is someone he will meet eventually.

Episode 5: “Avatar Day” -The gang goes to a Avatar festival, but its a festival to destroy the Avatar. In Aang’s past life as Avatar Kyoshi he murdered their leader Chin the Great. Katara and Sokka have to solve the mystery and clear his name. During trail Avatar Kyoshi takes over Aang and confesses indirectly to the death of Chin the Great, he was a war lord bend on conquering her people. The fire nation comes and in the end Aang saves the villagers from the Fire nation and all is forgotten. Zuko turns into the Blue Spirit and steals supplies for his uncle and himself but his uncle does not approve of his ways and  Zuko feels like he has to find his own path and they go their separate ways.


Episode 6: “The Blind Bandit” -They Gang try and find the Earth bender master at a Earth bending tournament (basically our equivalent to pro-wrestling, its pretty funny). Here they see a little girl the un-defeated “Blind Bandit” Aang recognizes this girl from his vision. She’s a powerful Earth bender and takes out her opponent with 2 strikes. Aang knows who he needs to get to teach him, but when Aang asks for help she declines. Her parents are very over protective and very rich. Aang doesn’t give up and later Aang and Toph (the earth bender) get captured by the owner of the Earth bending Tournament, Xin Fu. Sokka and Katara go help them out and Toph defeats them all. Toph decides to go with them against her fathers will and now the Xin Fu and his guys are after them. Toph is a valuable asset to the team she uses the vibrations in the ground for her eyes site.

Zuko and his Mother Ursa

Episode 7: “Zuko Alone” -This episode goes into detail about Zuko’s past involving his mother Ursa and sister Azula. His sister and father were always evil and his mother has a kind heart. Iroh was always suppose to inherit the the throne but when his son Lu Ten dies and Iroh looses the battle and Ba Sing Se the the role of crown prince goes to Zuko’s father Ozai. The day Ursa disappears is the day Fire Lord Azulon died leading Ozai to take the throne. We find out the Zuko isn’t just a bad guy himself and fights for a kind family who has taken him in but when they find out he’s an outcast from the fire nation they are quick to get rid of him even after he helps.


Episode 8: “The Chase” -Katara is at first so happy there’s another girl on their journey, but Toph is just or more crude as the boys are and they kind of get off on the wrong foot. Toph isn’t pulling her weight in the camp and Katara wont put up with it. At night Toph feels vibrations in the ground a machine powered by Azula, Mai and Ty Lee are following them. They realize Appa is shedding and that’s how the machine is following them. Toph says a little to much, Katara and Aang get mad at Toph’s selfishness and she leaves the group. Aang takes some fir and makes a trail far away from he rest while the others are looking for Toph. Azula following Aang. Ty Lee and Mai follow Katara an Sokka. Toph runs into Iroh and they become friends Iroh is following Zuko to make sure he’s ok. Azula catches up to Aang and are about to fight when Zuko pops out. Azula is strong and almost gets Aang when Katara comes and saves him. Soon Aang Zuko Katara Sokka Iroh and Toph are all fighting Azula. She hits Iroh and injures him. They use their power against her and  there’s a big blast of energy, Azula has disappeared. Katara wants to help Iroh but Zuko tells her to leave.

Episode 9: “Bitter Work” -Toph starts teaching Aang how to earth bend. Its very hard for Aang to pick it up Earth bending is the opposite of air. Toph is extremely hard on Aang, her methods of training are very disheartening. Katara jumps in and tells Aang to take a break and practice water bending with her for a bit. Aang is frustrated that he can’t pick up the Earth bending. Katara listens and gives him to much needed pep talk. Sokka gets wedged in the group and Aang must save him Toph sees that Aang has the courage to become and Earth Bender. he’s able to use Earth Bending more fluidly and he can’t wait to show Katara when he gets back When Iroh wakes up and they decide to take down Azula and Zuko goes into to training.  Iroh teaches Zuko a new move that he made up it involves redirect Azula’s lightening through his own body.  Zuko is a little crazy probably driven by his mad father. ok.

Episode 10: “The Library” -While on a short break the gang meets a professor that tells them of a spirit library in the middle of the desert that holds vast amounts of knowledge. They go their in hopes of finding a weakness to use against the Fire Nation. Almost all the fire nation section is destroyed, but Sokka finds a piece of paper with the writing “the darkest day in Fire nations history” with a date on it. They discover on that day their was a solar eclipse, something bad happened to the nation and they lost their power during the solar eclipse. Wan Shi Tong, the spirit who owns the library sinks it when he finds out what they are using his library for and the Gang barely escape. Outside the library Toph is trying to keep the library a float while Sand benders take Appa. They gang is now trapped in the middle of the dessert with out any supplies

Episode 11: “The Desert” -Aang is so upset at everyone for loosing Appa and he goes off by himself to find him. The others decide to head in the direction to

Sooka hitting the cactus juice

Katara reaching out for Aang

BaSing Se to tell the king about what they have learned. They are running out of water so Sokka finds a cactus drinks it, this makes him a bit loopy. Aang can’t find Appa returns to the others. Aang Toph are extremely disheartened and have given up hope while Sokka and Momo are high on cactus juice. Katara is the only one with a little hope left and urges them all to keep going. When they run out of water Katara asks Aang to fill her flask with what ever water is in a cloud over head. He comes back with barley anything. Aang gets angry at Katara and asks what she’s been doing. Katara tells him she’s been trying to keep everyone together. They find a sand boat and Aang bends a breeze and they float out of the desert. The compass on the boat leads them to a huge rock where they meet the Sand People. Toph recognizes one of the voices its the voice that stole Appa. Aang gets angry and turns into the Avatar form. He goes out of control and creates a huge sand storm. Toph and Sokka run out of the way but Katara stays next to him, he starts elevating into the air. Katara gently grabs him and hugs him he returns to his normal self. Meanwhile Zuko and his uncle escape Xin Fu (who is after them as well) and Iroh gets help from his secret society and they are making their way to Ba Sing Se.

Episode 12: “The Serpent’s Pass” – After leaving the desert they accidently meet up with Suki the girl that Sokka trained with in Kyoshi. The Gang Suki and some earth bending refugees make their way through a very treacherous pass called the Serpents pass. Aang starts acting strange and Katara notices he not talking about Appa anymore. Aang doesn’t think about Appa because of what he did the desert. Katara understands but tells him its unhealthy to just stop caring even if it hurts she doesn’t want him to stop caring. She tries to hug him but he thanks her bows and walks away. Suki likes Sokka but Sokka can’t forget Princess Yue. Katara and Aang have to fight a huge Sea Serpent to get to Ba Sing Se and after they defeat it the woman refugees\ they were traveling with goes into labor. Katara is able to deliver the baby. Katara urges Aang to come look at the happy family. When he sees the family Aang begins to cry. He tells Katara that he thought he was being strong by not caring but he was just running away from his feelings. Seeing their happy loving family reminds him of how he feels about Appa how he feels about Katara. Then they hug CUTE. When they reach the out wall of Ba Sing Se Aang goes off to look for Appa and the others go to warn the King about the solar eclipse. Suki leaves and she apologizes for coming onto Sokka the night before but Sokka kisses her and der ya. Aang flies high and sees a huge drill from the fire nation coming to ram

Sokka and Suki

the wall of Ba Sing Se. Meanwhile Zuko meets Jet and the freedom fighters on a boat to Ba Sing Se. Jet has turned over a new leaf wants to recruit Zuko into his freedom fighters.

Episode 13: “The Drill”-The huge drill with Azula Ty Lee and Mai inside is headed for Ba Sing Se. Aang returns to his friends to show them what is happening. They go to the Earth King’s General and he commissions them to stop the drill before it hits the city wall. They defeat it by destroying it from the inside out. Jet wants to invites Zuko into the clan but Zuko declines and Jet suspects that they are fire benders thanks to his uncle for warming up his tea.

Episode 14: “City of Walls and Secrets” -The Gang make it into the city but when they ask to see the king they are constantly redirected. Something or someone does not want them getting to the king. The town itself acts strange no one seems to talk about the war that’s been going on or any problems going on outside the walls. There tour guide who hardly ever leaves their side takes to there new home and she tells them they wont be able to see the king until the paper work is done which could take several weeks. Since they can’t do anything about the king they go to look for Appa, but no one will give him any information. Something very fishy is going on with the town. The Earth kings is having a party so Toph teaches Katara (who is the only half decent mannered one) to be a well brought up lady  they get dressed up to the 9 and when Aang sees Katara he’s in absolute Awww. little Aangy. Aang and Sokka et in pretending to be bus boys and the all infiltrate the party. They are captured by Long Feng the loyal chancellor who tells them not to make a disturbance in the city. Zuko and Iroh start living in the city too and making a living making tea and Jet spies on them.  Jet tries to fight Zuko but gets arrested no one believes that Zuko is  a fire bender like Jet said. They brainwash Jet and he doesn’t remember a thing.

Episode 15: “The Tales of Ba Sing Se” -This episode examines what each characters day is like in the city of Ba Sing Se.

Katara and Toph: go out for a girls day out and they go to a spa and Toph opens up to her about some personal issues, and when girls are making fun of Toph Katara stand up for her and tells her she’s beautiful.

Iroh: Who helps random people in the city but the one person he wants to help the most is his dead son and he celebrates his death anniversary.(Iroh’s mini-episode was dedicated to his voice actor Mako, who had just died. )

Aang: lets out some animals in a zoo and makes them a new home outside the city.

Sokka: has a poetry contest with some girls in a poetry reading school but messes up and gets kicked out.

Zuko: has a female admirer and they go on a date and he has to make up all these lies so she doesn’t find out he’s the fire bender. In the end they kiss.

Momo: keeps thinking he sees Appa everywhere and he goes on this crazy adventure where he finds the foot print of Appa.

Episode 16: “Appa’s Lost Days” -This is the Appa’s story of what happens to him. After getting taken at the library he gets sold to a fire nations circus. He escapes and flees from a farmer and  a porcupine boar and even going back to the desert to find Aang. Appa has a dream of when Aang picked Appa to be his pet when he was just a baby bison. and when Aang is sleeping he remembers it as well. Appa goes to the woods and Suki finds him and treats his wounds Appa ends up going to the eastern air temple where a old man is there who is meant to meet the Avatar. The man sends a message with Appa to Aang and Appa makes his way back to Aang but when he lands he gets captured.

Episode 17: “Lake Laogai”-The gang puts up pictures of Appa around the town. Zuko sees the notice. They get in trouble for putting up flyers and Aang flips out they decided they are not going to follow the rules anymore. Katara sees Jet, he says he can help but she doesn’t trust him. The others want to believe him they have nothing else to go on. But Jet is brainwashed and believes himself that he knows where they took Appa – Far away on an island in the south Pole. The others find out its a trap and that Jet is brainwashed. Appa might actually still be in the city. Katara uses her healing ability to get Jets memory back. He remembers going to a lake called Lake Laogai. There’s an underwater brainwashing station when they go into look for Appa they are confronted and battle with Long Feng. Jet get injured and presumably dies while helping Aang. While the rest look for Appa’s chamber but he isn’t there. Zuko has actually gets to Appa first but his uncle comes and talks him out of it and Zuko makes the decision to let Appa go free. The gang finds Appa outside and Katara is upset about Jet.

Episode 18: “The Earth King” -Now that they have Appa they decided they shouldn’t waste any more time and they need to meet the King. They meet the King they have to try and prove that there is a huge war going on and he was miss lead by Long Feng. They convince the King after they show him the drill and Long Feng is put into prison. They tell the king about the fire kingdoms weakness during the eclipse and they should attack then. Aang finally gets the letter from the Guru, Katara and Sokka get a battle note from their father and Toph gets a letter from her mother. Katara thinks at this point they should all go their separate ways. Sokka goes with is father to ready the troops. Katara stays with the earth kingdom Toph goes to see her mother and Aang goes to see the guru. While Katara is saying good by to Appa, Aang tries to tell Katara how he feels about her but Sokka interrupts. But before he leaves she gives him a big hug and kisses him on the cheek. cute. Azula Ty Lee, and Mai disguise themselves and Suki and the Kyoshi warriors and get into the city even into the kings palace with out anyone suspecting them. Meanwhile when Zuko goes home he feel sick he’s going through a moral change or something like that and it makes him weak. He has strange dreams where he thinks he’s the Avatar.

Episode 19: “The Guru” -When Zuko awakes from his fever he is a new person he’s optimistic which he hasn’t been this whole entire time. Toph is set up and gets taken by the owner of the Pro wrestling. Sokka gets dropped off with his fathers camp and Aang tells him he’s ready to master the Avatar state and he will be back for Sokka in a week. The king is stupid and tells the three dressed up Kyoshi warriors of the Earth benders plans to strike the Fire nation on the eclipse. The three fire benders want to take out the city from the inside out by using the Long Feng.

The Guru Pathik tells Aang he has to find balance in himself before he can find the balance on the earth.  The Guru explains there a 7 spiraling energy pools in his body if one pool is blocked the others can’t open and he will never be able to master the Avatar state. To open up his chakras Aang starts examining each pool in order to let the energy flow properly.

1st pool of energy is Earth which is his survival this is  blocked by fear. His fear- is Zuko to get past this he has to surrender those fears.

2nd is water chakra which is his pleasure and it is blocked by guilt. He blames himself for running away 100 years ago and hurting people in his Avatar state he has to except what has happened and forgive himself.

3rd is the fire chakra controls his willpower and it is blocked by shame. He’s ashamed when he hurt Katara when he was practicing fire bending. He has to forgive himself he’s the avatar and a fire bender.

4th is in the heart and  it is love blocked by grief. He grieves the loss of his air bending nation, but the guru tells him he feels his great lose but love is a form of energy the love of the air nomads are still in his heart and is reborn in the form of new love -Katara.

5th is the sound chakra it deals with truth and its blocked with lies. When he didn’t tell Katara and Sokka that he was the Avatar. He never wanted to be the Avatar. He must accept that he is the Avatar.

6th chakra is light it involves invite and is blocked by illusion. Aang realizes that the separation of the nations and elements are all the same . At that moment Toph is able to mold metal with her earth bending power and escape.

7th and the last Chakra which will let him go into his Avatar state is his cosmic energy this is blocked by earthly attachment. When he closes his eyes he realizes that Katara is his earthy attachment. The Guru tells him he has to let her go, but Aang can’t he’s in love with her. DAWWW. Aang tries to get ride of his earthy attachment but just before he reaches the Chakra he gets a vision of Katara in chains he abandons his training and goes to save Katara. The guru tells him if he doesn’t get to the Avatar state his Charka will close and he will never be able to turn Avatar again. Aang leaves anyways Katara is more important.

Katara is trapped Katara had seen Zuko and when she went to see Suki to help her take Zuko down she soon realizes that it is Azula Ty Lee and Mai. Azula sets a trap for Zuko and send a letter to Iroh to make tea for the king in the Palace.

Episode 20: “The Crossroads of Destiny” Azula takes over the Long Feng the king and over the whole city of Ba Sing Se. Aang Sokka and Toph come back to save Katara. Katara and Zuko get trapped in the same prison and she doesn’t trust him. Iroh comes and asks for help from Aang to save Zuko. Katara and Zuko talk and she realizes that maybe he’s changed. She even goes as far as to tell him that she could heal his scar as she begins Aang blasts through the wall. Katara stops runs to Aang and gives him a big hug. Iroh tells Zuko that he has a choice to be good or bad while Katara and Aang run to help Sokka and Toph. Azula stops them before they reach Sokka and Toph Zuko comes to aid his sister she has convinced him to join her side. The battle begins Zuko after Aang and Azula after Katara. Katara starts fighting Zuko and yells to him “I thought you had changed”. Katara gets knocked out. Long Fengs men comes and surrounds Aang and Katara. They can’t escape, Aang knows we he must do. He tells Katara he’s sorry and gives up his earthly attachment. He turns into the Avatar state but before he can fully gain control Azula sends him and electric shock that sends him falling down into the ground. Katara moves quickly and catches him. They are still surrounded, but fire blocks them Iroh comes and gives them time to escape. Katara uses the magical water that she was going to use on Zuko to save Aang but he’s still badly hurt. They get on Appa and he takes them away. Zuko feels bad for betraying his uncle. That day the earth kingdom has fallen.

What I thought after this is exactly what I wanted to happen. I’m really really getting hooked. I still this Zuko is a very strange character but all in all I still really love this Anime. The fighting scence seem to have improved here and their and the animation has improved a bit as well. Not as much romance as I would have prefered but what they had will do. Doh…so cute. Anyways ya its jsut getting better and better.

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