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Anime Evolution 2010 Vancouver

So third years a charm right? Vancouver’s annual Anime Evolution is just around the corner. I must attend this year. All previous years either personal issues popped up or financial issues. Maybe I should explain what exactly Anime Evolution is.

What is it? Anime Evolution is like any other convention that involves geeks, cosplay and Anime. lol. But if you want the actual on site Definition “It is a three-day cultural event celebrating Asian culture, with an emphasis on Japanese animation and gaming.” This year it is being held at UBC (University of British Columbia) and is run by a volunteer staff who are unpaid in Vancouver B.C. Canada.

The Convention started in 1998 as 1 day Japanese animation public viewing by SFU (Simon Fraser University) Altered Reality Club (ARC). Slowly over the years they expanded into a 3 day convention. In 2003 the local campus event went to a fully public convention and joined forces with other local anime clubs: “the Vancouver Japanese Animation Society (VJAS), the Vancouver Sleep is for Wimps Anime Team (VSWAT), and the UBC Anime Club.” The attendance grew from 300 to 1,200+ with last years attendance over 5,000.

“We are proud to be supported by the efforts of local fan organizations in the Vancouver area, as well as industry and other groups in North America and Japan. We are also committed to giving back to the community and our charity of choice has been the SFU Food bank since 1999 along with the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation since 2005.”

As I work with children on a daily biases in line with BC Children’s Hospital and is a pervious BCCH patient myself, I love the fact that something as amazing and fun as the Anime Evolution will give back some of its profits to our local community.

Now that you know all about this exciting annual event in B.C. I hope all of you Vancouverites with your Canadian flags and rain boots, dressed in your best Sailor Moon/ Ranma/ Nurto cosplay will be willing and ready to meet, expand, and most importantly have fun with other Anime/Manga gaming fans.