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Sailor Moon Season 1 English/ Japanese

So I know its been forever, but I’m finally done the first season of Sailor Moon in English and Japanese.

Sailor Moon has always been one of my favorite child hood memories. The English version airing September 11, 1995 on YTV in Canada. This was an instant hit with me. I loved it, I was 10 and this really started my obsession with Anime…

So what’s sailor moon about. Long ago, Princes Serena from the moon kingdom fell in love with Prince Darien from the earth. It was a peaceful time until Queen Beryl and her followers Decide to take over the moon Kingdom. Darien protects Princess Serena, but he gets captured by queen Beryl as she wants him for her own Dark Kingdom. Serena follows him and they both end up getting captured by queen Beryl. Queen Serenity sees her daughter and her friends being captured and decides to used the Imperium silver crystal to transfer her daughter, Prince Darien, the sailor soldiers; Mercury, Venus, mars, Jupiter, and her two cat companions; Luna and  Artemis to a new time so they can live again. to do this she has to trap also queen Beryl and her followers. Using this power queen Serenity faints and we assume she dies. Everyone gets transferred to modern day Tokyo. Where Serena a clumsy dumb, cry baby, who acts nothing like a princess becomes sailor moon, when Luna finds her and tells her queen Beryl has risen again. Slowly she and the sailor scouts Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter and tuxedo mask prince  Darien are all awakened to fight against the revived evil.

Some Major Differences between the Japanese and English version.

1. The names Serena is Usagi in the Japanese, personally I like it better. Also her name is Princess Serenity. Not Princess Serena. Darien’s name is Mamoru, I like this better as well. His Prince name is Endymion. Its ok I guess. Litas name is Makoto.

2. English version they changed Serena’s voice to much, and its wayyyyyy annoying. I really like the Japanese voice actor Kotono Mitsuishi, but honestly if she were the voice actor in English I think it would be annoying. The first girl in the first ep had the best voice to Serena in the English version. Darien’s voice is annoying too! Mamoru so much better.

3. They say die a lot in the Japanese version and I think I only heard it once in the English version.

4. They cut a so many sense out in the English version. Some scene that don’t even matter and others like the the last episode which is actually two ep in Japanese.

5. There is five episodes that they never aired in English, ep2. “Punish Them! The House of Fortune is the Monster Mansion”, ep 5. “A Monster’s Scent! Chanela Steals Love”, ep 6. “Protect the Melody of Love! Usagi is a Cupid”, ep 20 “The Summer! The Ocean! Our Youth! And a Ghost, Too”, ep 42. “Sailor Venus’ Past, Minako’s Tragic Love”. Not to mention the last episode 40, which is actually ep 45 and 46 in Japanese together.

6. Ep 18 22 in Japanese. they cut a out the best scene where Tuxedo Mask is dancing with Serena and they fall off the Balcony, the English version pretend that they got back onto the balcony and ran down stairs but really they both fell off the balcony and landed using and umbrella. WHY DID THEY REMOVE THAT, That was the bestest part ever!.

6. The last episode in Japanese Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars die protecting Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon wants to give up but gets a vision of her friends that gives her courage and she continues on. She gets taken to Queen Beryl and there Prince Endymion tries to destroy her he strangles her electrocutes her, and kicks her she gets him back but soon after dies in sailor moons arms after protecting her from queen Beryl blows. Queen Beryl disappears as Prince Endymion has hit her before he goes goes down. You have scene where Usagi is about to kiss Endimyon but doesn’t She then faces Beryl and realizes that she’s going to have to destroy herself with the crystal to defeat Beryl. She does everyone is dead including usagi, but usagis dream to become a normal girl gets made into a reality due to the crystal and they are all reborn in their same lives with out a memory of their battle with queen Beryl and Queen matali, which is called the Negaforce in the english version.

Got to say the last ep was SOOOOO much better in Japanese if you haven’t watched sailor moon in Japanese yet do yourself a favor and watch it now! 10/10/// 100/100 soo good!