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Itazura na Kiss

Title: イタズラなKiss
Title (romaji): Itazura na Kiss
Also known as: Teasing Kiss / Naughty Kiss
Genre: Romantic comedy, school
Episodes: 9
Broadcast network: TV Asahi
Broadcast period: 1996-Oct-14 to 1996-Dec-16
Air time: Monday 20:00
Related TV shows: It Started with a Kiss, Mischievous Kiss

I watched this about a year ago and forgot to write my thoughts about it. I still remember it so I don’t have to re-watch it.

The story starts off with Aihara Kotoko running into Irie Naoki, and accidently kissing him on his lips. From that moment on Kotoko started to like him /love him. On his end he felt disgusted at first and didn’t care about it afterwards. But when Kotoko’s house burns down Aihara Shigeo her father and herself move in with the fathers close friend Irie Machiko and Irie Yuki. You’ve probably guessed already that Irie Noaki is actually their son. So they all live together. Kotoko wants to do whatever she can to change his mind about her and slowly through the 9 episodes she succeeds.

Um for 9 episodes I suppose its worth a watch. Its not like you have to dedicate a lot of your time to watch it, but that doesn’t mean that I thought it was good by any means. We have to remember that this is 1996 so its not as great as the new stuff and since I have no other dramas I can compare it to from 1996. Its kind of on a league of its own. Regardless of the time period or the shortness of episodes, all the other versions of watched (never read the manga) I hated. I don’t like the girl, I don’t like the guy I don’t like how he treats her. I don’t like how she can’t get over him. I hate everyone except for her friend that interested in her. Just the whole series all of them, I really hate them all. BOOO

anyways for what it is I give it 3/10 for entertainment value    .5/5 on the awwness scale.. BOO.