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TV Show: The Great Doctor / Faith
Revised romanization: Shinui
Hangul: 신의
Director: Kim Jong-Hak
Writer: Song Ji-Na
Network: SBS
Episodes: 24
Release Date: August 13, 2012 —
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 20:55
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Wow… it’s literally been ages since I’ve watched anything worth writing about. Not even “North American” shows. Actually New Girl and Once Upon a Time are pretty good, but to be honest I wasnt feeling any new Asian dram show, or just anything really.  I actually was planning on shutting this site down. I’ve been watching a lot of my “white shows”. Anyways that all changed, between new Korean friends entering my life, Gangnam style, and this new drama called Faith.

Like I said before I didn’t care what new drama were coming out in Korea, Japan, China, (basically anything Asian oriented) but being a huge Lee Min Ho fan (he’s probably the only Korean actors name that I know off by heart) LoL, I favored him on my Facebook (it would be way cooler to friend on him FB and say we are friends lol) and I saw he had a new drama didn’t really pay attention to it for a few months now.

About 2 weeks ago I had a minor surgery. I Read 3 books, played video games, cleaned my place more than twice a day, I also watched pride and prejudice 1995 version like 8 times (mr.darcy yaaaa Colin Firth your aaaaaaa yaaa great tooo). Unfortunately I am still on a leave from work and am unable to do anything to strenuous. So I go on FB again and I see a recently updated picture for Lee Min Ho, in some sorta warrior costume. So I started looking to it and low and behold I end up watching the first episode.




Personal Preference -Personal Trial

Title: 개인의 취향 / Kaeinui Chwihyang
Also known as: Kae In’s Taste / Personal Taste
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-Mar-31 to 2010-May-20
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

Lee Min-ho!.. Enough said. Probably the sexiest – most good looking Korean I’ve seen! I liked this series specially the first half its really super funny.

The story starts off with Park Kae In an almost 30 year old woman who trusts everyone and gives many many chances even when they have betrayed her. Her boyfriend, Han Chang Ryul, of a month has just broke up with her and fallen in love with her room mate, Kim In Hee, and they are getting married the next day. There’s is a young man named Jeon Jin Ho who is in a architectural competition and finds out that Park Kae In’s house (the one her father built-famous architect)  blue pints could help him win the contest. By a series of unfortunate/ fortunate events he moves in with Park Kae In, as she thinks he is gay. Park Kae In accidently causes trouble at Kim In Hee’s  and Han Chang Ryual wedding which causes them to break up and Han Chang Ryual realizes that Kim In Hee is a terrible person he tries to sincerely  go back with Park Kae. To complicate matters Jeon Jin Ho and Han Chang Ryual are rivals in the architectural world as well as the love world especially when Jeon Jin Ho realizes while helping Park Kae In get over Change Ryual that he has developed feelings for her and Park Kae In is torn with her feelings for Jeon Jin Ho since she ‘knows’ he is gay and nothing could ever happen between them

Like any drama there’s so much drama you get lost in what exactly what’s going on, just from the sheer volume of drama going on. So much drama…. But the funny parts were good funny really funny actually the first half you laugh, I laughed it was good. Second part is when the real hard core drama starts happening. The one scene that got on my nerves the most was when Park Kae In cried her…..biggest cry. I guess you could say and the camera was shaking all over the place…that was a minor thing but it just really bugged me. Also I feel very very sorry for the director Choi who is gay and had fallen for Jeon Jin Ho, but obviously that couldn’t happen he was the only caring stable person in the whole thing…a hopeless romantic. Poor guy. and you just feel really sorry for Park Kae In someone so sweet in and innocent and caring shouldn’t be treated the way she was treated but nice guys/girls. finish last….

I give it a 4/5 would I watch it again …probably not it was a one time watch kind of thing. Not like Bof or Coffee Prince or Fated to love you or Meteor Showers. I could watch those over and over again!

Boys Over Flowers BOF Korean Drama

Its been forever since I posted, I couldn’t really keep up with reading the subtitles and watching the shows my head was hurting too much so I took a break from Asian Drama. I went back to English Period Drama for a month or two but I am back with a new reviews.

This has got to be one of my favorite versions of Hana Yori Dango. This series was made in 2009 so it’s fairly recent. The men are amazingly good-looking and girls are just as beautiful.

Just like my first Hana Yori Dango entry -click here to read it- starts off basically the same way. This time the girl is named Jan Di and her parents own a dry cleaning company. One day she heads to Shinhwa High School to deliver some uniforms that are cleaned. She actually saves a boy from committing suicide (started by the F4). The community is outraged at whats going on in this school and to make up for the incident and to keep the community quiet the chairmen decides to let the “commoner” Jan Di into the school. Thats basically the only thing that’s different in this version. The main character Jan Di is a swimmer, which I  haven’t seen in any other versions. I think the men are amazingly looking. I really don’t find anything wrong with this series except for the never-ending staring off into the distance looks, or the sad walking away looking at the ground in the rain that take up 85% of the show. Also for some reason I always seem to give up watching around episode 19 this is the second time I’ve watched it through, but around episode 19 I get really sick of Jan Di and the plot and then I started watching something else. Having said that it’s still really good and its number 1 favorite on soju.com. . To be honest I haven’t watched a lot of asian dramas because reading the screen is giving me a bad head ache.