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Avatar The legend of Korra Update #1

I know its been forever and ever since I last did an entry. I’ve realised I’ve been slacking. Theres been so much going on. However I have been watching a few shows. So hopefully I’ll get my thoughts on WP sooner than later.

Anyways I thought I would do a quick entry on The Legend of  Korra (since this is one of the number one reasons why people find/ look at my site).  I made my brother watch Avatar with me (since we got netflix) he wasn’t sure what to watch and I suggested Avatar. Well like most he watched the first episode thought it was ok but by the time he hit the 3-5th episodes he knew he found something good.  Anyways this sort of reawakened my love for the show again and I started doing Korra research. There really isn’t that much out there HOWEVER, I did find a line test that was done in Korea (if you didn’t know already the animation is done in Korea) it’s just a quick fight scene but it looks pretty damn good.

Anyways you all ENJOY!