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Ranma Forever Season 7 (1992)

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Love Ranma fricken Love Ranma. Even though this isn’t the best season I still love it. I know this took me a while to update I was super busy. I still am super busy, but I’m on holiday so I have ample amounts of time to waste YAY. Plus I kinda rewatched Avatar, cause I love it and lots and lots of period dramas, and I read a ton of books.

Episode 137:“Tatewaki Kuno, Substitute Principal”-The Principal makes Tatewaki in charge of the school as a substitute principal while he is gone on vacation. Gosunkugi wants to join Tatewaki’s force Nabiki joins for the money. He enforced to many strict rules and Ranma keeps on getting in breaking all of them. Akane comes up with a plan. Nabiki helps out the school by setting Ranma up with a secret plan.

Episode 138:“Ranma’s Greatest Challenge!?”-Happosai arranges a training competition for Ranma that revolves around the game Kick the can. Akane is worried about Ranma , if he looses he can’t carry on the “Anything Goes School of Martial Arts”. But Ranma wins.

Episode 139: “Nihao! Jusenkyo Guide”The Jusenkyo guide comes to Japan to find the connecting Japanese water spring to China’s Jusenkyo’s spring. It just so happens that the Japan spring is right in the Tendo’s Koi pond. Mousse, Ryoga, and Shampoo hear about it. Genma and Soun will make Akane and Ranma marry once he’s turned into a full fledged man. Ryoga decides he will confess his love to Akane, Mousse thinks he will finally be able to be with Shampoo, Shampoo thinks once she’s no longer a cat Ranma will love her. When the Jusenkyo guide does some ritual that’s suppose to make the water connect, Ryoga accidently trips one of the sacred ropes and no one is able to change back. The next time they will be able to do it is 1000 years from now and the Jusenkyo guide leaves. They all forget to ask him to take them with him back to China.

Episode 140: “Pick-a-Peck o’ Happosai” -Kasumi gets cards from the Kuno’s school Bazaar and they posses Happosai. Ranma and Akane find a way to get Happosai back to his old self by destroying the cards.

Episode 141: “From the Depths of Despair – Part 1”-Ryoga gets a new technique that uses his depression and despair energy to turn it and use it against his appointment. He is able to beat Ranma for the first time. Ranma goes to great strengths to try and learn it. He tries to learn it from the old ghoul but she tells him that he doesn’t have what it takes to handle it and tells him to give it up. Ranma has visions of the Tendo family wanting Ryoga to be the savior and protector of the family. While no one wants Ranma to do anything because he’s a weakling. Ranma finds out his secret. Ryoga comes and they have a battle of the most depressed.. nothing gets resolved and they decided to battle it out in a weeks time.



Ranma ½ Season 6 “Random Rhapsody” (1991-1992)

Season 6

Well I think Season 6 is my favorite. It probably wont be everyones favorite I just like it cause there are so many cute episodes. The only thing I have to complain about is ….not enough Ryoga episodes.

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Episode 113: “Dear Daddy… Love, Kodachi!” – Kodachi finally meets her father: Tatewaki who can’t stand his father hats that he’s taken over all his roles as head of the house hold. Tatewaki gets really angry when he realizes his father has taken over Kodachi parent teacher interview- something that he’s done up until now. They have a fight and all of the sudden the principal decides to go back to island and Tatewaki gets to take his sister to the parent teacher conference.

Episode 114: “Enter Gosunkugi, The New Rival!?” -Akane has prepared lunch for the whole family and Ranma wont take the lunch to school. There’s a new creepy guy at the school named Gosunkugi. While chasing Ranma on the way to school, Akane runs into him and they become friends. He tries to offer her a voodoo doll but she doesn’t accept it. Gosunkugi ends up in Ranma and Akane class and at lunch when Akane tries to give Ranma the lunch she made, he wont accept it so she gives it to Gosunkugi, but Ranma wont let him have it either-cute. Akane and Ranma argue over the food and it spills all over Gosunkugi. Akane gets upset and runs out. Gosunkugi is mad at Ranma and realizes that Akane is betrothed to Ranma he plans on saving her from him. Gosunkugi believes he has powers and he tries to use them to break them apart. On the way home Ranma tries to apologize to Akane but she wont listen. He grabs her and she wonders what’s going on he then points out a huge hole the Gosunkugi has dug. At home they order take out and Akane realizes that no one wants to eat her cooking and she stops making lunches for everyone. On the way to school Ranma notices that Akane was looking at cooking books. Gosunkugi is still trying to get Ranma but is failing. Ranma decides he’s going to tell the truth about Akane’s cooking to Gosunkugi, but Akane over hears. She hits him and tells him that she knows her food is bad that’s why she’s practicing. On the way home he buys the book that Akane was looking at for cooking. Gosunkugi invites Ranma and Tatewaki to the roof and he himself dresses up as Akane. He was trying to make them fight but it back fired and Gosunkugi gets hurt. In the nurses room Akane gives Gosunkugi the lunch she made for Ranma and Ranma gives him some antacid pills.


Ranma ½ Season 5 “Martial Mayhem” (1991)

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Season 5

This season wasn’t bad they had a few cute episodes. A lot of filler episodes which I hate but what can you do. Ryoga my fav is hardly in any of them. But I suppose un announced Akane and Ranma are officially dating so thats kinda good I guess. Anyway its a good season not great just feels like a continuation of the last season nothing really new happens.

Episode 89: “Gimme That Pigtail” -Four men are on the search for the dragons whisker and apparently Ranma has it. Ranma is able to fight them off but he starts acting weird after he hears that they want the Dragons whisker and Akane notices. The four men try numerous schemes to get Ranma. Ranma explains to the family that the Dragon Whisker is in his hair and if it were to come off of him something messy would happen. At school Akane wonders why Ranma wont explain further about what will happen -she wants to help him. Ranma gets caught by the four men with paralysis powder and Akane sees him, she runs to help him, but its to late they have the Dragon Whisker. Akane manages to get the whisker back but when she returns it to Ranma he screams….”DON’T LOOK AT ME” and runs away. Akane runs after Ranma into the PE storage shed and thinks she sees Ranma sitting behind a piece of equipment. Then Akane notices something moving on the floor.

Episode 90: “When a Guy’s Pride and Joy is Gone” -Ranma begs Akane not to look and to go away. Ranma tells her the story when he was in China he ate a secret hair growth formula and now his hair wont stop growing unless he ties it with the Dragon whisker. Akane is able to stop his hair growing it by quickly braiding it a re-tying it with the dragons whisker. Hopposai and Genma hear about Ranma’s balding cure and on the way home Hopposai comes after Ranma, Ranma pushes Akane out-of-the-way from the Hopposai fire burst. Genma comes and saves Ranma from Happosai’s anger, but really Genma wants the dragon whisker for himself he gets it and Ranma’s hair starts growing again. When Ranma in girl form his hair stops growing. The Ghoul comes and tells Ranma if he doesn’t get it back in a week he’s going to run out of hair and be permanently bald. Genma can’t figure out how to make the whisker work so Hopposai steals it from Genma but he can’t figure it out how to use it either. Ranma goes after Hopposai using his long locks to defeat him but after a while Ranma’s hair stops growing he thinks he’s used all his hair up in battle but it’s just the effect of the formula has now worn off.


Ranma ½ Season 4 “Outta Control” (1990-1991)

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Season 4

“Outta Control” (1990-1991)

Ranma hit manhood this season lol. Or maybe they just changed the voice actor. To be honest I like the original voice better (even though it was a girl). The new voice is that Inuyashas, just because this series is from the same creator doesn’t mean they should use the same english voice actor for the main character. I don’t know I like the guys voice but it just doesn’t seem like Ranma’s voice, you know what I mean?. It is funny how quick you get used to it though.

Anyways I really like this season if you haven’t noticed by now I’m writing a lot of the LOVE/CUTE parts this is basically for my reference. Plus to be honest its the only parts I really like. Anyways Ranma although trying to disguise his feelings as much as he can still hints that he prefers Akane more then any other fiancée. Even though they argue and fight. He vows to protect her but only when she really needs it. Also when his so called mother comes he’s really reluctant to leave the house or maybe he doesn’t want to leave Akane side. When he turns weak he can’t stand that Akane sees him like that, he’s her protector how is he suppose to protect her if he’s weak.

Akane and Ranma have been spending ample amounts of time around each other this season. They are usually around each other and if Ranma wants to hang out he always asks Akane first. Many times Akane almost looses Ranma she may hid it but she doesn’t want him to go even the Ghoul realizes it in the last episode. Akane is a little stubborn but I like her. Akane is the only one that can change him back to his normal self when he turns Cat-fist. I believe Ranma is becoming more content in his position to inherit the Dojo  and become Akanes husband -because of their father but he does have feelings for her.

There’s a lot of character development with the other characters as well. Ryoga is as sweet as ever protecting Akane’s honor when Ranma’s a douche bag and the sisters lives start coming into play as well.

Episode 65: “The Return of the Hawaiian Headmaster from Hell” -The return of the new principal. He wants to cut off Ranma braid and he uses Akane to bribe him into cutting it off. Ranma saves her and the goal now is to find a coconut with a get out of rules pass. The principal is insane.

Episode 66: “Enter Kuno, the Night-Prowling Knight” -Tatewaki helps out the principal and wants to fight Ranma. Ranma wins and Tatewaki asks Hopposai to train him. He gets really good and Ranma has trouble beating him but in the end he does.

Episode 67: “Ranma Gets Weak!” -Ranma ticks off Hopposai and he uses a pressure point on Ranma to turn him weak. Next day at school Tatewaki comes after him and defeats Ranma. Ranma is so mad he just punches randomly and hits a little kid. Ranma thinks he hurt the kid, but instead he just asks Ranma if he’s ok and goes on his merry way. lol They go to Dr. Tofu in hopes that he can find a cure. His enemies hear about his weakened state and they try to defeat him -Ryoga saves him. There is a cure and Hopposai has it but Ranma can’t get it Ranma so upset the next day he’s gone with Genma. Akane misses him starts seeing him everywhere.

♥♥ Episode 68: “Eureka! The Desperate Move of Desperation” -Ukyo has gone missing as well, she is with Ranma and Genma. They all go to this therapeutic hot rock area to help cure Ranma -it didn’t work. The ghoul hears about Granma’s condition and goes to help-teaching him a new technique that does not require strength. Akane finds Ranma while he’s training. To use the teqnique he must remain calm cold as ice Genma’s takes out pictures of a littler naked Ranma wetting the bed, him naked and scared of cats and Genma yelling out what he said in his sleep “Akane make me your love slave, Akane I love you!” LoL. Ranma eventually masters his embarrassment but the second part will be harder. Akane and Ukyo are useless to him now they could never fight Ranma full heartedly and he couldn’t fight them back. Ryoga pops up out of nowhere and offers his help but it fails. Akane tries to help but catches her shirt on fire. Ranma gives her his shirt and He tells her to go home -he didn’t want her here from the start. She feels useless and runs away -Ranma chases her. He tells her that he couldn’t stand her -out of all people -seeing him so weak and pathetic –moment. Ryoga sees Akane crying and wearing Ranma’s shirt. He gets mad and really takes it out on Ranma and Ranma learns how to do the technique.

♥♥Episode 69: “Showdown! Can Ranma Make a Comeback?” -Ranma and the others go back home. He does the new move on Hopposai but Akane somehow gets caught in the tornado like move. She has the chart with the cure for Granma’s condition-Hopposai dropped it. Akane tries to give the chart to Ranma but she passes out the chart gets ripped into pieces. Ranma can’t believe Akane did that for him and gives up about changing back. He makes it to Akane and she’s safe in his arms -he knows its not over until she is safe.-cute. They are safe on the ground and Ranma decides to leave, he’s going to miss everyone especially Akane. Akane regains contiousnus and follows him. She wants to come with him. He looks at her as he struggles picking up his pack and says it will never work a girl has no business on a training journey. She’s not coming for training but to carry his luggage. He starts crying in a corner and Akane tries to cheer him up saying that its ok for him to be weak. Ranma says with out his strength what else is left. Akane tries to tell him his good qualities but cant think of anything. The ghoul and his friends collected the pieces of paper and she fixes his strength. He starts yelling “Akane I’m cured”. She goes to hug him but he goes on smashing things with his body rampage.

♥♥Episode 70: “Here Comes Granma’s Mom!” -Ranma’s mom comes back but Genma wont let Ranma see his mother. Hopposai tells them the heartbreaking story of Genma and Ranma’s mother. The Tendo’s want to get all three of the untied as a family- Akane starts acting strange. On the way to school Akane doesn’t wait for Ranma he stops her and asks her out to the movies but Akane just sighs and walks away. Ranma tells her he wont invite her anymore. Akane wants him to lie low. Everyone comes running up to Ranma they all think he’s going to live with his mother. Hopposai tells all of Ranma’s fiancée that his mother will pick Ranma’s bride and puts all of Ranma’s fiancée into training. Later that night Akane tells Ranma that it’s only natural that his mother would want him back and only natural to go live with her. He knows that but Akane wants him to go talk to her. He asks if that’s what she wants, does she want him to leave?-cute. She tells him it’s because his mother hasn’t seen him in a long time. Ranma gets mad and tells her he reads what she’s saying and an un-cute girl wouldn’t care and they argue. Akane tells him to go do what he wants. Later that night Akane can’t sleep so she goes to the dojo to practice. She sees Ranma practicing too.. everything’s been getting to him. Ranma doesn’t want to meet his mother but Genma forces him too. We actually find out that Genma was only making a deal with the circus for Ranma and his mother had nothing to do with it.

Episode 71: “From Ryoga with Love”(Title reminds me of a James Bond title lol) Ranma and Akane’s relationship is really starting to get to Ryoga so he leaves town to think about his current situation. This episode is a recap episode of the last 3 seasons. However at the end of the episode he meets/saves a little pink pig and the pig falls in love with him lol. Ryoga is so cute in this episode…

Episode 72: “My Fiancé, the Cat” -Shampoo gives Ranma a matching magical bell. That night Akane wakes up freaked out. She runs to Ranma’s room and slaps him saying that he came to her room snuck up on her pretending to be a stupid giant cat and asking her to marry him-lol. Really it was a ghost cat living in the bell. The ghost is looking for a bride -the person with the matching bell, Shampoo. The ghost cat wants to fight Ranma to win Shampoo. Ranma doesn’t want to fight it because he’s scared. The cat posses Genma and Ranma can beat him up. The cat gives up but Ranma falls into the water and the cat wants to marry him. Ranma turns into the cat-fu/fist, and he beats up the ghost cat and he goes away. Akane lets Ranma go on her lap to calm him down and turn back into his normal self.

Episode 73: “Blow, Wind! To Be Young is to Go Gung-Ho” -Principal gets a new teacher everyone likes him at first but when he starts to interfere with everyone’s lives they can’t wait to get rid of him. He interferes with Ranma and Akane’s arranged marriage when he thinks he’s solved their problems he leaves.

Episode 74: “A Formidable New Disciple Appears” -The Dojo gets a new disciple. He’s very mature and really responsible. Granma’s ticked that he’s there. Some of the family hints for him to take over the dojo and marry Akane. The whole episode Ranma acts like a pouty sour-puss. Hopposai starts to look after his training and he starts stealing on the panties. One day all Hopposai, Akane, Nabiki and Kasumi’s, panties go missing, the trainee took them. Ranma says he gives up and the trainee can marry Akane and have the dojo. Akane starts shaking her head and asks Ranma to help her out. He turns his head like he doesn’t care but he thinks to himself “I guess you need me more then you thought”- (he knows he’s going to marry Akane some day I think he’s just waiting for her to catch up)

Episode 75: “Step Outside!” -Genma gets taken by a little boy Akane and Ranma go to find him.

Episode 76: “Ryoga’s “Tendo Dojo Houseguest” Diary” -Ranma and Akane are studying alone in her room. Ryoga is there and gets an idea that he should start school too. Akane decides she will study with him so he can get into their school. Hopposai goes up stairs to disturb them but Ranma chases him they tumble into the room and they see Ryoga sitting on Akane’s lol (he was used to sitting like P-Chan) Ranma comes and pulls his mouth. Hopposai steals her underwear and Ranma chases him out of the room. Ryoga asks why Akane is so nice to him she tells him its because she’s likes him (as a friend) and he’s so happy. Ranma and Hopposai throw something at him to pull him out of his day dream. The next day Akane suggest that they pull an all nighter in her room. Ranma and everyone are shocked. On the way to her room Ryoga gets lost and Hopposai traps him. Ranma hears a scream from Akane’s room and runs to it. She’s fainted and Hopposai is there. Hopposai takes her outside and Ranma chases them. Ryoga comes and helps Ranma and all ends well.

Episode 77: “Happosai’s Happy Heart!” -Hopposai meets a pretty lady and they become friends. She doesn’t realize he’s the panty thief until the end.

Episode 78: “Extra, Extra! Kuno & Nabiki: Read All About It!” -Tatewaki starts dating Nabiki because one of Sasukes fortune reading friends told him too. In the end he can’t hold back his feelings for Akane and the Pigtailed girl -Ranma and asks them both to be his concubines after he marries Nabiki.

Episode 79: “Ryoga the Strong… Too Strong” -Ryoga helps out an old man, the man gives him the gift of strength but to get it he has to put a big ink smiley face on his tummy, it wont come off unless someone can beat him. Ryoga challenges Ranma in hopes that Ranma will defeat him. Ranma can’t so he vows to help Ryoga. Akane see the mark on his belly and Ryoga is an absolute mess. Akane also sees P-Chan and she starts to suspect some sort of coincidence.

Episode 80: “Close Call! P-chan’s Secret” -When Ranma is practicing Akane asks him about Ryoga and P-chan he doesn’t answer. Akane thinks that its the same guy -the same guy that drew the mark. Ranma figures out how to defeat Ryoga, has to distort the smiley face on his body. The mark comes off and Akane never finds out that Ryoga and P-Chan are the same. At the end there’s a cute little dance P-Chan does..hahah oh man I love Ryoga.

Episode 81: “The Egg-Catcher Man” -On the way home Kasumi runs into a man and drops her eggs. The man is able to catch them all and they begin talking. When Kasumi gets home she is strangely happier then usual. The man gets injured and goes to Dr. Tofu. Akane and Kusumi head to Dr. Tofu’s to return a book. Akane asks what type of guy Kasumi likes she says weird ones. When Kasumi arrives she sees both Dr. Tofu and Yaso Kichi ‘Samurai Egg Catcher’. Dr. Tofu turns into a dofu…lol get it…ok I’m lame. Akane and Kasumi leave, and Yaso tells Dr. Tofu he should tell Kasumi about his feelings for her. The next day Yaso decides he’s going to the help Dr. Tofu. He helps him and at the end Kasumi remembers who Yaso is- an old childhood friend and they liked each other. -Yaso helps him by telling Kasumi to look after Dr. Tofu.

Episode 82: “Ranma and Kuno’s… First Kiss” -Tatewaki is the chosen man to pull a special sword from a stone. When he does he gets three wishes. Ranma realizes that if he can get the sword he can change back into a boy for a good. He goes on a date with Tatewaki (in his girl form of course), but Tatewaki uses the last wish on a statue to commemorate their first date.

Episode 83: “Shampoo’s Red Thread of Dread!” -Shampoo gets the red thread of fate. She ties it to Ranma’s finger in 5 hours they will belong together forever he immediately decides to marry shampoo. Soun asks Akane to win Ranma back, but as usual Akane acts indifferent towards it even though when she’s alone she’s obviously upset takes out her anger in the dojo. While Ranma and Shampoo are kanoodling, Kasumi and Nabiki notice the red thread. Mousse, Ukyo and Kodachi hear about it and on the way to make Ranma change his mind Tatewaki challenges them. Akane is in her room -thinking it’s a bad dream she can’t wake up from- when she gets their invite to their wedding. Nabiki comes in and tells Akane about the red thread. Ukyo and Ryoga are the only ones who are able to cut the thread but it gets fixed before Ranma can get away. Akane snaps out of her rut and attends Ranma and Shampoo’s wedding. Akane shows up saying that she’s here to help them. She hands Shampoo her bouquet but takes out a pair of scissors and cuts the thread. Ranma snaps out of it and he doesn’t fall in love with shampoo. Akane and Ranma run away.

Episode 84: “Mousse Goes Home to the Country!” -Moose gets a letter from his mother -his mother misses him. He decides if he defeats Ranma he’ll go back home to China with Shampoo if he looses he’s going to back home to China by himself. He looses but doesn’t end up going to China.

Episode 85: “The Dumbest Bet in History!” -When Ranma was a kid he made a deal to give away the Tendo dojo to the Gambling King, he has now came to claim his dojo. Ranma gets kicked out of the house until he can find a way to get it back so he goes to Ukyo. Akane brings Ranma some extra clothes and when she gets there she hears Ukyo’s voice saying to just pick one already and throw the other away he says I choose here. Akane opens the door to yell at him but she sees Ranma is training with cards to win back the dojo. The next day Ranma looses after he’s bet every room in the house and Nabiki takes over and starts winning things back. Ranma is still living with Ukyo since he owes her a few IOU’s. On the way home from the baths Ukyo asks if he wants to train Ranma doesn’t reply and Ukyo asks if he wants to return to Akane. He kind of hesitates and then tells her not to be stupid he can’t go back until he can beats the gambling king. Ukyo is so happy but when they get home all Tendo’s and Saotomes are at her place. The gambling king was cheating. Ranma goes back into training and he is able to defeat the gambling king.

Episode 86: “Kuno Becomes a Marianne!” -Azusa is back and she’s taken I liking to Tatewaki. Ranma and Akane see and starts snooping on them. They both agree that this could be a good thing. When Tatewaki comes around them he wont be like “my love” Ranma also adds that he’ll know that Akane wont need to be rrrre (rescued)….and stops himself.-cute. Akane replies know what? he just laughs and then she asks why he’s laughing at her and he replies that he’s not and they have a momentcute. Azusa voice interrupts the moment and Ranma gets up and says they should get going and changes the subject. The next day on the way to the store they (A+R) see Tatewaki. Out of no where a huge duffle bag comes flying out of the air Ranma grabs Akane and gets out of the way while Tatewaki is hit. Some how Akane and Ranma get in a martial arts ice skating challenge in the Kuno’s newly 1 night built ice rink. The ice rink falls apart and the match cannot continue.

Episode 87: “Ranma, You Are Such A Jerk!” -Ranma ruins Akane’s food that she’s worked very hard on. Akane is extremely angry and ignores Ranma, shedoesn’t get him up for school or anything. Ranma is forced to apologizes but Akane wont except it. She made it especially for Ranma and his father and their 2 years at the Tendo house. Later that night Kasumi tells the house that Akane has run away. Everyone goes out and looks for her. It’s early morning and day is breaking, Ranma returns home with out any luck he yells out “Akane where are you…don’t you know, with out you I’m just….”cute.  He hears a sneeze and goes to the roof and sees Akane. He gets mad at her and then stops. She slips and Ranma slips  -Akane lands on Ranma. Akane tells him its ok what he did since he admitted that he would be lost with out her. Then P-chan comes and bites Ranma’s ass. I love the music at this part lol…I want it as a ring tone.

Episode 88: “Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung Strike Back!” (This reminds me of a star wars title) -Ling-Ling and Lung-Lung come back to destroy all of Ranma’s fiancées. Akane runs away, Ranma sees her and she tells him it’s his fault and he should deal with it so she leaves him to take care of Ling-Ling and Lung-Lung. They ask Ranma which girl he likes better Shampoo or Akane. Ranma replies.. its non of their business they just happen to live in the same house—hehe he does like her. But they misinterpret it and think Ranma will marry Shampoo. But he tells them that’s not how it is. They kidnap Ranma-but really he’s just eating food. They go back to Akane and challenge her so Shampoo can get married to Ranma. Akane is able to defeat them all by herself with out Ranma’s help. She’s cool.

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Hey everyone FYI when I was looking up Ranma pictures for some reason I found this yummy yummy man…who is he….hot yes…