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Playful Kiss

  • Title: 장난스런 키스 / Jangnanseureon Kiss
  • Also known as: Playful Kiss, Naughty Kiss
  • Genre: Romance, school
  • Episodes: 16 + 7 special episodes (hosted by YouTube)
  • Broadcast Network: MBC
  • Broadcast period: 2010-Sep-01 to 2010-Oct-21
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
  • Related TV shows: Itazura na Kiss, It Started with a Kiss

hooooouuuuu….heeeeeeeeee…….hooooooouuuuuuu…….heeeeee…….thats my deep breathing trying to hold in my anger about this drama! I really really went into with a fresh fresh fresh mind. If you have ever read my Itazanura wa Kiss rant or my It started with a kiss and They kiss again rant, you know I was never a big  fan of this series. But this  being new (2011) and k-drama I thought “ok K drama dont make the same mistake the other dramas did, just make this girl a fraction of a bit smarter” I just cant stand it. Ok maybe I should give a semi detalied account as to waht the story line is.

The girl Oh Ha Ni who is a sweet and lovely, but very stupid and unreasonable girl is in love with Baek Seung Jo the most popular smartest best looking most introverted unsocial man in the school. Eventualy her house falls down and Baek Seung Jo’s parents who are the long lost friends of Oh Ha Ni’s father contacts him and takes him and his daughter into their house. They live together and eventually everyone in the school finds out including Bong Joon Gu (who in real life is my age and I thought he was totally cute and I liked him very much and I didnt feel like a pedobear watching him and crushing on him) who is in love with Oh Ha Ni.

No this is me in a nutshell

So thats the story  in a nut shell no this is me in a nut shell.

Kinda like this but more tongue sticking out so annoying

Theres actually one part where Oh Ha Ni is older and she opens a glass door and rants how great this Baek Seung Jo guy is to the CEO of Baek Seung Jo’s dads gaming compan, and then she leaves and I thought she would forget there was a glass door and walk right into it cause she so dumb.

She also has this realy annoying lisp thing where she leaves her tounge out whens he talks or is doing something hard or consitrating. Its OMG>..SLAP SLAP SLAP….Its like watching Gilligans Island or I love lucy you just know what going to happen and u wanna be like noooo…….stop doing that stupid girl…..Whats with all the weird speech impedamints…gahhh!!! I feel like Azula when Zuko beats her and she goes nuts…… YA thats what I feel like everytime I hear her talk with her tounge or her stupidness…OH >>>OH>>>>…. I need to relax…

I give this 2/10 It was ok I get why people like it I just find it really annoying i like stong female leads.


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