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The Last Air Bender Movie -Rant Love or Hate?

Hello my little  Water, Earth, Air, Fire Benders and Avatar lovers. That was corny. So What did I think of  “The last Air Bender”? To be honest it wasn’t that bad. The movie was beautiful to watch howere there are some negatives so lets get that out of the way.

The Negative:

The acting could have been a little bit better. Everyone lacked in their acting, but to be honest it didn’t take away from the movie since really there wasn’t enough character development to make it bad. Then again maybe if they had more character development it may have may have made the characters more loveable. I don’t know.



Ranma ½ : Big Trouble in Nekonron China

This Movies Air Date in Japan was in between Episode 118 ” Ryoga Inherits the Soatome School?” and Episode 119 “Tendo Family Goes to the Amusement Park!” Ranma’s voice goes back to little childish Ranma which is kind of confusing but lol its ok. This was pretty good I liked it. Same as usual though Akane gets kidnaped and Ranma and his friends and family go to save her nothing out of the ordinary here.

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It’s just a typical day at the Tendo house hold Ranma trying to keep Happosai from taking Akane’s panties. Akane thinking Ranma is a pervert. Ranma chases Happosai Akane chases Ranma, they run into Ryoga and he gets splashed and turned into a P-Chan he starts chasing them. Ranma runs into shampoo, she starts chasing Ranma. Ranma gets turned into a girl Tatewaki sees her and starts chasing them as well. Mousse sees Shampoo running after Ranma and joins in. The boy in the mail box whose in love with Ukyo takes her store sign and follows the procession of people following Ranma their fore Ukyo follows the boy in the mail box. Azula and her partner join in as well as Kodachi and her father. Just about everyone you can think of including a big baby, the 4 bald guys, a the big ghost cat, and the Gambling king. Yup just the usual.

A huge burst of black smoke and red lightning comes up from behind them and sends everyone (the main characters Ranma, Akane, Shampoo, Mousse, Ryoga, Happosai) flying into the Tendo house. The black smoke and lightning is actually a girl and her elephant from China. Her name is Lychee and she throws a scroll at Happosai which Akane picks up. All of a sudden a boat from the sky comes and when the master of the ship sees Akane with the scroll he grabs her. His name is Kirin from the impeccable school of the 7 lucky gods martial arts. Lychee has been waiting for him to come and claim her but since he saw Akane with the scroll he has taken her instead. Ranma goes after Akane but gets defeated by Kirin and they leave.


Avatar: The last Air Bender Movie

Guys I’m not going to lie I’m extremely excited about this movie. I was trying to think of what other movie I had been extremely excited about and honestly none have come to mind. Maybe like Pirates of the Caribbean or Lord of the Rings, or Batman something along those lines. Anyways ya the point is I’m not the kind of person to care about new movies coming out. When I see a preview for a movie I usually can wait till its out on video and I usually don’t care about seeing it opening night. BUT this movie is different. I feel drawn to it. You know that warm fuzzy feeling like when your 13 and you had your first kiss, this is what this movie /series is like for me. ( I know its kind of strange) I love it I don’t want that warm fuzzy feeling to stop. I’m a sucker for romance but I’m an even bigger sucker for romance and adventure. I really can’t wait to see it. But like so many of you I’m going in to the movie with low expectations

Firstly M Knight Shamlanamanaa is directing it. Now, I’m not going to lie I kind of like some of his stuff, but the last few movies, which I have boycotted, I heard were real stinkers. The last movie I watched from him was the Village which in my opinion was ok. Didn’t love it didn’t like it, it was just ok.  Do I think he’s going to do justice to the Air Bender movie? Really yes to a degree, the previews look pretty good, but I personally believe its going to be like Prince of Persia. If you’ve seen that already it was good, not great, and Jake accent was a joke – but it was PG it’s meant for a good story a good laughing with a Disney flare to it. This is the same deal. It’s from Nickelodeon and the Anime is a kids anime. A well-known difference for children Asian Anime compared to its North American children’s Cartoon/Anime counter part varies extremely in the degree of sexual innuendos, fan service, swearing, amount of skin showing, death…and whatever else you can think of.  Hence the movie will be for the viewers (preteens to children under 15) of the show and because its American had to stay with its American standards. Which to be honest is totally fine with me. I’m 24 and I can’t wait for it to come out,  but like I said with my review if the maturity level is upped  just a little bit and the script oh it would have been a perfect anime, but no complaints here its still one of my favorites.


Summer Wars

So I had and extremely long night of Anime tonight (which was actually 3 days ago) first we watched Trigun-to be honest watched the first 11 episodes and I kind of hated it. Do you think its worth it to watch it till the end? Anyways my friend finally wanted to change shows which I thanked her kindly as the boys wanted to watch Trigun till the end -I was seriously going to crack if I had to watch another Trigun episode. We watched a movie, an Anime movie called Summer Wars. Its about a boy named Kenji Koiso who gets hired to be Natsuki Shinohara (a girl he’s crushing on) boyfriend for 4 days while visiting family for her 90 old grandma birthday party. Yes, I know your thinking not another love story, but this is where it gets interesting Kenji is a math genius and one night he gets an anonymous text with a bunch of numbers in it. He figures out the code and pattern and the next day in the news theirs a picture of him and warrant out for his arrest. He’s been wrongfully accused as a hacker to a mainstream virtual reality real life simulator as contradictory as it sounds lol. The A.I. Hacking program starts controlling things like traffic lights and gps. They find out what and who the hacker actually is. Himself and Natsuki’s family go on a virtual reality hunt for the Avatar hacker so they can save their real world when they find out the Avatar can intercept missiles and satellites.

I liked it, not my favorite but I liked it. It has its romance which as you probably know is my undoing lol. The animation was really well done loved the animation. Story line was entertaining and it had a little bit of everything for everyone, Sadness, love, family, saving the world, uniting people, death, humor, and high tech computer stuff. Maybe they should of focused on one or two main themes but they were trying to make this movie appeal to everyone and for the most part it was done well and mostly made sense to the story line. Worth a watch, watch it. Even though it wasn’t my favorite I’m giving it a 5/5 because it deserves it.

Hana Yori Dango Movie

This is the anime movie for HYD taking place in an ulternate universe. For some reason Makino is a house keeper to a dance studio she wants to be a dancer. Everyone treats her badly. Domyoji is obviously the head dancer and oneday she accidently drops some panties on him. He gets angry and she stands up for herself. Rui picks up her panties and puts it in his pocket and takes it away. Weird yes. Theres a lot of dancing and a lot of crotch zoom ups/ thrusting and what not. Sakuroko the main female lead gets injured during rehersal and Tsukasa picks Makino to be his female lead. They dance together. I tried hard not to lol but it was pretty funny, its like they were trying to copy dirty dancing in a very oddly anime way of dancing. This has got to be one of the worst things I’ve ever watched. I hate jazz music and thats all they played through the whole movie. But now I get the intro to the show…. sorta…lol..in a really bizarre way.

This was a big nono I give it a 0 it can be out of 1, 10, 500, 10000000 its 0 worst thing I’ve ever watched.

Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru/I Love my younger sister

Yup basically the title says it all. Twins fall in love. End of Blog.

Ok seriously this was a sick movie. I needed a break from HYD again mainly because I can’t find an English sub of episode 23 Meteor Showers and I got so ticked off that I decided to watch this. I wish I just kept on watching Meteor showers even if it was all in another language and I had no idea what they were saying. I’ve spent the last hour and a half watching a brother struggle with his feelings …might I add romantic feels for his twin sister…who also might I add, end up having sex quite early in the movie. I thought it would be ok because Matsumoto Jun was in it and I like him. But this whole brotherly and sisterly forbidden love thing is just way to weird. Biblical times ok I get it that’s fine, sometimes back then you didn’t have any other choice…but hello there’s 6,000,000,000+ people in the world and not one of them is better then your twin sister? The few friends that find out about their…whatever kinda realationship they are having, tell them it is wrong but also say “don’t deny your feelings”. Every character needs some major therapy. Minus all the incest love stuff the movie is very slow progressing they talk very slow big pauses and there’s hardly any music, its a very dark oddly strange movie. A good movie for beginners in Japanese easy to follow slow and clear. I could pick up a few words and it made me feel smart lol. (still not so great at my Japanese but getting there slowly)

I dunno watch it you know you like incest or something…

I’m not going to rate it because I can see why people would like this movie, and also theres aparently an anime and a manga for this but I dunno if I can bring myself to watch it. This is going to be an entry for the manga and anime. I’m assumeing they are mainly the same and I have no intrest in watching them.


Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers Hana Yori Dango 流星花園, 花より男子- 꽃보다 男子 or 꽃보다 남자 The many names of one of the most popular drama series I have seen so far. Its a Sunday night and I’m waiting around for 8 o’clock to come so I thought I should finally do a review.

My review however is not going to be a typical review. There are 5 different versions of the same show. I’ve only watched parts of each of them. (Minus the Korean one I’ve watched all of that so far.) I figure I’ll give you the main idea of what the story is about, then as I finish each series I will go into detail of what I liked about that one in particular series or what I hated about that series. To have it all on one entry would take far to long.

FYI I will not be giving names locations or any fine tuned detail in this blog. In each series the names, characters, places and situations are different. I will, however, explain the general setting and basis of the story.

There is a hard working, determined, but very stupid, working, poor ass girl. She has somehow gained entrance to one of the most elite schools in the Eastern world. The school is mostly made of rich snobby children. With in those snobby children are 4 guys (who call them selves the “F4-Flower Four”) who basically run the school. Their parents are very influential and rich. They donate a lot of money to the school, there for their children are allowed to do whatever they want. (example bully people, doesn’t have to wear school uniforms ..yadayada…) Shes determined to live out the rest of her high school life unnoticed by the rich families around her. One day however she sticks up for a girl who has accenditly troubled the leader of the F4. The next day she finds the “red notice in her locker”. In this school you do not want the “red notice’ This is to inform all the students that she is the new target. Everyone starts to bully her this is the F4’s revenge. She is very strong willed and will not give in easily. Almost 3 weeks go by with everyone in the school against her, eventually has enough and kicks the crap out of the leader. He is stunned no one has ever treated him like this before. He starts to get very interested in this poor girl. He plays practical jokes on her and becomes more and more infatuated with her…eventually…he starts feeling more towards her then this bully/friend relationship…..and that’s where I am going to stop. Basically is the jist of the story all the versions are very different.

My next review will be for Hana Yori Dango the Anime version.

Also an Interesting Fact. Hana Yori Dango is loosly baised off the Novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice being my all time favorite book I guess I will now have to read the Manga. :) No wonder I am so addicted to the Dramas. lol

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